November 10

Tie Me Up Before You Go

The Universe:
{The walls and ceiling are a deep, dark bur-gundy, giving a womb-like effect to the spacious room, and the floor is old, old varnished wood. There is a large wooden cross like an X fastened to the wall facing the door. It’s made of high-polished mahogany, and there are restraining cuffs on each corner. Above it is an expansive iron grid suspended from the ceiling, eight-foot square at least, and from it hang all manner of ropes, chains, and glinting shackles. By the door, two long, polished, ornately carved poles, like spindles from a banister but longer, hang like curtain rods across the wall. From them swing a startling assortment of paddles, whips, riding crops, and funny-looking feathery implements.

In the far corner is an oxblood leather padded bench, and fixed to the wall beside it is a wooden, polished rack that looks like a pool or billiard cue holder, but on closer inspection, it holds canes of varying lengths and widths. There’s a stout six-foot-long table in the opposite corner – polished wood with intricately carved legs – and two matching stools underneath. }

There are karabiners all over the ceiling at odd intervals.

E L James (2011-08-18T07:30:04+00:00). Fifty Shades of Grey (Kindle Location 1643). Kindle Edition. }
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November 3

I Can’t Destroy What Isn’t There

The Universe:
{back in the throne room }
The Cosmos:
{Hayden stands there, jaw dropped}
The Cosmos:
{Renee looks at Sorrow, softly} Do you want us to go too?
The Universe:
{Sorrow looks at Ren, starts to say something when Gabe looks over at Alexei} Um.. we really need Genja back because we have that thing to talk to him about.
The Universe:
{Sorrow looks over at Gabe and Alexei, then to the new vampire, quietly to Ren} Yes. Out of sight, out of mind and all that.
The Universe:
{Alexei nods to Gabe} I will inform him. {pulls out his phone and texts Genja}
The Cosmos:
{Renee nods all right, still softly} I need to talk to you…when you have a chance. {looks at Devon} Come on.. we’ll go back to the apartment. {Devon nods and looks at Ryan}
The Universe:
{Sorrow looks at Ren} We’ll be back as soon as is physically possible. {whispers} I’m not really a fan of these gatherings anyway.
The Universe:
{Ryan looks at Devon, whispers} I’ll let you know what’s going on.
The Cosmos:
{Renee nods and Devon smiles at Ryan and nods too takes Renee’s hand and they slip out of the room}
The Universe:
{Sorrow watches them go} I wonder what she wants to talk about.
The Universe:
{Ryan shrugs} Probably her dead husband.
The Universe:
{Sorrow looks at Ryan, arches a brow} She has a dead husband? Why didn’t I know this?
The Universe:
{Ryan looks at him} You were dead when the conversation took place.
The Universe:
{Sorrow sighs} Damn. {shakes his head} I *hate* the sun.
The Universe:
{Edward looks at Taryn, quietly} You should go. When Genja says “the humans”, he means all of them.
The Universe:
{Damien walks over to Edward and Taryn with Sang}
The Cosmos:
{Taryn nods and looks at Sang, then back at Edward} We’ll meet you back at the apartment? {indicating Sang too}
The Universe:
{Edward nods to Taryn} That’ll be good.
The Universe:
{Damien looks at Sang} This *shouldn’t* take too long. Genja isn’t really big on these things.
The Cosmos:
{Taryn nods, Sang nods too and *they* hurry out}
