July 16


Devon made the arrangements.  Two days at her family’s Bed and Breakfast, The Eagle’s Nest Lodge, in the mountains.  It was off-season so they’d have the place to themselves.  The staff lived on the premises and in the small town, the girls would have access to masseur, mani-pedi girls, herbal wraps, a five-star chef and several other of the lodge’s amenities.  She’d also hired a therapist that specialized in helping groups regain their trust of each other.  It was supposed to be a time of enlightenment for them and with Devon at the helm it would be.  She’d promised Tristan and she’d do it or die trying.

She spent the morning on the phone with her Aunt who ran the lodge setting up a time and schedule.  If they arrived early the next morning they’d have at least two days before the weekend crowd arrived.  Which would also get the girls back in time for the show on Friday night.  She’d also arranged for a group of male dancers to show the first night they were there.  She’d rented a passenger van to drive them and pick them up.  She knew this was depleting her savings and she didn’t really care.  It was something she felt she had to do for the girls and for Tristan.  She knew he wanted his friends back and needed them all getting along.  The only way for that to happen was for the girls to get their shit together and have it all out.  Get it out and get over it.  That’s what the next few days were going to be about.  Her next call was to Tristan.  If this was going to happen the boys would have to cover the girls at their jobs, and she’d need his help to make that happen.

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