June 14

I May Never Sleep Tonight

(9:48:04 AM) Girls:
<Sang heads into the bar and over to Ethan> We need to go.
(9:49:20 AM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Sang, blinks> What’s wrong?
(9:58:41 AM) Girls:
<Sang leans in and whispers softly, explaining what’s going on, pulls back> Tristan needs us.
(9:59:22 AM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> We’re on it. <as he’s standing and pulling on his jacket, looks at the others> We’ll see you guys later.
(9:59:27 AM) Boys:
<the boys say their goodbyes>
(10:00:02 AM) Girls:
<the girls do too as Sang gathers her stuff>
(10:01:18 AM) Boys:
<Ethan grabs Sang’s hand and heads out, waiting til they’re outside before saying anything> Okay, so… Tristan wants to talk to Ryan about Nikki?
(10:02:19 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> Yeah. And he wants us to watch and me to <smiles> learn something too.
(10:02:58 AM) Boys:
<Ethan looks over at Sang as they walk towards the car> So.. what’s he looking for? He think Ryan’s hot for her?
(10:03:36 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> He thinks Nik’s hot for him and that there’s unfinished business.

(10:03:55 AM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> And do we agree with that?
(10:06:22 AM) Girls:
<Sang shrugs> I don’t know.. He says that she was more animated and talkative tonight then she’s ever been, he also said she got aggressive with him in the parking lot and she’s making comments that lead him to believe she’s feeling guilty about how they hooked up..or sluttish..he told her that two guys doesn’t make it a pattern.
(10:08:06 AM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at her> Well.. they *did* seem like they kind of connected. And I don’t necessarily mean sexually, or that kind of thing. Just.. they kind of reminded me of us when you were with Loch without the flirting.
(10:09:30 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> They have work in common.. and Tris said he didn’t even know what she did.
(10:10:05 AM) Boys:
<Ethan arches a brow> Oh. That’s not good. Especially considering the kind of work she does.
(10:11:09 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> She didn’t tell and he didn’t ask and I was thinking that maybe she didn’t tell because she didn’t want to make us uncomfortable.
(10:12:56 AM) Boys:
<Ethan shakes his head> It’s kinda funny. When she went on that mini diatribe about people understanding that you do that kind of thing because you *care* and all that… I mean, yeah, *her* line of work I don’t think wigs people out so much, but… I think Christopher was right about her giving people too much credit. People are way less inclined to be as cool with the moritician bit. There’s a primal, instinct based fear of death and funeral homes and moriticians, you know? Not so much with forensic pathologists and coroners.
(10:13:47 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> Because one is more clinical then the other.
(10:13:47 AM) Boys:
<Ethan walks over and unlocks Sang’s door, opens it for her> What I’m saying is.. she could’ve talked to us about it and most of us probably wouldn’t have blinked. She’s identifying people, finding out what killed them. He’s… doing something completely different.
(10:14:26 AM) Girls:
<Sang climbs in the car reaches across the seat and unlocks his door> Exactly.
(10:14:27 AM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> One’s science. It’s a branch of medicine and they do it in hospitals and shit. His is… more tribal. More of a society or culture based ritual.
(10:15:15 AM) Girls:
<Sang smiles up at him> Yes. And it’s obvious he takes his work seriously, even if he does joke about it.
(10:16:25 AM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at her, shrugs> He’s a death priest. It’s a rite of passage. <nods> I honestly think he does that to make *us* more comfortable. <walks around and gets in the car, looks at her> And maybe to make himself feel more… I don’t know… connected to the world around him? I mean.. think about it. It would be like lving between worlds. Between planes of existence.
(10:17:22 AM) Boys:
<Ethan starts up the car> Psychopomp. That’s what he is.
(10:18:34 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> I can totally see that. <looks over at him> So.. He does it to make us more comfortable and to feel connected. I think Tristan’s going to tell him what happened after he left too.
(10:18:51 AM) Boys:
<Ethan pulls out and heads to the funeral home, looks at her> Why?
(10:19:19 AM) Girls:
<Sang shrugs> So he can not put himself there again.
(10:20:22 AM) Boys:
<Ethan shakes his head> I don’t know. I think we should hold off on that.
(10:22:47 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> I do too.
(10:23:55 AM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> Then that’s what we’ll do.
(10:24:30 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> Okay. <looks over at him> Tristan also said that when Nikki was telling him about how she and Ryan ended it she looked out the window.
(10:25:18 AM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at her> Like.. she was lying about it or like… it’s not her favorite subject?
