June 7


People often see Taryn as shy and quiet, and she is until she gets to know you, once that happens she’ll talk your ear off.  She’s usually the one people call when there’s a problem and, because of her “glass half full” attitude, most often cheers people up.  She’s quick to laugh and easy to get along with.  She’s fit and doesn’t mind showing off her body in her choice of clothes.  Usually found in jeans and a halter, she works the horse farm she and her twin Saige inherited from their parents.  She found that the horses have a fondness for Southern Rock, discovered by accident when she was playing it and realized they were all behaving.  She can often be found mucking stalls with her iPod in, singing out loud to Lynard Skynard, the Allman Brothers, Molly Hatchet and even Ram Jam.  When she’s not working she can usually be found at the local Dojo practicing Jujitsu under Akhiro and Tristin.  At their insistence, she went to the Rock Bottom to see thier band and now she can be found there, but only when the band is playing.


Taryn is smart and funny.  An avid reader.  She’d rather lose herself in a book.  She’s disciplined and healthy.  She’s not an accomplished cook but manages well enough.  She prefers to eat healthy, but does have a huge sweet tooth which she indulges along with the occasional snack food.  Preferring to eat salad and smoothies, she always that the makings on hand and what she doesn’t she picks from her garden.  However that does not mean she won’t eat the biggest burger she can find.  She’s always hungry and always has a snack on her, and she keeps her kitchen stocked just in case.


Her home is comfortable, decorated in earth tones and big overstuffed furniture.  She and Saige tried living together but failed miserably.  While they both live on the horse farm Saige lives in the guest house.  They see each other and talk daily.  Taryn doesn’t approve of her sister’s behavior but who is she to say anything, they are both consenting adults.


In addition to running the ranch, she also has a breeding facility, boards horses, gives trail rides, trains horses and gives riding lessons.  Her founding pair are of champion blood and when she was younger she was well-known on the show circuit.  Her heart and soul lies with the horses.


Taryn tries to limit her refuse, recycling and repurposing when possible. She has a garden and grows most of her own food.  She doesn’t use chemical fertilizers, in fact she tries to go natural as much as she can.  She’s not a hard-core tree hugger and doesn’t shove everyone’s face in it.  She just sees it as doing her part.

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