The Universe:
{Genja walks back into the throne room with the alien like creature} Let’s try to make this quick.
The Universe:
{Alexei and Gabe wait until all the humans are gone before approaching Genja, Gabe pulling out a thick stack of print outs, Gabe} We have a little issue where one of the flock isn’t what they seem.
The Universe:
{Genja takes the papers} You say that as though it’s unusual for someone to seem to be something they’re not. {looks through the papers} What am I looking at?
The Universe:
{Dom looks at Hayden, whispers} This should be good.
The Cosmos:
{Hayden quietly} It always is.
The Cosmos:
{Phoenix watches}
The Universe:
{Gabe looks at Genja} You’re looking at Roland Harpers bank statements.
The Universe:
{Alexei nods} He is one of Silver’s humans.
The Universe:
{Genja looks at them, motions Silver over} And why are these interesting?
The Cosmos:
{Silver walks over to Genja, looks at him questioningly}
The Universe:
{Gabe shrugs} They’re not if you don’t know what you’re looking for. In fact, they’re perfectly fucking boring at first and even second glance. But when you find a small, extremely expensive armory hidden away in a corporate banker’s attic, you look a little more closely.
The Cosmos:
{Silver looks at Gabe and blinks}
The Universe:
{Alexei nods} Due to the nature of the weapons and they’re components and accessories, coupled with the bank statements.. {Gabe interrupts} The interesting stuff is what’s circled in red. {Alexei continues} It would appear that we have unwittingly taken an assassin into the flock.
The Cosmos:
{Silver looks at at Alexei} Are you *sure*?
The Universe:
{Sorrow arches a brow, looks at Ryan whose not even attempting to hide his shock.
The Cosmos:
{Heather shakes her head} Fuck me. That *is* interesting.
The Universe:
{Alexei looks at Silver} As certain as we can be without… {Gabe looks at Silver} Silencers, a sniper rifle, a garrote, duct tape, several semi-automatic handguns, a box of trash bags, fishing line, a pair of gloves, a drop cloth.. with red spatters on it, by the way and last I heard Roland was *not* an artist. Did I mention the laser sighting on the rifle? The list goes on. If the cops saw it sitting on his front seat, they’d arrest him just on the *possibility* alone. Add to that the staggering sums of cash being shuffled around.. yeah, we’re pretty sure. But we’re not *certain*. I mean, hit men don’t exactly label their deposits with details of their crimes.
The Universe:
{Dominic smiles} I *love* assassins.
The Cosmos:
{Silver smiles slowly} Nice.
The Universe:
{Gabe arches a brow, Alexei smiles and shakes his head}
The Universe:
{Genja smiles at Silver, handing the paperwork back to Gabe}
The Universe:
{Glen looks at Hannah, smiles} How glad are you that you don’t qualify as one of the humans anymore?
The Cosmos:
{Silver shrugs} What. Kendra got the Dom.. I got the assassin.
The Cosmos:
{Hannah smiles} Oh you will *never* know.
The Universe:
{Genja smiles again, to Silver} I’d say you got the better end of the deal.
The Cosmos:
{Aubrey and Hayden look at each other}
The Cosmos:
{Silver smiles} Fuck yes I did.
The Universe:
{Genja looks around the room at the mixture of awe and surprise} Well, ladies and gentlemen. It seems there is a killer among us.
The Universe:
{Viktor smiles} Whatever will we do?
The Cosmos:
{Heather smirks} See who he kills first.