(10:27:16 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> Yeah. He said it was like that.
(10:27:41 AM) Boys:
<Ethan shakes his head> That’s not good either. <looks at the road>
(10:29:14 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> I don’t know.. Tristan and I also talked about my sunny dispo lately. and how I stopped giving him the truth and started being all “altruistic”.
(10:29:33 AM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at her> Have you?
(10:31:08 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> Yeah.. I have.
(10:32:02 AM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> So, maybe you’re just trying too hard to see the best in everything.
(10:33:14 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> I think it’s that and <quietly>I don’t trust myself.
(10:33:33 AM) Boys:
<Ethan reaches over and takes her hand, nods> I can understand that.
(10:33:52 AM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles> But that also means you’re overthinking things.
(10:34:22 AM) Girls:
<Sang squeezes his hand> Ethan.. I think you’re the only thing I really trust about my life right now. Well, you and Tristan.
(10:34:44 AM) Girls:
<Sang shakes her head> I made such a huge mess of things..
(10:36:09 AM) Boys:
<Ethan shakes his head> Don’t do that. <looks at her> You haven’t made a mess of us or your job or.. I don’t know.. I think Christopher and Ryan are right. It takes two. Take what’s yours and leave the rest of the baggage for the people that actually own it.
(10:37:08 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> I’m trying. I *know* I fucked up with Loch. I don’t want to do it again. <looks at him> Not with you. And I think *that’s* what scares me the most.
(10:38:06 AM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles> And you’re not going to. And you have *no* reason to think you will. What happened with you and Loch was specific to you and Loch and the circumstances *he* put into play. That took two, too.
(10:38:45 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods again> I know.. but how I reacted to it.. that’s mine.
(10:39:09 AM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> But *what* you reacted to is something I don’t foresee you having to deal with again. *Ever*.
(10:40:05 AM) Girls:
<Sang smiles> I didn’t think I would, not with you.
(10:41:30 AM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at her> You won’t. I can promise you that. There is *no* girl on this planet that could make me forget how I feel about you. No girl is that hot or that ohmygod epic or ever will be. *You’re* my future. And it’s exactly everything I want. That’s not going to change, Sang. Ever.
(10:44:20 AM) Girls:
<Sang looks at him, smiles with tears in her eyes, softly> I love you, Ethan. And everything you just said.. is everything I want with you. But I also want to be…worthy of those things. I don’t want to disappoint you or let you down.
(10:45:54 AM) Boys:
<Ethan suqeezes her hand> I love you, too. And you *are* worthy and always have been. And you couldn’t disappoint me if you wanted to. Sang, we’ve known each other all our lives. I’ve seen you at your worst *and* your best. People are dissapointed when their expectations aren’t met. What I have with you aren’t expectations. I don’t “expect”, because I already “know”. And I know because I know you.
(10:46:31 AM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at her> Real love is unconditional, baby.
(10:48:13 AM) Girls:
<Sang smiles> I like that. <leans over and kisses him>
(10:49:08 AM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles, kisses her back but only briefly because he’s driving>
(10:49:44 AM) Girls:
<Sang smiles> I’m trying to be more.. positive and more me.
(10:50:00 AM) Boys:
<Ethan looks back at the road, nods> Good. I like *that*.
(10:51:37 AM) Girls:
<Sang looks at him> I told Tristan that I felt like every time I said something that I was attacked. So I just stopped saying things. I know it’s not the way it was it just felt like it.
(10:52:06 AM) Boys:
<Ethan shakes his head> It was starting to seem like it though. Like it was at least every other day.
(10:52:56 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods> I’m not going to let that happen anymore. Tristan said I needed to more or less defend my boundaries.
(10:53:50 AM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> He’s right. <pulls into the funeral home drive and parks behind the hearse and next to Tristan’s van, Tristan’s leaning against the van waiting for them, Ethan looks over at Sang> And I’ll help you with that.
(10:55:07 AM) Girls:
<Sang smiles> I was hoping you would. <looks over at the van> He made good time.. Oh! If Nikki asks.. I needed Tristan.
(10:55:31 AM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles> So.. we’re on a stealth mission? Nice.
(10:57:21 AM) Girls:
<Sang nods and grins brightly> Yes we are.
(10:57:43 AM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs> Awesome. <gets out of the car and walks around>
(10:58:44 AM) Girls:
<Sang laughs when he does, climbs out of the car and heads over to Ethan>

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