June 16

Body Snatching Shenanigans

Let the bodies hit the floor
Skin against skin blood and bone
You’re all by yourself but you’re not alone
You wanted in now you’re here
Driven by hate
consumed by fear
Let the bodies hit the floor 

The five of them sidled up to the entrance to the Morgue.  Brennan and Samuel drove the pedo-van to the drop off bay while Saige distracted the security guard and Bree popped the lock on the door.  Saige lifted the keys off his belt, while she was flirting with him.  Once Taryn was inside Bree made another distraction, that sent the guard off in search of the noises, by the dumpsters with a curse of, “Damn, kids” and a, “See you later” to Saige.  Saige took a deep breath silently thanking whoever it was that made the noise.  Saige headed to the back door and into the cargo bay, where she sent Loch a text that the canary was on her way back to the cage.

Once inside they all moved quickly.  They’d discussed who was doing what on the ride over.  While Brennan and Samuel went for the body, Saige and Taryn went for the records.  Both girls slipped on a pair of purple nitrite gloves before touching anything.  Saige found the computer and searched it while Taryn grabbed the hard copy of the file out of Nikki’s desk.  Saige found the file labeled Jane Doe, with today’s date and erased that file from the computer, she then searched the backup drive and erased that as well.  Saige then went into the autopsy room and deleted the audio and video of the procedures done so far on Jane Doe.  Taryn tucked the hard copy of the file in her waistband at her back pulling her shirt over the back of her jeans.  Taryn blinked and whispered, “Shit.”  Saige looked up from what she was doing, “What’s wrong?”  Taryn shook her head, “With that cover story, we’re gonna have to go to the house so I can change.”  Saige nodded, “Well, yeah.”  Both girls jumped when Saige’s phone went off with a text from Loch.  Saige smiled and since she was done with her end sent Loch a text back.

While Saige and Taryn worked on the files, Brennan and Samuel were dealing with the much gnarlier task of the body.  They seemed to work well as a team, Brennan unzipped the bag labeled Jane Doe and the smell hit them full force. The boys both flinched and pulled back with curses of “Fuck”, “God dammit”, and “son of a bitch”.  Samuel looked in, then back at Brennan, “Ayup, near as I can tell, that’s her.”  Brennan zipped the bag closed and they rolled her to the bay door where they slipped out of the building to find Saige and Taryn already waiting on them.  The guys loaded the body, as the girls got in and started the van.

Once everyone was in the van, they headed to the ranch where, while the boys hooked the horse trailer to the SUV and took care of hiding the body there, Taryn ran in the house and changed clothes and dampened her hair, touched up her makeup and left her hair hanging.  When she came back out, they headed back to the Rock, discussing what they would tell the others.  The whole trip took less than 45 minutes.  They entered the Rock through different doors, Brennan and Taryn through the front, the others through the back, appearing to come from the green room, after parking the van where they’d taken it from.

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