June 14

You Can’t Sleep In This Box With Me

(4:45:17 PM) Girls:
<Taryn quietly>It’s tough to lose a parent that suddenly.
(4:45:43 PM) Boys:
<Van shakes his head> Or at all.
(4:46:03 PM) Girls:
<Saige nods>
(4:46:15 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Sang>
(4:49:23 PM) Girls:
<Sang shakes her head and looks at Ethan, quietly> I think Brennan has a handle on it.
(4:49:39 PM) Boys:
<Ethan nods, just as quietly> Again.

(4:50:51 PM) Girls:
<Sang nods, frowns then whispers> You don’t think they’re…? Do you?
(4:51:13 PM) Boys:
<Ethan shakes his head> I’m not thinking anything.
(4:51:53 PM) Girls:
<Sang nods, then smiles softly> I think I’m going to take that approach too.
(4:52:41 PM) Boys:
<Ethan sighs, whispers> And I’m totally lying. I’m thinking *something*, I’m just not sure what yet. I mean.. for a couple of minutes there, I thought Ryan was an endangered species.
(4:53:44 PM) Girls:
<Sang nods and breathes, still very quietly> Oh my god.. me too. I am so *glad* you said that.
(4:54:07 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Sang, whispers> It was kind of hard not to, the way she was staring him down.
(4:54:33 PM) Girls:
<Sang nods> So what do we do? Do we go rescue Brennan?
(4:54:52 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Sang> Let’s take a walk.
(4:55:31 PM) Boys:
<Ethan blinks> Better yet.. let’s get *everyone* to take a walk and follow Hayden home.
(4:55:49 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at her> Or we follow her home and send Brennan to the club.
(4:56:32 PM) Girls:
<Sang nods vigorously> Yes. Either one.
(4:57:31 PM) Boys:
<Ethan frowns> If we go by ourselves, we’re leaving Ryan by himself which would be rude. If we take him with us and send Brennan home, that puts Ryan back on the radar. If we take everyone, Loch’s stuck here, but it’s not.. you know…
(4:58:26 PM) Girls:
<Sang quietly> Lets take Van and Lia.
(4:58:43 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Sang, smiles> Yes. And leave Ryan here?
(4:59:56 PM) Girls:
<Sang sighs> Shit.. <smiles> No.. then we’re back to rude.
(5:00:25 PM) Girls:
<Sang blinks> What about if we *send* Van and Lia?
(5:00:36 PM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> Right. And if we take Lia, Van and Ryan, we’re back to couples. <looks at Sang, smiles> I like that one.
(5:02:11 PM) Girls:
<Sang smiles> Now we just need to get him away from the table so we can tell him what’s going on?
(5:03:22 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles> Watch me work. <looks at Van and Lia> Hadyen seems pretty messed up. And Brennan could probably use some help taking care of her. Plus… you know.. Aubrey’s going to be expecting him at the club, but he can’t really leave Hayden in that state.
(5:03:57 PM) Boys:
<Ethan shrughs> And you guys are the most mature, level headed people I know that *she* knows.
(5:04:40 PM) Boys:
<Ryan listens to Ethan, looks at Lia> Not to mention what we talked about earlier about how she’s probably going to try and cope.
(5:04:51 PM) Girls:
<Sang nods in agreement with Ethan, smiles> And she seemed to like Lia.
(5:04:55 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Ryan, blinks, smiles> And then there’s that.
(5:05:17 PM) Girls:
<Lia looks at Ryan, then at Van, quietly> We should go.
(5:05:34 PM) Girls:
<Lia shrugs> Or at least *I* should.
(5:05:45 PM) Boys:
<Van nods> I think you’re right. <looks at Lia> We’ll go.
(5:06:08 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles, obviously relieved> Thanks, guys.
(5:06:27 PM) Boys:
<Van nods to Ethan> No problem. <looks at Lia, smiles> Whenever you’re ready.
(5:06:56 PM) Girls:
<Lia smiles at stands> I’m thinking now’s a good time.
(5:06:58 PM) Boys:
<Ethan frowns> Hey, Van. Text him and let him know when you’re close.
(5:08:19 PM) Girls:
<Lia looks at the others> I’m sorry to jump ship like this.
(5:08:22 PM) Boys:
<Van looks at Ethan, arches a brow> Um.. all right. <stands> And later *someone* can explain that particular request to me. <takes Lia’s hand>
(5:09:13 PM) Boys:
<Akhiro looks at Lia> It’s all right. Tonight’s pretty dead anyway.