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October 23

What’s the Worst That I Can Say

The Cosmos:
{Taryn sits in the living room a book in her lap her distraction evident by the fact that the book is upside down}
The Universe:
{Edward comes out of his room a bit after sundown and after regaining his focus, rakes a hand through his hair that does move now, straightening it as he looks over at Taryn, smiles, walks over, turns the book over} It might make more sense like this.

The Cosmos:
{Taryn looks up at him smiles} Oh right. Morning.
The Universe:
{Edward sits next to her, leans over and kisses her, smiles again} Morning.
The Cosmos:
{Taryn kisses him back} Did you rest well?
The Universe:
{Edward frowns} It’s not really resting so much as being paralyzed.
The Cosmos:
{Taryn blinks, looks down} Sorry…
The Universe:
{Edward looks at her} You get used to it. It’s not a sensitive subject or anything. {smiles} I probably should’ve just said yes.
The Cosmos:
{Taryn shakes her head} No.. You shouldn’t have. {quietly} I want to know.. the truth.. when I ask something like that or how you are.
The Universe:
{Edward nods} All right. {looks at her} What about you? How are you feeling tonight?
The Cosmos:
{Taryn smiles} I’m good. I had an interesting conversation with Alexei and Jace.

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October 9

I am Torn to Do What I Have to

The Universe:
{meanwhile in Genja’s room}
The Universe:
{Genja reaches over and places a hand on Eden’s knee as he pushes himself into a sitting position}
The Cosmos:
{Eden startles and scrambles to her feet, quietly} I’m sorry sir…
The Universe:
{Genja looks over at her} Why are you sorry?
The Cosmos:
{Eden looks at him} For falling asleep in your bed and intruding on your privacy at all.
The Universe:
{Genja shakes his head} It’s fine. I don’t mind it, really.
The Universe:
{Genja looks at her} But since you’ve brought it up.. what’s wrong?
The Cosmos:
{Eden shakes her head} Nothing.. I just wanted to get to talk to you before.. my.. watchdog.
The Universe:
{Genja smiles} Watchdog? I assume you mean Ava. What is she going to tell me that you felt you should explain first?
The Cosmos:
{Eden looks over at him} That I was flirting with the guys in the band.. specifically Loch and Ethan.
The Universe:
{Genja looks at her} To what end?
The Cosmos:
{Eden shook her head} No end. It was just… we were playing together and everyone said that the song Ethan and I were singing we couldn’t ever sing again because there was no way people wouldn’t believe we weren’t fucking if we did. {softly} Ethan and Loch both know that I belong to you and they won’t do anything because of that. I mean they won’t even be alone with me. and neither will Mia for that matter so apparently it goes through everyone. Oh and Van and Roland went off on Saige at breakfast.

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October 7

Hopelessly Weighed Down by Your Eyes of Steel

You better love loving and you better behave
You better love loving and you better behave
Woman in Chains
Woman in Chains
Calls her man the Great White Hope
Says she’s fine, she’ll always cope
Woman in Chains
Woman in Chains

Eden felt the shift when Loch left the music room.  It felt as if someone had sucked all the air out of the room, like everything had deflated. Conversations went flat and the music didn’t grab her.  Oh and Ava was there too putting a damper on things with her babysitting.  Eden saw her walk in all quiet confidence and soft-spoken.  Ava, who would no doubt run to Genja and tattle that Eden, gasp, was having fun with the group of guys in the music room and was flirting and being inappropriate.  Well Eden was going to beat her to that punch.

She’d slipped out of the music room after talking briefly to Ethan.  She all but ran through the halls back to the apartment, she didn’t want to be stopped on the way.  She did see Mia sitting on the floor feeding the puppy again.  She stopped long enough to watch for a moment and ask if she’d named him yet. Mia looked up and answered tersely before going back to her task.  “Christ”, Eden thought, “Even the women don’t want to be seen talking to me alone.”  She resumed her walk, if not her speed.

Well I feel lying and waiting is a poor man’s deal
And I feel hopelessly weighed down by your eyes of steel
It’s a world gone crazy
Keeps Woman in Chains
Trades her soul as skin and bones
Sells the only thing she owns
Woman in Chains
Woman in Chains 
Men of Stone
Men of Stone

Eden got back to the apartment and found it empty.  Alexei had made his rounds already, and Ava was still in the music room.  She went to her room where she lay the Violin on the bed and got undressed.  Wrapping herself in a robe and laying out clothes she went to the bathroom and ran a hot bath.  She added some scents and sank up to her chin in the hot water.  Her thoughts moved to Ethan and Loch.  She knew they were only looking out for her and that they didn’t want to see her get hurt.  That alone meant a lot to her, still it also brought other things to the front of her mind.  She was Genja’s.  She’d never be anyone elses.  She’d never have a family, never be able to *really* be friends with anyone.  Because no one would be alone with her.  ON the upside if she played her cards right she *might* be able to get under *his* skin.   If she could there’d be no stopping her.  She knew what it was to have power.  She hungered for it, craved it even.  And Genja and Ava might be able to bend her but they’d *never* break her.  She was too stubborn for that.  Eden smiled as she climbed from the tub a long time later, thinking about how she could be the power behind the throne.  She knew Genja wouldn’t see it as her wanting to help, so she’d have to be careful about how she did it.  She dressed in a simple pair of plaid pajama bottoms and a tank top, leaving her face clean and her hair braided, she went to Genja’s door.

