June 2

One Step Closer

She got the text from Shayla the night before and knew he needed her.  It didn’t matter that she had to work or that she had plans only that he needed her.  She left the Falls with a suitcase in hand and a plane ticket.  She called her boss from the road and told him she wouldn’t be in for the rest of the week.  He’d fired her on the spot, not that she cared, her mind focused on one thing.  She’d worry about that later.  As she boarded the plane and made her way back to the cheapest seat there was, and shook her head.  She had no Idea if he wanted her there or if he needed her at all but she was going.  The plane ride took almost four hours.  Finding the hotel in the rented car another half, she’d checked in asking for Dominic’s room.  She got the number and headed up to find it, dropping her bags in her own room as she went.  Anya answered the door.  She explained what she was doing there and how she knew.  Anya told her Dominic was in the shower.  She knew him well enough to know that he wouldn’t be too long.  When the water turned off, she closed her eyes and held her breath waiting.  Anya had left the room; she crossed the hall and went to her own room.


Hayden sat alone in the almost empty hotel bar.  She’d come here because she knew most of the town would be at the Rock and she didn’t want to be with everyone just yet.  She’d buried her father the turnout had been incredible.  Still letting go was hard, but her dad wouldn’t want her moping.  She, his princess, wasn’t allowed to mope.  She smiled at the term of endearment he’d given her.  He’d gone out of his way to treat her like a princess..she was spoiled, she knew, but she wasn’t a brat.  She also didn’t think the sun rose and set in her ass.  Where Daddy had spoiled her, Momma had taught her about life’s hard lessons.  *She* according to those that knew her, was the best of both worlds.  Tonight though she just wanted to drink, if she were back home she’d pick up some random guy and take him home with her.. but she wasn’t …well she was.  *This* was home now, and she knew how small towns were.  Sighing softly she motioned the bartender over for another.  He gave her that look, the look of panic when people don’t know what to say because anything they can say is inadequate.  She shook her head.  “Just leave the bottle, and give me another, Jerry.  Please start an account for me.. I’m back to stay.”  The tender nodded and left the two bottles sitting on the bar.  Hayden picked up the bottles and headed for the courtyard, found a bench and took a drink from the bottle.

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