(5:09:36 PM) Boys:
<Van nods> We’re going to go help Ethan with Hayden. We’ll talk to you guys later.
(5:09:50 PM) Girls:
<Lia whispers to Van> I’ll fill you in on the ride.
(5:10:06 PM) Boys:
<Van nods to Lia, heads for the door after everyone says goodbye>
(5:10:40 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Sang, smiles> *Now* I feel better.
(5:10:58 PM) Girls:
<Sang smiles> Me too.
(5:11:28 PM) Girls:
<Renee looks at Akhiro, leans in and whispers> Was that strange or is it just me?
(5:12:21 PM) Boys:
<Akhiro looks at Ren> They’re probably just worried about her. She isn’t handling it half as well as she says she is. When *Brennan* has a problem with your drinking, you know things are bad.
(5:13:32 PM) Girls:
<Renee nods> True. <shakes her head> I feel bad for her.
(5:13:42 PM) Boys:
<Akhiro nods> I’m pretty sure we all do.
(5:14:18 PM) Boys:
<Ethan whispers to Sang> Let’s see her try and slut out with *Lia* there.
(5:15:23 PM) Girls:
<Sang softly> Seriously. And if she does..<smiles> Van won’t have it.
(5:15:32 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles>
(5:16:26 PM) Boys:
<Ryan leans over and whispers to Sang and Ethan> So.. I’m going to assume this means I don’t have to feel bad about bowing out of movie night.
(5:17:29 PM) Girls:
<Sang shakes her head, quietly> No.. I think it was a way to keep her from having to go home alone, honestly.
(5:17:53 PM) Boys:
<Ryan nods> I got that impression, myself. Outside, though, it wasn’t quite as clear.
(5:18:09 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles at Ryan> Self preservation?
(5:18:16 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles> Survival of the fittest.
(5:19:06 PM) Boys:
<Ethan nods, still smiling> What are you going to do if she shows up on your doorstep with movies in hand?
(5:19:24 PM) Boys:
<Ryan shrugs> I don’t have a dvd player.
(5:19:40 PM) Boys:
<Ethan blinks> You’re full of shit.
(5:19:58 PM) Boys:
<Ryan shakes his head> I don’t watch a lot of TV. In fact, I rarely watch it at all.
(5:20:50 PM) Boys:
<Ethan blinks, thinking about an existance without a television> That’s.. horrifying. <looks at Ryan> On the other hand… when people come over, they actually have to *talk*. Which can be equally horrifying depending on the person.
(5:21:44 PM) Girls:
<Sang laughs> Oh god.. that’s awful.
(5:22:29 PM) Girls:
<Ciara looks at Christopher, whispers> I don’t know what I’d do without TV. Not that I watch it much.. but I need it for my games.
(5:23:19 PM) Boys:
<Christopher smiles at Ciara> Tell that to Gabe and he’ll tell you *he* belongs to the Master Race of PC Gamers because you can’t mod console games.
(5:24:10 PM) Girls:
<Ciara laughs> Yeah, he keeps trying to get me to let him build me a PC.
(5:24:33 PM) Boys:
<Christopher nods, smiles again> Think about it though. Game mods.
(5:24:55 PM) Boys:
<Christopher smiles at Ciara> We’d never be able to pry you away from it.
(5:25:17 PM) Girls:
<Ciara laughs> You sound like *you* play PC games?
(5:25:42 PM) Boys:
<Christopher laughs, shakes his head> Nope. Can’t play multiplayer with your friends in your living room the same way.
(5:26:18 PM) Boys:
<Christopher looks at Ciara, smiles> I’m not a real big fan of solitary confinement.
(5:26:54 PM) Girls:
<Ciara smiles> See. I don’t do a lot of the multiplayer games.. usually it’s Shay and Reese.
(5:27:26 PM) Boys:
<Christopher nods> You haven’t played with me and Gabe yet.
(5:27:50 PM) Girls:
<Ciara shakes her head> I haven’t. <smiles> I can’t wait though.
(5:28:30 PM) Boys:
<Christopher looks at her> As soon as we get back, we’ll do game night. We pile munchies up on the coffee table veg out on the couch. There’s a lot of trash talking though.
(5:29:13 PM) Girls:
<Ciara laughs> Please My mage’ll kick your asses.
(5:31:03 PM) Boys:
<Christopher smiles broadly> Oh, reeeeeally? I’m totally gonna tell him you said that. Then I’ll stand back and watch the mad mage battle that ensues while my Paladin is looting the shit ouf of the dungeon.
