November 10

Tie Me Up Before You Go

(12:25:58 AM) The Universe:
{Genja blinks realizing something, looks back at Phoenix} You said you were staked when?
(12:26:49 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix quietly to Eden} I saw the dungeon.. {Looks at Genja} Right after I was turned.. the 1960’s
(12:27:47 AM) The Universe:
{Genja nods} And while you were.. in that state… could you hear what was going on around you?  Voices, music… televisions?
(12:28:17 AM) The Cosmos:
{Nix nods} Some..
(12:28:55 AM) The Universe:
{Genja nods} Walk with me.  {stands and heads to the door} We’ll be two seconds, probably.
(12:29:28 AM) The Cosmos:
{Nix looks at Alexei almost panicked, then stands and goes with Genja}
(12:29:41 AM) The Universe:
{Alexei arches a brow, looks at Eden and Ava}
(12:29:54 AM) The Universe:
{Genja steps out into the hall where his alien thing is standing guard at the door}
(12:30:08 AM) The Cosmos:
{Ava shrugs} I have no clue.
(12:30:31 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix looks over at the alien thing, smiles} Thank you.
(12:30:54 AM) The Universe:
{Alien tilts his head curiously as if he doesn’t understand}
(12:31:15 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix looks at Genja}
(12:31:17 AM) The Universe:
{Genja closes the door and looks at her} Ribbed for *her* pleasure.
(12:32:43 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix quietly} Something I heard while staked.  It was the least offensive way I could describe…{blinks} How do you.. {softly} He told you?
(12:34:21 AM) The Universe:
{Genja shakes his head} No.  Alexei is probably the best secret keeper in the castle.  The walls, however, *do* have eyes and ears and sometimes even video.  The commercial was for condoms and the slogan first appeared, I *believe*, some time in the nineties.  “Ribbed for *her* pleasure.”  The only reason I’m bringing it up is because it’s an inconsistency and therefore I must investigate it.
(12:35:25 AM) The Universe:
{Genja looks at her} The walls also have spirits.  The point is, there is next to nothing that happens in my castle that I don’t know about.
(12:35:32 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix nods} I understand.
(12:35:59 AM) The Universe:
{Genja nods} I don’t care about it.  I brought you out here out of deference for your privacy.
(12:36:13 AM) The Universe:
{Genja looks at her} Might I make a suggestion however?
(12:36:50 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix nods} Yes sir.
(12:37:39 AM) The Universe:
{Genja looks at her} I apologize in advance for the blunt, offensive nature of what I’m about to say but I feel I have to.  We have vampires that can remove your scars.  Ask Alexei to have it done.
(12:38:25 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix looks at him, softly} Is it that.. offensive?
(12:39:49 AM) The Universe:
{Genja looks at her, quietly} It isn’t offensive. It has the potential to be very painful for someone who cares about you a great deal.  Look at it this way.. and this is the only reason I suggest it… every time he is.. inside you.. and feels them.. regardless of how.. pleasurable.. the sensations might be.. it will remind him at the same time what was done to you.
(12:40:44 AM) The Universe:
{Genja, quietly} Alexei has never said the word “faggot” in the entire fifty plus years that I have known him. *Ever*.
(12:41:19 AM) The Cosmos:
{Phoenix frowns} I never…it was not something I thought about before.  {Nods} And he did… {looks down, quietly} I will ask him.
(12:43:03 AM) The Universe:
{Genja nods, quietly} It is something he would never mention to you, but it *is* something that has the potential to ruin your.. intimate moments.  Even I would be filled with a homicidal rage every time I was reminded of something like that.  Not towards you, but towards those who had done it.  And it would be an impotent rage because they’re dead.  So there’s no way of satisfying it.
(12:43:52 AM) The Cosmos:
{Nix quietly} I understand.  I will talk to him about it.
(12:44:45 AM) The Universe:
{Genja nods} I would also like to mention.. just so you know there are options.. any memories you have that you find you can’t live with or…memories can be erased and altered.  It’s something to keep in mind.
(12:45:44 AM) The Cosmos:
{Nix shakes her head} No.. I won’t do that.  The memories I have are part of who I am..But thank you for offering.
(12:46:56 AM) The Universe:
{Genja nods, smiles} We also have alternate forms of therapy, such as.. if there are bones to be had, Dominic can raise the owner of said bones as a zombie and you can shoot them.  Over and over again.  He can also raise the spirits of the dead and enslave them.
(12:47:32 AM) The Cosmos:
{Nix softly} I might do *that* for Alexei.
(12:47:49 AM) The Universe:
{Genja nods} It can be extremely liberating.
(12:48:28 AM) The Universe:
{Genja looks at her} Now that we’ve discussed it, we can forget we ever talked about it and I will pretend I never heard a single word about it.
(12:49:00 AM) The Cosmos:
{Nix nods} Yes sir.. thank you sir.
(12:49:15 AM) The Universe:
{Genja nods} Of course.  {opens the door for her}

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