May 10

It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night

Lia stood at the window fully dressed, her hair pinned back at the sides her makeup subtle.  The clichés rolling through her mind were just like every other.  When one door closes another opens, all good things must come to an end.  Lia absent-mindedly reached down and scratched Hera’s head when the dog pushed her nose into Lia’s hand.  She could hear the shower running and knew Van was in there.  She knew she was better with Van and that she and Seth didn’t work.  They’d spent more time apart then together.  She and Van could talk and did, about everything.   She went to the kitchen to make breakfast, and start coffee.


Siobhan lay in bed with Seth in a twist of limbs and blankets.  She realized that while she and Van were good together she and Seth were better.  She’d kicked herself for suggesting he work things out with Lia.  She would also be forever grateful to Pope for what he did.  She smiled as she looked at the man sleeping next to her and decided to give him a proper awakening.  She inched her way down taking him into her mouth, using tongue and teeth to gently wake that part of him.


Kendra lay in Genja’s arms contentedly.  She knew that most people feared him, she didn’t.  She knew there was nothing for her to fear.  She’d known him a long time and knew that if you crossed him revenge was his and he’d follow through with the most horrific thing your imagination could come up with.  She also knew that if he cared for you there was nothing he wouldn’t do.   She loved that he was just as comfortable on the banks of a pond as he was in a four-poster ornate bed.  She loved his nasty streak and that she could be herself with him and not worry about pretending she was something she wasn’t.  She hadn’t meant to give him as much as she did right off, being a firm believer in mystery, but she hadn’t been able to help herself.


Bree’s anger had finally subsided enough for her to catch a few hours of fitful sleep.  She woke and started coffee, knowing Samuel would be feeling the hole in his shoulder more acutely today.  She leaned against what passed for a kitchen counter and looked into the bedroom where Samuel lay.  She would have torn Dee apart with her bare hands if she’d killed him.  She opened the curtain on the little window above the sink and looked out.  The sun flashed off the ring she wore and startled her, she looked at it and smiled, realizing most girls would have known immediately what Samuel was up to.  Bree knew that would be a story that would filter through the boys and she’d never hear the end of it.  She laughed out loud at the absurdity of that situation and knew she was home.


Sangria stood at the window in the shop looking out over the street.  It was early still and she’d only come in to stock the shipment that had arrived late yesterday afternoon.  She thought about Ethan and Loch and how different they were.   She watched as Saige walked into the diner and pushed several tables together wondering what was going on.

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