(5:32:33 PM) Girls:
<Caira grins> You do that. I’ll get Shay to bring her barbarian.
(5:32:47 PM) Boys:
<Ryan looks over at them, smiles> I always play a Necromancer.
(5:33:32 PM) Boys:
<Christopher smiles at Ciara, looks at Ryan, arches a brow, smiles more broadly> I’m either a Paladin, bard or rogue.
(5:34:53 PM) Girls:
<Ciara shrugs> I usually go for the destruction or healing magic. <Smiles>
(5:34:58 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks over at them> Fuck *class*.. what about *Race*?
(5:35:26 PM) Girls:
<Ciara grins> Elf.
(5:35:51 PM) Boys:
<Ryan looks at Ethan, smiles> As a member of the PC Gaming Master Race, I’m currently playing a Dark Elf Necromancer in Skyrim with Apocalypse spells.
(5:36:07 PM) Boys:
<Christopher laughs> Damn. I’m usually human.
(5:36:55 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles at Christopher> *That* is so fucking boring. Why would you *want* to be a human when you can be an Orc? Or.. I don’t know.. I dig elves, too.
(5:38:03 PM) Girls:
<Ciara smiles at Ryan> Sweet! I’m a High Elf in *this* incarnation. The last one I played a Khajiit. That was fun.
(5:38:36 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles at Ciara> I love the Khajit. I have a game save for a Khajit rogue.
(5:38:54 PM) Boys:
<Christopher laughs> Damn. I *am* boring.
(5:39:31 PM) Boys:
<Ryan shrugs> I liked World of Warcraft before they turned it into an MMORPG, and I always played Dark Elves in that one, too.
(5:39:41 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles> Or undead.
(5:39:52 PM) Girls:
<Ciara laughs> I ran around pickpocketing everyone. It was great. I was playing D&D for a while.
(5:40:20 PM) Boys:
<Ryan nods> I played a Battle Mage in that one.
(5:40:58 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles> I tend to stay away from vampire stuff though. And zombie unless I’m the one raising them.
(5:42:08 PM) Girls:
<Ciara shakes her head> Healer. I was running around with a Rogue Elf and a Dwarf Barbarian both of them were Bad ass.
(5:42:51 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles> Dragon Age. The dwarf was my favorite.
(5:43:07 PM) Boys:
<Ryan looks at Ethan> Not that I minded Morrigan all that much.
(5:43:14 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles> Who did?
(5:44:03 PM) Girls:
<Ciara nods> Pfft. Dude.. I dug Alistair. Til he turned out to be <grins> racist.
(5:44:32 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles at Ciara> I was particularly fond of his sarcastic comments.
(5:44:59 PM) Boys:
<Christopher smiles, shakes his head> I totally didn’t have you pegged for a gamer.
(5:45:09 PM) Boys:
<Ryan shakes his head> Just fantasy RPGs.
(5:45:38 PM) Girls:
<Ciara looks at Ryan> Me either. <looks at Ethan> Or you.
(5:45:52 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles> I like the ones that make me think.
(5:46:46 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles at Ethan> I like the ones that make me think. About the particular set of spells I need to cast to make my enemies nice and crispy en masse. <looks at Ciara> Chain lightning is one of my all time favorite spells.
(5:47:26 PM) Boys:
<Ryan shake his head> You hit the first guy with a lightning bolt and it just spreads like crazy to all the others. It’s sick.
(5:48:44 PM) Girls:
<Ciara smiles> I dig the fire storms.
(5:51:04 PM) Boys:
<Ryan nods> I have one now that does that. It’s nasty. I always end up with an outrageously long mana bar and little tiny health bar because the nastier the spell, the more mana it costs.
(5:51:57 PM) Girls:
<Ciara laughs> Totally. <shrugs> I always forget to up my health and stamina when leveling.
(5:52:15 PM) Girls:
<Renee looks at Akhiro> Are they speaking another language?
(5:52:48 PM) Boys:
<Akhiro smiles at Ren> They’re speaking. That’s all I really care about.
(5:53:05 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles> When you can buy backpacks, though, who gives a shit about their strength?
(5:53:15 PM) Girls:
<Renee smiles> True.
(5:53:53 PM) Boys:
<Ryan shakes his head> I made the mistake of using a mod that actually made stamina count for something other than how much you could carry and I was totally screwed.
(5:54:24 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles at Ryan> Yeah, see, I *never* have a stamina issue.
