ciara stuart

  • [font=Arial:1dz3ox8a]Girls: She was flirting.

    Constantine: I know. But I don't understand… Nevermind.

    Girls: I think she might have been talking about what Rad was really sleeping off.

    Constantine: Of course. Because she is a “sex ninja”.

    Girls: I don't know about that. I mean aren't ninjas supposed to be all stealthy and quiet and…[Read more]

  • I found a way to let you in
    But I never really had a doubt
    Standing in the light of your halo
    I got my angel now

    Ciara woke suddenly and completely, wrapped in the safety of Morose’s arms, as she always did. This morning her dream stayed with her and the feeling of emptiness that accompanied the exit of the presence. She still smelled sandalwood,…[Read more]

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