October 17

The Last of a Dying Breed

Taryn’s first time was more than she’d imagined.  She was so comfortable with Edward that she didn’t even mind when he left the lights on.  She’d heard Eden speaking of her first time on more than one occasion and the fear of it being like that had been almost overwhelming..at first.  As she spent more time with Edward fear gave way to something else.  Something she couldn’t really name.   She’d always thought her first time would be exciting and scary at the same time and while all the excitement was there, there was none of the apprehension she’d expected.  Edward was gentle and demanding but no so much that he didn’t allow her room to explore.

She took her time as she learned his body remembering every response he gave.  She used all five senses as she moved over him, hyper-aware of the sounds he made, gasps, changes in his flesh.  When he returned the favor, he made her come alive with soft touches and light kisses.  Her body sang for him.  He finally took her virginity and there was no pain, only pleasure…sweet, exquisite, extreme pleasure.  She vibrated with a primal need, a desire only he could sate.  She arched to meet him as her body took over instinctively.  Her responses were so powerful he felt them, which heightened his arousal, and awareness that much more.  He opted to with hold the bite wanting her to feel everything and know it was associated with the act and not the pleasure the bite gave.

Her flesh tingled, tightened and twitched everywhere he touched her, pushing her toward the edge then pulling her back, just as the precipice loomed large beneath her.  He’d allow her a taste of relief only to take it back as she began to ride the wave.  Her instincts were beyond what Edward had hoped.  Her hands sought his most sensitive places, followed by her mouth.  She might have been shy in every other aspect of her life but in this she was completely uninhibited.  There was no fighting for control, she surrendered to him totally.  She gave pleasure and used her body to entice and pull him in.  She murmured words she could never say out loud against his flesh, whispering graphically where she would go next, what she would do and how it would feel.  All the while unknowingly driving him mad.  When he gave her the final push he whispered against her, “Come for me, *now*, baby.” placing subtle emphasis on the single word.  She obeyed with her entire body, every nerve firing at the same time.  She arched under him, whispering his name like a mantra, pulling him with her over the edge, falling into the chasm.  The force and length of her release brought a light to her eyes.  He collapsed on top of her the strength of his own orgasm surprising him and draining him.  They held each other through the tremors and aftershocks that struck with equal intensity.  The first light of dawn neared as he rolled off her, the sun pulling him under.  She whispered softly, “Sleep, Edward.  We’ll talk later.”  Her eyes closed as she laid her head on his shoulder and curled contentedly against him, almost purring.  She woke when Alexei entered and covered Edward, she slipped out after whispering softly and kissing his cheek gently.

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