July 18

Oh, No, There Goes Tokyo – Friday

While the girls were doing their trust exercises with Devon’s ex boyfriend and the local boys were doing the usual hanging out at band practice and the Rock, Morose Corvinus, Darkness Falls resident, small town celebrity and heart-breaker was on I-75 with his brother Anguish.  It was an 11 hour drive and they made the most of it, stopping here and there to sight-see along the way and spending two nights in motels.  They left their oldest brother, Sorrow, at home for this trip.  Just in case they decided they wanted to get in trouble.  Anguish and Morose pulled into town Friday morning and stopped at the diner.  The local boys saw them but didn’t think anything of it.  After grabbing breakfast, they headed out to Samuel’s ranch and got settled in.

Loch never said a word to Aubrey about what they were really doing at the clinic, figuring she’d tell him if she felt the need to and what he didn’t know, he couldn’t be expected to share.

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