(5:54:39 PM) Girls:
<Ciara nods> Exactly.. and the potions that give you plus a hundred for like five minutes.. that’s usually more then enough time for me to sell some shit. <tilts her head> PC? <looks at Christopher> Okay.. I’m gonna have to get Game to build me something now.
(5:54:53 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles at Ethan> Then I guess you’re just a better man than I am. <nods to Ciara> Exactly.
(5:55:03 PM) Boys:
<Christopher laughs> And it begins.
(5:55:26 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles at Ciara> If you do it for no other reason, do it for the Apocalypse spells.
(5:56:04 PM) Girls:
<Ciara nods> Totally. <grins> I’m betting those are incredible.
(5:57:59 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles broadly> Oh, my god. You have no idea. The fire storm is exactly that… a storm of fiery meteors that fills your screen… it’s beautiful. And the mod sets up your most used spells as contingency spells that you have a certain percentage chance of casting after casting a big one. There isn’t enough time in the day to tell you all the ways this mod is a must have if you play a mage.
(5:58:41 PM) Boys:
<Ryan looks at her> Two words. Lightning cloak. And it *only* affects your enemies.
(5:58:51 PM) Girls:
<Ciara smiles brilliantly at him> Sweet!
(5:59:06 PM) Girls:
<Ciara turns that smile on Christopher> Yes please.
(5:59:42 PM) Boys:
<Christopher looks at her for a second, smiles> I’ll let Gabe know.
(6:00:31 PM) Girls:
<Ciara hugs him fiercely> Thank you.
(6:01:38 PM) Boys:
<Christopher hugs her tightly,laughs> I’m going to have to find something that you like more than your spell mods to lure you away from the computer now. <pulls back and looks at her, smiles> And that something better be sex. Food is good, too, though.
(6:02:41 PM) Girls:
<Ciara grins, leans in and whispers> Yes. With you and food always.
(6:04:05 PM) Boys:
<Christopher smiles, nods, pulls out his phone and texts Gabe to build Ciara a gaming computer>
(6:04:49 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Sang> So.. you know what *my* next obsession is going to be, right?
(6:04:53 PM) Girls:
<Ciara beams, vibrating with excitement>
(6:05:04 PM) Girls:
<Sang smiles> PC Gaming?
(6:05:17 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs> Only for the mods, I swear!
(6:05:55 PM) Girls:
<Sang grins> Cool.
(6:06:20 PM) Boys:
<Christopher looks at Ciara> We’re putting your computer in my living room so we can game in the same room.
(6:06:41 PM) Girls:
<Ciara laughs> Okay.. But that means I’ll be there a lot.
(6:06:56 PM) Boys:
<Christopher smiles innocently> Does it?
(6:07:27 PM) Girls:
<Ciara nods> Uh huh. <smiles>
(6:07:41 PM) Boys:
<Christopher shrugs> I think I can deal with that.
(6:07:47 PM) Girls:
<Sang whispers> Is that how gamers get the SO’s to move in with them?
(6:08:17 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles at Sang, whispers> I don’t know, but it seems like a fail proof method.
(6:08:41 PM) Girls:
<Sang nods> Seriously.
(6:09:09 PM) Girls:
<Sang smiles, softly> I can see her just moving in and neither of them realizing she’s actually done it.
(6:10:11 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs, nods, whispers back> How much you want to bet that’s exactly what happens?
(6:10:35 PM) Girls:
<Sangria laughs> Totally.
(6:13:12 PM) Girls:
<Ciara smiles at Christopher> I could feasibly never leave.
(6:13:53 PM) Boys:
<Christopher looks at Ciara, smiles> Feasibly.
(6:14:15 PM) Boys:
<Christopher thinks> Well.. we’d have to leave to work.
(6:14:45 PM) Girls:
<Ciara smiles> Yeah.. I guess we would.
(6:15:04 PM) Boys:
<Christopher smiles> It could work.
(6:15:39 PM) Girls:
<Ciara smiles> Ro and Em might get tired of it though.

(6:17:01 PM) Boys:
<Christopher looks at Ciara> True. I guess we’ll just have to deal with that when it happens.
(6:17:39 PM) Boys:
<Christopher laughs> If we have to deal with them fucking in the kitchen, they can deal with us gaming in the living room.
(6:17:57 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles at Ethan and Sang> Geek sex.