Well I feel deep in your heart there are wounds Time can’t heal
And I feel somebody somewhere is trying to breathe
Well you know what I mean
It’s a world gone crazy
Keeps Woman in Chains
It’s under my skin but out of my hands
I’ll tear it apart but I won’t understand
I will not accept the Greatness of Man
It’s a world gone crazy
Keeps Woman in Chains

Eden crept into Genja’s room and whispered softly, “It’s me, everything’s okay.”  She walked over and sat on the edge of the bed where she sat on the edge, brushed the hair from his face and whispered softly, “I just…Everything’s okay.”  She put the violin to her chin and began playing softly, her bow moved slowly over the strings making the violin a mere whisper of sound in the room.  She started with a fugue in a minor key, melancholy and dirge like.  When she finished that she moved into an unplugged version of Down and Out, that was slower and less driving.  She continued to play and sing through out the day, missing lunch, as she waited for him to come around.  She wasn’t even sure he was aware of her presence, as she not only played but spoke to him as well, about everything but herself.  She played more interspersing classical with rock and rock with nursery rhymes. She was working her way through Woman in Chains when it hit her with enough force to knock the breath from her, *she* was that woman.    Eden hoped he didn’t hear the catch in her voice as she sang.  The chain might not be physical, but it led right her to this man, this vampire.  Eden realized she was tethered to him for.. well ever, or at least until he got bored with her.  The thing that surprised her *most* was that she, upon closer examination of her initial feelings, didn’t mind it so much.  This realization put a different spin on things.  While she really did like Loch and Ethan,  even David and some of the other boys, she didn’t belong to them.  They didn’t let the fact that she was 18 bother them.  What did seem to bother them was that she was willing to put herself in compromising situations, and they weren’t going to have that at. all.  It boiled down to, she wasn’t *theirs*.  It didn’t matter what she did not anymore, she wore the kings mark on her, and she would be his.  She wore his chains in a place no one would ever see, yet somehow warned other’s to stay away.   The song ended and Eden stopped playing, she lay her bow and violin on the table and lay across the foot of the bed, falling asleep like a dog at its master’s feet.

So Free Her
So Free Her

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October 1

Don’t You Know I Love It Til It Hurts Me, Baby

(12:13:04 AM) The Universe:
{Seth walks into the throne room with Bree, stops near the door and takes a look around} I have more history here than probably anywhere else.
(12:13:52 AM) The Cosmos:
{Bree looks over at him, smiles, quietly} Tell me, please.
(12:15:38 AM) The Universe:
{Seth nods, points to the throne} Genja was standing there with most of the other vampires close by. {points again} Sorrow was there. {looks at her} I remember where Sorrow was the most clearly because when the fucking lightning started… I had *no* idea vampires could do something *that*.. immense.
(12:16:40 AM) The Cosmos:
{Bree looks at him} He did it inside? {shakes her head} Wow. That’s nuts.
(12:17:29 AM) The Universe:
{Seth nods} Yeah, and I’m grateful as hell he couldn’t actually *aim* it then. But I’m getting ahead of myself. {points to the other side of the room} My sister and wife were standing over there, waiting for me and probably praying.
(12:18:25 AM) The Cosmos:
{Bree looks at him} Your *wife?* You were married? Get. out.
(12:19:02 AM) The Universe:
{Seth nods} I knew her twenty four hours before the big celebration and forty eight hours after that, we were here.

(12:19:39 AM) The Cosmos:
{Bree frowns} What happened to her?

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September 27

When She Aims Her Gun Part 2

The Cosmos:
{Sophia stands just out of Samuel’s reach, while Shay hangs on the wall head bent, a lantern burns casting flickering shadows around the loft, Sophia looks at Samuel watching him closely}
The Universe:
{Samuel watches Sophia for a second, shakes his head, grabs his pants and stands up, puts them on while he talks to her} Did you do any fuckin’ recon at all, woman?
The Cosmos:
{Sophia looks at him} I got here. I know the stories, heard enough shit in town to know that they’re fuckin’ nuts. What recon? I’ve been trackin’ you for weeks. Everyone saw you leave with that woman. What the fuck?
The Universe:
{Samuel looks over at her as he pulls up his pants} What the fuck? Those ain’t stories, darlin’.
The Cosmos:
{Sophia arches her brow} Bull*shit*. Vampires aren’t real. They’re stories made up to keep kids in at night.
The Cosmos:
{Sophia shakes her head} Or fuckin’ freaks with some fucked up fetish.
The Universe:
{Samuel arches a brow} Try again. (walks over to her, takes the gun out of her hand with one hand, grabs her by the hair, drags her over by Shay and bounces her head off the wall}
The Cosmos:
{Shay looks over at Samuel, blinks, Sophia’s eyes roll in their socket as she fights for consciousness} Bastard.
The Universe:
{Samuel puts the gun in the back of his pants} You *ever* pull that shit on me again, and I’ll fuckin’ kill you. {looks at her} Clear?
The Cosmos:
{Sophia whispers} Yeah. You were supposed to fuckin’ be there.
The Universe:
{Samuel nods} Good. {crouches in front of Shay, releasing her.. restraints…o_O… *way* more gently than he dealt with Sophia, looks over her} I was there. And if you’d gotten there first, I’da been trackin’ *you* here.
The Universe:
{Samuel shakes his head, looks at what he’s doing, to Sophia} Next time, darlin’, why don’t you just try askin’ me what happened?

