September 10

I Never Said I Was a Saint

Damien took Sang’s hand and smiled at Kendra.  “I’m not gonna do shit with her.”  He looked at Glen.  “Glen, tell us what you’re gonna do with her.”  Glen smiled and walked over to Simone’s body, crouched and lifted her up by the shoulders before he looked at the others.  “I’m gonna take her to the catacombs and stick her in a sarcophagus .  Let her spend some time dwelling on her newly undead state, what it’s like to have a stake shoved in your chest and she can stay that way until Damien feels like she’s had enough.”  Damien nodded.  “In the meantime, I’ve gotta get cleaned up and spend some quiet time with Sang.  We’ll see you later,” he said as he headed out the door with her.

Seth nodded to Heather even though he was still processing what she’d said to him and headed out to find Chloe.

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