November 10

Tie Me Up Before You Go

(12:49:48 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix walks back into the room, and sits back next to Alexei}
(12:49:56 AM) The Universe:
{Genja texts Ava “add vaginal “ribbing” to my list of potential tortures, please.  Wouldn’t want to forget *that* one.”, follows Phoenix inside}
(12:50:06 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei looks at Phoenix, quietly} Is everything all right?
(12:51:01 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix nods softly} Yes..{leans in and kisses his cheek, whispering very softly} Apparently in addition to ears the walls have eyes too.
(12:51:37 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei sighs, nods, kisses her cheek back}
(12:52:24 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava looks at Genja when he walks in and nods{
(12:53:12 AM) The Universe:
{Genja walks over and sits back down} So.. I’m going to grant your request since I’ve already “assigned” her to you essentially anyway and because it is about time you let someone else get the first bite.  But I expect, as you said, for you to continue in your role in every other area that doesn’t involve intimate contact with a vampire.
(12:55:22 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei smiles, Genja continues} In addition, I also expect… {shakes his head} Fuck it.  You already know what I expect and I already know what to expect from you, so let’s just forget all the formalities.  You want each other, by all means, have each other.  And more power to you.  {smiles} If nothing else it will keep all the other men from fighting over her because god knows they have enough to fight over already.
(12:56:02 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei nods} Thank you, Genja.
(12:56:29 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix gives Genja a brilliant smiles} Thank you, sir.
(12:58:19 AM) The Universe:
{Genja looks at Alexei} In the future.. you aren’t not required to ask permission to date.  You are no different from anyone else in that regard.  {looks at Phoenix} You’re welcome.  For the record, I’m pretty sure the welcoming of new vampires as we like to tastefully call it was never actually a *specifically* detailed responsibility.  It’s one he took upon himself because he didn’t trust the others to handle the situation as well *because* of their general lack of diplomacy and manners.  Not that we haven’t greatly appreciated his efforts.
(12:58:34 AM) The Universe:
aren’t not=are not
(12:59:24 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei looks at Phoenix, smiles} Apparently, I am also a workaholic.
(12:59:40 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix smiles} It would seem so.
(1:00:18 AM) The Universe:
{Genja smirks} Please.  He takes his responsibilities even more seriously than I usually take mine.  And I take mine pretty damn seriously.
(1:01:28 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei looks at Genja, smiles, starts to say something, Genja cuts him off} Don’t flatter me.  Just get out and go do something so I can get back to what I was doing.
(1:02:47 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei smiles more broadly, nods} Yes, Sire.  We will leave immediately so you can get back to your gossip.
(1:03:04 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix looks at Alexei} Damien and Edward are going to continue working with me, and I’ve severed all my connection with the exception of Alexei who’s permission I have to keep it.
(1:03:55 AM) The Universe:
{Genja smiles at Alexei, looks at Phoenix}  I have no idea what the fuck you just said to me.  I’ll make Damien report to me tomorrow night.
(1:05:10 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei shakes his head, still smiling} Her connections are how she attacked Glen.  Damien told her she was not allowed to make any until she has earned trust and she was to sever the ones she had except for mine if I wanted it.  She is also not allowed to shield her aura.
(1:05:23 AM) The Universe:
{Genja looks at Ava} Or Alexei can just report to me now.
(1:05:33 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei grins} Well, I *am* already sitting here, Sire.
(1:05:44 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava smiles and shakes her head}
(1:06:03 AM) The Universe:
{Genja laughs, shakes his head} Fuck me, it’s contagious.
(1:06:20 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix smiles}
(1:06:29 AM) The Universe:
{Genja smiles over at Eden} I blame you.
(1:07:03 AM) The Cosmos:
{Eden blinks and smiles} What’d I do.. I’m just hanging out.  Listening.
(1:07:22 AM) The Universe:
{Genja smirks} That’s what you *want* people to believe.
(1:08:48 AM) The Cosmos:
{Eden widens her eyes and gives him her most innocent look, sticks her finger in her mouth and smiles sweetly, tilts her head} What?
(1:09:18 AM) The Universe:
{Genja smiles, looks at Ava} The face that’s crumbled financial empires.
(1:10:08 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava laughs} And brought moguls to their knees.
(1:11:06 AM) The Universe:
{Genja nods} More than likely.  Is it any wonder she ended up with a king?
(1:12:25 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava smiles} Not at all.  {quietly} She’ll go on to conquer kingdoms.
(1:13:42 AM) The Universe:
{Genja smiles, looks at Eden} I don’t doubt that for a second.
(1:16:24 AM) The Cosmos:
{Eden smiles around her finger, arches her brow, softly, her tone breathless} Teach me master.
(1:17:50 AM) The Universe:
{Genja arches a brow, still smiling, nods} I think I just might have to.
(1:20:32 AM) The Cosmos:
{Eden whispers, her eyes locked on Genja} Please, sir.
(1:30:33 AM) The Universe:
{Genja watches Eden, his eyes darkening ever so slightly}
(1:30:52 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei looks at Phoenix, arches a brow}
