July 19

Life Goes On

Aubrey was back at work Friday afternoon.  She hadn’t really told anyone why she needed the time and she probably wouldn’t.  She’d sent Loch home shortly after he dropped her off saying she felt fine.  After the initial cramping, she did.  She’d been taking the pain killers, washing them down with the bottle of Jack from the pantry.  She had no qualms about going back to work.  She needed to be doing something.  She told Samuel and Bree she’d keep dancing until they hired someone to take her place.  So pulling double duty was on the books.  She spent most of the afternoon modifying her routine, the rest she’d spent finalizing orders with the vendors.  She knew most of the other girls had gone out-of-town and were due back today sometime.  She stepped out of the club and leaned against the wall smoking a cigarette.

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Posted July 19, 2012 by The Cosmos in category "Fiction", "Solitude