June 18

Shenanigans – Body Dumping Escapades

After moving Brennan’s stuff they met at the ranch and all piled into the truck.  Taryn drove while the boys navigated and they discussed the disposal of the body.  Saige thought they should torch her and bury the ashes.  Bree opted for chopping her into pieces and distributing the parts around the country.  Taryn, after hearing that, had to pull over because of the image that stuck in her head.  Once her stomach had settled again she took off.  She was proud she hadn’t lost her dinner but still embarrassed that she’d had to pull over.  David had calmed her when she’d voiced that opinion to him.

In the end, they’d taken the body to the mountains to a little known area that Brennan had shown them.  They stopped along the way at several stores to pick up the shovels and other accoutrements they’d need, each person taking a turn going in.

They opted not to wrap the body so the creatures could do their job of helping the body degrade.  They’d also, after digging the hole and dumping the body, used Lyme and Lye to further hasten the decomposition process, at Saige’s suggestion.  Once all the decisions were made they talked about anything and everything but what they were doing.

Once done they broke out the alcohol and killed the bottle, even dumping some on the grave.  They took everything with them as they hiked out of the woods.  Saige reasoning that Taryn and David or Bree and Samuel could have any of the stuff they’d used at their ranches and not be questioned about it as both Lye and Lyme were used to break down manure and dead animals too large to bury.  Taryn nodded in agreement with Saige and shook her head.  She was more than happy to do this she just didn’t understand how it was going to stay a secret with so many people knowing about it.  She knew they were breaking a multitude of laws and that the more people who knew about it the more chances that someone was going to slip.

Saige smiled over at Loch, this was the kind of thing she lived for.  It was danger and risky and Loch was with her.  She wasn’t sure if any of them believed that she’d done the research for one of her books or not and she didn’t really care.

They pulled back onto the ranch and everyone said their goodbyes.  Saige leaving with Loch and Brennan headed toward Hayden’s.  Taryn went in and made food for the four of them that were left, As they sat around the table talking one thing they were not talking about was what they’d all just done.

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