July 26

Don’t Seem to Have as Much to Lose – Friday


The Girls headed into the bar, chatting.  When the crowd erupted, they smiled and headed for the table seeing the boys already on stage.  Saige headed for the stage, smiled up at Loch, jumped up on the apron, went right to him, and kissed him hard and without reserve, showing him just how much she missed him.  Renée, Sang, and Taryn followed Saige’s lead.  Bree laughed and said into the mike, “Guessed they missed their men.”  The girls that weren’t with band members went to the table and found seats after kissing their guys, and saying hello.  Devon smiled at Tristan and waved, mouthing to him, “I think it helped.  Fill you in later.”

Aubrey sat at the bar, watching the others.  Her thoughts drifted to what she’d done and wondered who’s it actually was.  Not that it really mattered now.  It’s done and there wasn’t any reason to dwell on it now.  She leaned back against the bar and told Tony to leave the bottle of Jack.  She poured another shot and downed it.  She watched Hayden with Brennan.  Hayden sat on his lap her arms around his neck whispering softly to him.  She was still pissed at that so she turned her attention to Saige and Loch who were all but grinding on stage, and smiled.  He was happy and that’s what she wanted for him.  She remembered being with him, the intensity of him as they rode wave after wave of ecstasy.  She smiled almost wistfully, if he weren’t with Saige and wasn’t as happy as he was… that’s where she’d be right now.

She turned her attention to David, who’d pulled Taryn into his lap and was kissing her like only married couples can get away with without it looking cheesy.  She knew they weren’t good in that capacity.  Fucking David had been something of its own.  Rough and dirty.  When they fucked, it was just that, pure unadulterated fucking, complete with hair pulling and not a small amount of violence.  She’d liked that.  It had been like they had something to prove and that was the only way they could actually communicate.

Ethan drifted into her line of sight.  He’d been the complete antithesis of David.  Tender and gentle, with just a hint of dominance where it mattered.

Akhiro had been back in high school and shortly after.  They’d hooked up a couple of times after parties or on the sly, usually when he wanted no strings, and everyone knew Aubrey didn’t come with strings.  He was something all together different.  He took the lead and she’d had no problem surrendering that control to him.  Even knowing that Renée was the one he’d always wanted.

She’d been with Tristan a few times as well in high school.  Even then, he knew what he was doing, and she could see how Taryn got lost in him as easily as she had.  Aubrey’s dark secret?  She thought of them as her guys.  Her darker secret was she’d do anyone of them again taken or not.  The room settled down and Aubrey looked over at the table.  She knew how David felt, and Loch.  It was her turn to be the asshole.  She downed another shot.  She noticed the new guys at the table, and wondered who they were.  She might have to go introduce herself to them.  Yeah she knew what the doctor said but fuck that.  You had to take it where you could get it and either of these guys looked like they knew what they were doing.

The house lights went down and Aubrey turned her attention to the stage and her guys.  She had to admit whatever the other girls had been up to they looked more cohesive and happier.  Aubrey smirked..fuck that too, she thought, she knew she didn’t need anyone.

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