June 28

His Part is Over

She sat on the edge of the tub, hands hanging between her knees, holding the stick, her eyes focused on the tiny plus sign in the window, hyperventilating.  She’d thought she was getting sick, the flu was going around, or maybe it was all the drinking.  Either way she’d felt off for the last few days.  Now she knew why.  As she thought back over the last few months, she shook her head.  She’d been careful, taken her pills, and even used condoms.  Whatever she did she had to do *now*.  This wasn’t something she wanted getting out.  She’d thought about calling Brennan, but then realizing it could also be David’s or Loch’s or even Ethan’s, she quickly put that idea out of her head.  None of them needed this kind of distraction.  Not now, not when they all seemed so happy.

When she realized what might be wrong last night she’d all but lost her shit.  She’d been the first in line at the general store, waiting for Donny to open it.  When she rushed by him, he’d made some comment and as she plunked her package down on the counter he’d given her a look.  She gave him one right back that said, “Not your business, old man”, as her eyes held his until he finally looked away with a slight nod.  She rushed back to the apartment and taken the test.  She waited the full three minutes thinking that maybe it would change.  Of course not.  That would be too easy.  She’d taken the second in the pack just to be sure.  It came up positive as well.  That test took her out of panic mode and put her into survival mode.  She took deep breath and called the doctor, the receptionist explained the procedure and told her they couldn’t do it unless she someone to pick her up.  Oh and they had an opening for tomorrow.  Aubrey shook her head; she didn’t want anyone else involved in this.  She explained that to the girl at the other end of the phone and was told under no circumstances is it okay for them to do the procedure without someone to drive her home and because it would be done late in the day they’d prefer that someone stay with her at least for a while but over night would be better. “Time is of the essence,” the receptionist explained.  “There’s a bill on the table up for vote that would outlaw this procedure in Virginia.  It goes to a vote this week.”  Aubrey cringed, “All right, schedule it.  I’ll find someone.”  Aubrey hung up the phone and called Samuel leaving a message asking him to call her back.  She then left the same message for Loch and David.  Aubrey decided her story would depend on who called her back first.  She sat back against the cushions of the couch and waited.

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