November 10

Tie Me Up Before You Go

(11:36:41 PM) The Cosmos:
{Eden smiles at Genja} May I stay for this?
(11:37:11 PM) The Universe:
{Genja smiles at Ava, looks at Eden} As a matter of fact, I had every intention of having you stay.
(11:37:30 PM) The Cosmos:
{Eden smiles} Thank you.
(11:38:47 PM) The Universe:
{Genja sits back up, nods to Eden} I’m sharing my misery with both of you.  If I have to suffer through all the sunshine and light romantic crap, you have to suffer too.
(11:44:11 PM) The Cosmos:
{Eden laughs} But it might give us ideas. {Grins}
(11:47:04 PM) The Universe:
{Genja looks over at Eden, smiles} Hell, I could probably use the lesson.
(11:48:07 PM) The Cosmos:
{Eden smiles, walks over and sits on the bed next to him cross legged, quietly} You’ve forgiven me?
(11:48:43 PM) The Universe:
{Genja looks at her, quietly} I said everything I had to say about it.  As far as I’m concerned it was over then.
(11:49:31 PM) The Universe:
{Genja smiles} Besides.. how could I possibly stay pissed off about anything now that Ava’s shown me how to troll for gossip?
(11:50:24 PM) The Cosmos:
{Eden smiles, leans in and kisses his cheek} I was scared to come home.  {looks at Ava, smiles then back at Genja, grins} So she isn’t just another pretty face?
(11:53:01 PM) The Universe:
{Genja shakes his head} Apparently, she’s also our Gossip Queen. And I even gave her a hard time about being too kingly to do it.  {Alexei knocks on the door, Genja gets up and walks over to it} I’m sure I’m the epitome of supreme and royal dictator right now.  {opens the door and looks at Alexei and Phoenix} And receiving people in my bedroom, even.  They’re going to start tacking “the Mad” onto my title.
(11:53:29 PM) The Universe:
{Alexei smiles} Perhaps.  But they would never say it to your face.
(11:53:50 PM) The Universe:
{Genja smiles} At least not the smart ones.  {opens the door wider} Come in.
(11:54:16 PM) The Cosmos:
{Eden laughs} Oh.. I like that the Mad King.  {grins}
(11:54:50 PM) The Universe:
{Genja looks over at Eden, smiles} It would probably annoy me less than your rendition of “Sir”.
(11:54:59 PM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix quietly} Thank you for seeing us.
(11:55:07 PM) The Cosmos:
{Eden grins wickedly} Yes sir.
(11:55:27 PM) The Universe:
{Alexei looks at Genja curiously when he laughs and shakes his head in response to Eden} Is everything all right, Sire?
(11:55:54 PM) The Universe:
{Genja looks at Alexei, smiles} Ava just showed me how to troll for gossip using mass texting. {as if that explains everything}
(11:56:15 PM) The Universe:
{Alexei smiles} I see.  {takes Phoenix’s hand and leads her inside}
(11:56:48 PM) The Universe:
{Genja closes the door behind them and pockets his phone}  Get comfortable.  I’ve had all the formalities of court I can take for one night.
(11:57:06 PM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix goes with Alexei}
(11:57:59 PM) The Universe:
{Alexei walks over and takes a seat, looks at Eden} I believe you are right.  I believe the king has gone mad.
(11:58:43 PM) The Cosmos:
{Eden kicks her shoes off and flops on her stomach on the bed one knee bent foot in the air, Ava walks over and perches on the edge of the bed, Eden smiles, nods} Totally.  Completely off his nut.  {Looks over at Genja, grins}
(11:58:48 PM) The Universe:
{Genja walks over and takes a seat on the couch} Please.  I like it because it makes me less of an anachronism.  And we beat Lucien to it which is *always* bonus.

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