June 22


Bree called Morose first thing Saturday morning, she knew he wouldn’t be awake but she wanted him to help her with the van.  He was much better with faces then she was and had experience hand painting cars.  She wanted to use a Promo of them on one side and she’d stumbled on a picture of Loch on a throne looking very..disinterested.. about the women surrounding him, women whom she’d recognized.  Secretly she’d dubbed that shot Loch’s Harem.  She also wanted their logo painted on the van as well.  The whole thing would blend nicely she decided once she’d sketched it out.  It was however, probably going to take more than just a few days.  So she’d start it and drag Tristan out and show him what she was doing then beg him to let her finish it.  She knew it was being devious and underhanded but it bothered her that *he* was the one with a Pedo-van.  At least this would make it more interesting.  She tucked her phone in her pocket and waited for him to call back.

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