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September 22

What Your Love Has Done to Me

(2:37:39 PM) The Universe:
{Van wakes up just in time to shower, dress and grab something to eat before the sun sets, sits across from Akhiro and Sang, amused at the way their sleeping as he finishes a sandwich made from the food brought up for lunch}
(2:38:43 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro wakes up feeling Van’s eyes on him, blinks away the sleep, glances around} Shit. What time is it?
(2:39:01 PM) The Universe:
{Van smiles} About that time.
(2:39:24 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sang curls tighter into Akhiro, mutters something and clenches her fist in his shirt}
(2:39:58 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro looks at Sang, smiles, quietly} I *really* don’t want to wake her.
(2:40:25 PM) The Universe:
{Van nods} Then I will. {looks at Sang} Sang!
(2:41:02 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro looks at Van, arches a brow} Not nice, Van.
(2:41:12 PM) The Universe:
{Van smiles} What? She woke *me* up today.
(2:42:03 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sang frowns and growls} Go ‘way. Comfortable. {buries her face in Akhiro’s chest} Too early for school, bro.
(2:42:55 PM) The Universe:
{Van smiles at Sang’s response} Sang! Get up. The vampires are going to be up soon.
(2:44:00 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sang’s eyes fly open} Shit! Damien! {looks at Akhiro, smiles sheepishly} Sorry.
(2:44:17 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro smiles} It’s okay.
(2:44:43 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro looks at Van, still smiling} Though I think Van enjoyed that entirely too much.
(2:45:13 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sang looks at Van, frowns} You’re evil.
(2:45:49 PM) The Universe:
{Van looks at Sang, smiles} I’m *adapting*. Eye for an eye is the law of this jungle, right?
(2:46:05 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro laughs}
(2:46:19 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sang shakes her head} At least I didn’t *yell* at you.
(2:47:08 PM) The Universe:
{Van nods} True. But I think the yelling balances out the “only two hours of sleep” part rather sufficiently.
(2:47:32 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sang looks at him} It was *important*.
(2:47:50 PM) The Universe:
{Van looks at her} So is this.
(2:48:41 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sang looks at him, nods} Still I was gentle about waking you up.
(2:50:19 PM) The Universe:
{Van smiles} Two hours of sleep. We can go back and forth all night or you can eat something. You want some coffee?
(2:51:33 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sang smiles} True.. and yes food, and I can get the coffee. {Stands}
(2:52:16 PM) The Universe:
{Van shakes his head} Sit. I’ve been awake longer. {stands and walks over to the bar} You might want to straighten your hair and clothes while you’re at it.
(2:52:58 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sang frowns but straightens herself} Better?
(2:53:09 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro laughs} Shit. {runs his hand through his hair to straighten it} As long as we don’t look freshly fucked, we’re good.
(2:53:43 PM) The Universe:
{Van looks over at Sang as he makes coffee, smiles} Stunning. No one will ever know you were asleep in Akhiro’s arms.
(2:54:18 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro laughs again} Damn, Van. {smiles} Someone’s feeling better.
(2:54:27 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sang shakes her head} Hell they can probably smell that. {looks at Van, blinks} I wasn’t.. we didn’t..
(2:54:49 PM) The Universe:
{Van smiles again, shakes his head} Never crossed my mind.
(2:55:28 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sang looks at Akhiro}

