June 23

When One Door Closes

Hayden looked at the man sleeping beside her.  They’d never hooked up in high school or even after.  He’d spent a summer working for her dad sporadically and he’d shown some talent and aptitude for the job.  She smiled.  She couldn’t believe he’d dumped Aubrey and moved in with her.  No one from school would believe she was with them.  They’d take one look at him, smile and shake their heads knowingly.  They’d pull her aside and tell her she was making a huge mistake.  The problem was they thought they knew her.  She wasn’t the construction workers daughter in school.  Yes, she’d worked it but on weekends and at night she was Hayden, the girl who got the classy guys.  Hayden didn’t want classy, she never had.  They were just like every other guy out there only wanting to fuck and then be done.  They guy she’d been seeing, the guy she broke up with because she was coming home was one of those guys.  She’d told him about her father dying and he’d come back with, “Wow.  Sucks.. my boss yelled at me and I got an F on my term paper and you were supposed to have dinner for me that’s why I came over.”  Hayden had kicked him out, telling him it was over and she was moving back home.  He’d laughed at her.

She’d never connected with someone the way she did with Brennan.  She hadn’t cared that he was with Aubrey.  She wanted him and let him know in no uncertain terms exactly what she wanted.  He was not the same guy she remembered from high school.  What’s more is he cared about *her* as much as she did him.  She saw in him something more and wanted him to be everything he could be.  He was there when she needed him no questions asked and no one had ever given her that before.  No one had ever cared about her to the exclusion of everyone else.  He gave her a sense of reason and helped her with the hard parts.  She knew it wasn’t going to be easy, putting him in charge of the guys.  However, she knew he could handle it.  She knew he’d be the one that would tell them either deal or get out.  What’s more, she’d be standing by his side when he did.  For now she’d let him sleep while she went started packing her father’s things.

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