(1:31:13 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix blinks and looks at Alexei}
(1:31:37 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava watches unabashedly}
(1:31:53 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei quietly} Perhaps we should leave as the king suggested.
(1:32:16 AM) The Cosmos:
{Nix nods, whispering} Good idea.
(1:32:24 AM) The Cosmos:
{Nix stands}
(1:32:53 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei stands, bows slightly} Thank you for seeing us, Sire.  We will get out of your way now.  {smiles at Ava} And than you.
(1:33:06 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava moves off the bed, and over to Alexei, softly} I’ll see you out.
(1:33:19 AM) The Universe:
{Genja nods when Alexei speaks}
(1:33:31 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei takes Nix’s hand and follows Ava}
(1:33:51 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava leads them to the door and opens it for them stepping into the hall}
(1:34:14 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei follows her out, looks at her, quietly} She is.. maturing.. yes?
(1:34:58 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava closes the door behind her and nods} She seems to be.  {looks at the Alien, quietly} No one else goes in there, please.
(1:35:10 AM) The Universe:
{Alien thing nods}
(1:35:22 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava smiles} Thank you.
(1:35:45 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei smiles at Alien thing} This is Phoenix, Daniel.  {looks at Phoenix} This is Daniel.
(1:36:07 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix smiles at Daniel} Pleasure.
(1:36:26 AM) The Universe:
{Daniel thing crouches so they’re eye level, nods}
(1:36:49 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei looks at Ava} Any idea how long he is planning to stay like this?
(1:37:10 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix tilts her head and looks into his eyes, still smiling} Please don’t touch me.
(1:37:18 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava shakes her head} None.
(1:37:20 AM) The Universe:
{Daniel thing grins}
(1:37:34 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava sighs} I’m actually used to the smell.
(1:37:44 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei nods} The humans have been whispering about him.  Particularly the smell.
(1:38:15 AM) The Universe:
{Daniel thing turns his grin on Ava intentional letting a big blob of drool drip from his jaws}
(1:38:44 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava laughs} I can see why.. he looks like something from a sci fi movie. {Ava steps aside, smiles up at Daniel} Missed again.
(1:39:10 AM) The Universe:
{Daniel things body shakes as if he’s laughing}
(1:39:29 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei smiles} At least he is not running around mounting unsuspecting women.
(1:39:46 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei smiles at Daniel} He is too polite for that during times of peace.
(1:39:48 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava nods} True.  That seems to be Sebastian’s MO.
(1:40:20 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava looks at Alexei, shrugs} Not that little red minded so much.
(1:40:50 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei nods} From what I understand, they are quite.. interested in each other.  {looks at Ava} It is nice to see Genja in such a good mood.
(1:41:31 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava nods} It is.  I know Eden frustrates the hell out of him but he seems more… I don’t know animated when she’s around.
(1:42:17 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei nods} He worries about her.  About if he should keep her.  He does not think she has been doing well, but.. from what I have seen tonight, I think he will be rethinking that.
(1:42:48 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava nods} Which is why I’ll be going to the music room to tell them she’s … tied up.
(1:43:32 AM) The Cosmos:
{Eden looks at Genja when the door shuts and Grins} They’re gone.
(1:43:38 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei nods} And I should talk to Siobhan.
(1:44:04 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava nods} Would you like me to take Phoenix to the music room and introduce her around?
(1:44:12 AM) The Universe:
{Genja gets up and walks over to the bed, takes a handful of Eden’s hair, pulls her head back, leans down and kisses her roughly}
(1:44:30 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei looks at Phoenix} Would you like to do that?
(1:45:03 AM) The Cosmos:
{Eden gasps and opens under his assault}
(1:45:13 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix nods} I can do that.
(1:45:36 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei nods, takes a breath} Then I will talk to Siobhan and find you after.
(1:46:06 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix softly} All right. {looks at him} Are you okay?
(1:46:33 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei nods} I am not looking forward to it.  I do not want to hurt her, but I am afraid it cannot be avoided.
(1:47:10 AM) The Cosmos:
{Nix nods} Maybe it will not be so bad?
(1:47:47 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei nods} Perhaps not.  The sooner I do it, the better.  {leans over and kisses her} I will see you as soon as I can.
(1:48:11 AM) The Cosmos:
{Nix kisses him back} I’ll be waiting.
(1:48:23 AM) The Universe:
{Genja breaks the kiss, looks at Eden} So.  Morose is fucking hot, huh?
(1:48:36 AM) The Cosmos:
{Eden whispers} Who?
(1:49:00 AM) The Universe:
{Genja smiles} Good girl. {proceeds to have his evil way with her while Alexei heads off to find Siobhan}



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