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September 17

Life of My Own Part 29

(3:56:28 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah looks at Glen, smiles] I have to say this and.. it’s gonna sound really shitty and I don’t mean it to be because I like Kendra.
(3:56:52 PM) The Universe:
[Glen laughs] Here we go. [smiles at her as they walk down the hall] Hit me.
(3:58:01 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah smiles] What the hell’s wrong with her.. I’d be losing my shit if you told me you were gonna ghoul someone because you wanted to keep her around.
(3:59:49 PM) The Universe:
[Glen nods] Well, yeah. And I wasn’t sure if she was going to or not. But… I think she’d rather see me with one chick I can feed from that doesn’t make me nuts than a hundred that do.
(4:01:27 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah nods] I can understand that. To a degree. So either she’s *that* confident or that ….yeah.. never mind.
(4:01:52 PM) The Universe:
[Glen looks at her] No. Finish it. That what?
(4:02:31 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah shakes her head] Dense?
(4:03:03 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles] She is definitely *not* dense.
(4:03:52 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah smiles] Then I guess she’s that confident.. or that trusting.
(4:03:55 PM) The Universe:
[Glen shrugs] Maybe she just doesn’t see you as a threat.
(4:04:29 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah looks over at Glen] At least not yet.
(4:04:55 PM) The Universe:
[Glen looks at her, smiles] Babe. As far as I’m concerned, *everyone* is a threat or a potential threat.
(4:06:02 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah nods] Exactly. I don’t know.. I just don’t give my trust lightly and don’t expect others to trust me.
(4:06:47 PM) The Universe:
[Glen nods] That makes two of us. *I* wouldn’t trust me. And I’m not talkin’ about me and Kendra, but just.. in general.
(4:08:30 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah nods] See.. I wouldn’t trust me either. I’ll do what it takes to get what I want no matter who I have to step on to get it. [shrugs] Ask my sister.
(4:09:49 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles, nods] You sayin’ not even your sister’s safe?
(4:11:09 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah nods] Not at all. I’ve stepped on her toes so many times we barely speak anymore.. she’s down there.
(4:11:20 PM) The Universe:
[Glen stops outside Genja’s door. looks at her] Which one is she?
(4:12:46 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah shrugs] Cammie, hates that I call her that. She was in the Cage between mine and Joey. Brunette, very quiet and home-makerish.
(4:13:10 PM) The Universe:
[Glen nods] Right. You got anything special you wanna see happen to her? Or for her?
(4:13:44 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah shrugs] Stick her in a kitchen somewhere. She’ll never come out.