(6:18:08 PM) Boys:
<Ethan bursts out laughing>
(6:18:13 PM) Girls:
<Ciara looks at Christopher, blinks>
(6:18:35 PM) Boys:
<Christopher looks at Ciara> Um.. did I not tell you about that?
(6:18:38 PM) Girls:
<Sang Cracks up> Oh my god…Ryan!
(6:18:57 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles at Sang> Oh, right. *Gamer* sex. My bad.
(6:19:22 PM) Girls:
<Ciara shakes her head> Uh uh.. *Em* Seriously?
(6:19:37 PM) Boys:
<Christopher laughs, nods> It’s kind of how they got back together.
(6:20:58 PM) Girls:
<Ciara looks at Christopher> Emily would sooner shoot herself in the hand then do that in a kitchen… the *germs*.
(6:21:27 PM) Boys:
<Christopher looks at Ciara, smiles> I have a witness. Me and Ava were in the dining room when they did it.
(6:21:48 PM) Girls:
<Ciara arches her brow> Oh Reeealy?
(6:22:14 PM) Boys:
<Christopher nods> Hand to god. <looks at her> Wait… what’s that look mean? I did *not* touch that woman.
(6:22:40 PM) Girls:
<Ciara cracks up> Teasing you, baby. I know you didn’t.
(6:22:53 PM) Boys:
<Christopher smiles> Remind me to tell you the whole story later.
(6:23:19 PM) Girls:
<Ciara nods> All right. <smiles brighter> Thank you.
(6:23:45 PM) Boys:
<Christopher smiles again> I don’t know what you’re thanking me for, but.. you’re welcome. <kisses her>
(6:24:08 PM) Girls:
<Ciara kisses him back, whispers> Everything.
(6:24:52 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Sang, smiles> I see lots of babies in their future.
(6:25:22 PM) Girls:
<Sang nods and smiles> Yeah.. a whole team of them.
(6:25:41 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles> Not if they want gaming time.
(6:26:31 PM) Girls:
<Sang smiles> Why not?
(6:27:34 PM) Girls:
<Sang smiles> She can wear the baby while she plays.
(6:28:14 PM) Boys:
<Ryan looks at Sang, smiles> You don’t game much, do you?
(6:28:46 PM) Girls:
<Sang shakes her head> No.. I surf and stuff.
(6:29:26 PM) Boys:
<Ryan nods>
(6:31:14 PM) Girls:
<Sang shrugs> I haven’t been doing much of that lately though.
(6:32:58 PM) Boys:
<Ryan looks at her> Why not?
(6:34:14 PM) Girls:
<Sang looks at Ethan then at Ryan> Just haven’t. <smiles> Hell I’m not even sure where I left my iPad.
(6:35:46 PM) Girls:
<Renee smiles at Sang> It’s at work under the pile of clothes on your table.
(6:36:09 PM) Girls:
<Sang looks at Renee, smiles> Thanks.
(7:58:15 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles> Speaking of leaving things lying about, I should probably head home.
(7:58:49 PM) Girls:
<Taryn looks at David, smiles, quietly> He’s talking about bodies again isn’t he?
(7:59:03 PM) Boys:
<David laughs, nods> I’m pretty sure, yeah.
(7:59:44 PM) Girls:
<Sang looks at Ryan, smiles> So soon?
(7:59:50 PM) Boys:
<the boys laugh, Loch shakes his head, smiling> Is it wrong that I like death humor?
(8:00:31 PM) Boys:
<Ryan looks at Sang, smiles> What? You think they’re just going to lie around all night waiting on me?
(8:00:37 PM) Girls:
<Taryn nods> Just making sure. <smiles again>
(8:00:42 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs> God, I hope so.
(8:01:17 PM) Girls:
<Sang smiles at Ethan>
(8:02:19 PM) Boys:
<Christopher shakes his head, smiling> We’re all going to hell for laughing at dead people.
(8:02:48 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles at Ryan> It was good to see you again, Ryan. Come sit with us at the show.
(8:03:07 PM) Girls:
<Ciara smiles> Yes we are at *least* for that.

(8:04:16 PM) Boys:
<Ryan looks at Christopher, smiles> If you’re going to hell for laughing, they’re going to make me a Crown Prince. <looks at Saige, smiles> I just might have to do that.
(8:05:11 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan smiles at Ryan> You won’t be the only guy at the table with the band wives either.
(8:06:12 PM) Boys:
<Ryan smiles at Siobhan> You say that like it would be a bad thing. <gets up leaving money on the table> I’ll see you guys later. <grabs his cigarettes and heads for the door>

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