June 23

I Ain’t Gonna Take No Shit From No One

I can smell the roses
Or watch as it decomposes,
I could be one of those models shoving coke up their noses,
I could live in the streets
Or I could rot in a mansion,
I could live off the beats
Or I could die from the dancin’,

Aubrey waited until she heard Bree and Samuel leave.  She’d been awake for hours, heard the noises coming from their room and headed into the guest bathroom where she showered, dressed and was back in the guest room in time to hear Samuel’s groan of satisfaction.  She’d lain in the bed for most of the night and planned what she was going to do.  She had some money saved, not much but enough for a used car.  She also decided Samuel was right.  She was going to own her attitude.  She gave a fuck that owning it was going to cause waves among the less secure couples.  Fuck ’em.  She was a flirt and slut, and she knew it and so did everyone else.

I ain’t gonna take no shit from no one,
I ain’t gonna take no lip from no one,
You ain’t gonna try to get me to hold on,
It’s golden now,
Why would I slow down?

She’d been with every member of the band.  *That* was not common knowledge.  She was the one they called when they needed a sure thing.  She was also the only one that could say that, not that she ever had or would.  It wasn’t embarrassment that stopped her or a need to protect herself, she’d learned early on that a girl didn’t divulge those secrets if she wanted the guys to come back.  She wasn’t the fuck and tell kind of girl, and kept their indiscretion close to the vest.  *That* was what she did, what she was good at.  She actually kind of liked having those secrets, and realized the power they gave her.

She wasn’t one that wore her heart on her sleeve and didn’t cry in public.  She never showed fear of any kind.  She fought as if her life depended on it…every single time.  When Brennan said what he did, she’d wanted to punch him in the mouth.  Her brain had literally short-circuited and nothing was there; no words, no feeling, nothing.  Then suddenly there was white-hot, burning anger.  All she wanted was to get out of there, because not only she wanted to hit Brennan but also because she wanted to rip Hayden’s little face off.

I can do anything, anything, anything I want,
Anything, anything, anything I want,
Anything, anything, anything I want,
It’s golden now
Why would I slow down?

She was done with relationships and if she didn’t like men and fucking so much she’d be done with them too.  There’d be no apologizing for her behavior ever again.  No one was going to make her feel like she was less than they were.  No one had that power.  Aubrey was a stripper, she was outspoken, she was a slut and those were hers.  Fuck them if they didn’t like it.  She left the house and headed toward the club and her new job as manager with a list of things to be done.


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