(4:14:11 PM) The Universe:
[Glen nods] I think I can pull that off.
(4:14:58 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah smiles] Cool. We come from a very large family.. six of us kids.
(4:15:59 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles] Yeah. My family [crosses himself] was pretty big, too. [shrugs] Italian catholics, yanno?
(4:16:18 PM) The Universe:
[Glen shakes his head] *Always* have big families.
(4:16:46 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah smiles] Tell me about it. My mom was working on number 7. I was the baby.
(4:17:28 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles, nods] Yeah, I was the oldest. We were pretty evenly divided between girls and boys.
(4:19:11 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah nods] Us too Three and three. Number seven was another boy.
(4:19:49 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles again] And you’re *not* Italian? So, what? Irish Catholic?
(4:20:12 PM) The Universe:
[Glen shrugs] Those micks have some pretty big families, too.
(4:20:56 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah laughs] Irish and Italian. Mom was Italian.. Dad Irish.
(4:21:47 PM) The Universe:
[Glen arches a brow] Nice. So you do have some Italian in you.
(4:22:14 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles, knocks on the door] So you’re fucked comin’ *and* goin’.
(4:22:56 PM) The Universe:
[Glen looks at her] With the big family and all the religion, I mean.
(4:23:16 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah nods] Well and truly. We were also very Catholic. Mass several times a week and the whole nine.
(4:23:46 PM) The Universe:
[Glen nods] Yeah, I was an altar boy as soon as I was old enough. Had to set the example and all, yanno? Bein’ the oldest and all that.
(4:24:22 PM) The Universe:
[Glen shrugs] I liked it though, so I can’t bitch. Altar boys get a lot more play than you’d expect.
(4:25:12 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah laughs] Yeah.. by the time I came around my brothers had all but gotten the family excommunicated from the church.
(4:25:36 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles, starts to say something when Genja opens the door, looks at him, sighs] What is it *now*?
(4:25:57 PM) The Universe:
[Glen looks at Genja] Nothin’, big man. Just thought you’d like to know everyone’s done pickin’ up dinner.
(4:26:29 PM) The Universe:
[Genja arches a brow] It fucking took them long enough. What’d I miss? Anything important?
(4:27:20 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles] Oh, man. Let’s start with Kendra’s choices. Actor in dominant male porn and that’s the *obviously* Irish dude. The triplet? Yeah. Him. And the Asian she picked? Apparently, also into tyin’ up his women.
(4:27:28 PM) The Universe:
[Genja bursts out laughing] No shit?
(4:27:42 PM) The Universe:
[Glen nods] I couldn’t *make* that shit up.
(4:28:03 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah nods] Seriously.
(4:28:13 PM) The Universe:
[Genja laughs, looks over at Ava, smiles] You hear this?
(4:33:31 PM) The Cosmos:
[Ava smiles] I’m hearing it. [looks at Glen] I can’t believe it though..
(4:35:18 PM) The Universe:
[Glen nods] True as shit. And Anya eventually gets down there and grabs her guys, the Romanian dude and the other long haired guy in the cell with him, and gives *them* a speech on how she does things differently than the rest of us and she takes high maintenance to a whole new level and we’ll tell ’em she’s a snob and she is because.. *she’s* worth it. Every single one of us wanted to choke her.
(4:37:07 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah nods] Oh I know.. she was utterly snobby and if her nose was any higher she’d drown in a rain storm.. [frowns] Wait.. that doesn’t work for Vampires.
(4:40:32 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles at Hannah] No, but I dig the description. [looks back at Genja] She took stuck up to a whole new level. Not that Dom was much better. *He* took the gypsy girl who told him she’s a princess, which he’s totally not buyin’, but he’s givin’ her the royal treatment anyway. And Edward’s virgin? He took her dark twin. And the black haired twins, Summer grabbed the long haired freaky one while Silver grabbed the one that looks like he should be the CEO of some oil company or somethin’. Summer also took the guy with the reddish brown hair and icey lookin’ eyes while Silver took the easily agitated dude that keeps pacin’ the cells and bitchin’ about not havin’ name tags. Heather, meanwhile, took the guy with the tattoo sleeves on his arms and fucked him right there before they even bothered exchangin’ names.
(4:41:11 PM) The Universe:
[Genja shakes his head] Typical.
(4:41:45 PM) The Universe:
[Glen nods] Then we’ve got Peyton who grabbed two of the four dudes Chlo picked.
(4:41:54 PM) The Universe:
[Genja arches a brow] *Four*?
(4:42:09 PM) The Cosmos:
[Ava laughs] Is she an over achiever?
(4:44:10 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles] She’s tryin’ to prove somethin’. Somethin’ she failed miserably at provin’ earlier tonight. She’s down to three though. Originally, she grabbed the other two triplets, the blonde with the grey eyes that smiles a lot and the scene dude that looks like a total fag. He assures us he isn’t, I still wonder, though. Anyway, Peyton took the long haired trip and the scene dude and Chloe replaced them with the guy that got into the fight with the brown hair. The kinda broody one. They actually seem to get along surprisingly well.
