June 6

I Call You Butterfly (part 2?)

Hayden woke with a hangover from hell.  She made her way to the bathroom and popped two aspirin shook her head wincing and muttered.  “Closing the barn door after the horse got out again.  You’d think I’d’ve learned.”  She had a busy day and couldn’t afford to be lazy.  She showered and dressed and after leaving the house wondered exactly how she was going to manage here.  Taking over the business had never been something she’d seriously thought about even though her dad had said it enough.  She drove to the lawyer’s were she would officially become the proud owner of a construction company, after signing a boatload of papers.  She spent a better part of the morning going over the papers and signing her name at the bottom.  They also took care of the property and financial things as well.  When she was done, not only was she the sole owner of the company and the responsibility that came with it, she was also financially flush and wouldn’t have to worry again about money.  Her Mother’s trust would see to that.  The business was sound financially as well.  Daddy had at least left her in a good place, the lawyers said.  The only bills he owed on were the current month’s and *that* they said was almost unheard of.  When she left the offices, she realized she was hungry, starving actually.  She stopped into the diner on the way to a job site.  Her four-wheel pickup sat outside the place letting everyone know she was there.  “So much for keeping a low profile,” She thought.


Izzy woke from her nap and quietly extricated herself from Dom’s arms she wanted to be dressed before he woke up.  She’d taken great care with what she was going to wear for the evening.  They were going clubbing after all  and Anya had helped her pick out the perfect outfit.  After showering and dressing, Anya came to help her with her hair and makeup.  When all was said and done Izzy didn’t even recognize herself.  Anya left and Izzy gently woke Dominic, in a manner that most married men do not see.


Elsewhere in the hotel Emily was dressing for the Dinner theater.  She and Ro had made good use of the time they’d had.  Emily showered and dressed in a knee-length black leather, form-fitting skirt, black knee boots with heels, a red silk blouse and an under-bust bustier that had red embroidery.  She’d pulled her hair into a messy ponytail, and did her makeup, opting for the rather subdued with the red lips that Roland so liked, she’d discovered that the red in the lipstick exactly matched the red in her outfit, once dressed she went to the living area to wait for Roland. While she waited she thought about the rift between the locals.


Ciara wasn’t sure how to dress for a dinner theater.  She’d borrowed something from Bree that might be appropriate, and got dressed, all the while wondering if she was at all comfortable in said outfit.  It was the most conservative thing she’d been able to find.  She knew she’d hurt Alexei and was truly sorry for the way she’d done it.  She hadn’t been oblivious to the pained look in his eyes when he’d driven away.  She had loved him, did love him.  She just was in love with Christopher, and Alexei was in love with Anya.  If the truth be told there was no way for them to work.  She knew that now and hated that she thought that.  When she’d seem him that morning he looked relaxed and satisfied, and with Anya on his arm had barely even registered she was there.  She was grateful for that much at least.  She looked over at Christopher and smiled as he came out of the small bathroom, “Did the shower curtain stick to you too?”

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