June 15


While in D.C., Lucien and Jenna decided they’d head home from there, leaving Dominic and Roland the message so they’d know not to expect them back.  Dominic, Izzy, Alexei and Anya decided to head to New York Friday morning for the weekend taking a rain check on the dinner invitation from Ro and Em until next week when they’d be back in the Falls.  Ro and Em decided to stay until Saturday so they could watch the band and spend as much time as they could with Christopher and Ciara before they had to get back to life as they knew it.

Aiden, Ava, Silver and Conrad took a road trip South to Richmond to visit King’s Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg on Friday and Saturday respectively, after which they planned to take a train home and stop off at Hershey’s Park in Pennsylvania.  Genja and Kendra spent the weekend looking at cabins in the area, returning home only after they’d found one and begun negotiations to purchase.

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