(4:44:35 PM) The Universe:
[Genja nods] So she has three. All right. Let her have them. Maybe they’ll work out some of that frustration.
(4:45:28 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah smiles] Or make it worse.
(4:46:16 PM) The Universe:
[Glen nods] I’m pretty sure that’s everything you missed. I’ll get on gettin’ the rest of them set up with jobs tomorrow night. Tonight, though, I’m ghoulin’ Hannah. {nods to Hannah} *This* is Hannah. Hannah, this is the king.
(4:46:43 PM) The Universe:
[Genja smiles at Hannah] Ghouling her, huh? That’s a commitment.
(4:47:00 PM) The Universe:
[Glen shrugs] I’d rather listen to her bitchin’ for eternity than listenin’ to anyone else cry.
(4:47:08 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah looks at Genja] Nice to meet you.
(4:47:27 PM) The Universe:
[Genja nods to Hannah] You, too. [looks at Glen] And what about Joey?
(4:47:59 PM) The Universe:
[Glen shakes his head] Joey didn’t stick around. She’s not really built for this kind of.. relationship. Or to deal with someone like Hannah.
(4:48:20 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah smiles] Joey will be residing in the dungeon until such time as someone… yeah.. what he said.
(4:48:33 PM) The Universe:
[Genja arches a brow] I’m pretty sure none of them are built for this kind of relationship. Since when is that a consideration?
(4:48:50 PM) The Universe:
[Glen shrugs] Since I’m the one that was gonna be stuck with her. You want me sane and functioning, right?
(4:49:21 PM) The Universe:
[Genja smirks] It’s preferable, yes. So what you really mean is *you’re* not built for it.
(4:49:36 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smirks back] Like that’s news.
(4:49:49 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah shrugs] Actually, I ran her out.
(4:50:13 PM) The Universe:
[Genja looks at Hannah] Really? Well.. you have your hands full. In fact, you probably both do.
(4:50:53 PM) The Universe:
[Glen shakes his head] I’ve also got Simone on top of it. Do I really need a *third* woman ridin’ my dick?
(4:51:11 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah smiles brightly at Genja] I can handle him.. If he gets outta hand I’ll just throw something at him.
(4:51:17 PM) The Universe:
(4:51:42 PM) The Universe:
[Genja smiles at Hannah] And that explains that. [looks at Glen] Speaking of Simone. Nice handling there.
(4:52:10 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles, shrugs] I had a point to make. She’s all right, Genja. She just needed shit explained to her.
(4:53:02 PM) The Cosmos:
[Ava looks at Glen]
(4:53:37 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah nods] Joey has a wealth of information on Simone.
(4:54:09 PM) The Universe:
[Genja nods] And that’s what you get for being an altar boy. I was impressed, however. [looks at Hannah] I’m sure she does. And now that Simone will be staying with us, we might actually have a use for it.
(4:55:14 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah shrugs] I was just tossing that out there for future reference.
(4:56:06 PM) The Universe:
[Genja nods] I am very much aware of how much she is purported to know. I simply didn’t have room for it at the time. [looks at Glen] Handle the rest of the humans tomorrow night and I might actually have some time to myself.
(4:56:19 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles] I’m on it. We’ll see you when we see you.
(4:56:52 PM) The Universe:
[Genja nods] Good. Let the drama begin.
(4:57:24 PM) The Cosmos:
[Ava walks over and stands next to Genja, lays her hand on his arm]
(4:57:51 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah smiles at Genja] It was nice to meet you.
(4:59:00 PM) The Universe:
[Genja looks at Ava, smiles] You’ve met Glen and Hannah?
(4:59:28 PM) The Universe:
{Genja smirks] Because damned if I can keep everything that’s gone on and who’s met who tonight straight.
(4:59:46 PM) The Universe:
[Glen nods] Yeah, we did, though I don’t think it was anything real formal.
(5:04:25 PM) The Cosmos:
[Ava shakes her head] We met in passing. [looks at Glen] It’s very nice to meet you. [quietly] And Hannah as well.
(5:06:08 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles] Yeah, you too. [looks at Genja] Where’s your firecracker?
(5:06:20 PM) The Universe:
[Genja smiles] Eden is enjoying some personal time tonight.
(5:06:49 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah smiles] Maybe that’s who I heard playing music.
(5:07:25 PM) The Universe:
[Genja looks at Hannah, arches a brow] All that and musical, too? A girl of many talents. [looks at Glen] Behave.
(5:07:34 PM) The Universe:
[Glen laughs} I wasn’t gonna say anything.
(5:07:49 PM) The Universe:
[Genja nods] Good. Now go away so *I* can enjoy some personal time.
(5:08:14 PM) The Universe:
[Glen smiles] I’m leavin’. We’ll see you guys tomorrow night.
(5:08:53 PM) The Cosmos:
[Ava smiles] Probably.
(5:09:08 PM) The Universe:
[Glen nods, takes Hannah’s hand and heads down the hall]
(5:09:19 PM) The Universe:
[Genja watches them leave] Finally. [closes the door]
(5:09:51 PM) The Cosmos:
[Hannah smiles and shakes her head as she walks down the hall]
(5:10:13 PM) The Cosmos:
[Ava looks at Genja] I’m not even sure what to say about that.
(5:10:17 PM) The Universe:
[Glen looks at Hannah, smiles] What?
(5:10:55 PM) The Universe:
[Genja looks at Ava] Maybe you’ll know later when I’m actually interested in talking. [picks her up and carries her to his bed]

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