May 3

If I’m Gonna Drive, Girl, It’s Gonna be One Hell of a Ride

On the bank of the pond, under the light of the full moon, two bodies melted together then pushed apart over and over and when it was over, Genja and Kendra laid on the grass and stared up at the clear sky, talking quietly for a while before getting dressed and heading back to the camper.   They met up with Aiden and Ava and headed back to their hotel.  In the camper, Samuel’s head had barely hit the pillow when Jenna’s pain killers kicked in and knocked him out.

The night before had found Loch pacing his apartment, wondering where Saige was and she was up to.  She hadn’t shown up at the Rock like she usually did and he briefly considered that maybe she was with someone else.  Or worse, had changed her mind about them.  He shook his head reminding himself she’d texted him a couple of hours ago.  Just as he was about to pick up his phone and call her, she walked in the door.  Loch hugged her when she came in, taking the opportunity to smell her, and silently chastised himself for being paranoid when she didn’t smell like anything other than her usual.  When she asked him about the pacing, he told her he’d been trying to work out a song that was giving him trouble and then distracted her with a trip to the bedroom.

Seth laid in bed, staring at the ceiling, one arm under his head and the other around Siobhan’s shoulders, thinking about what had happened.  When it all came down to it, he was okay with everything that had transpired even if it did mean divorce court on Tuesday.  He was exactly where he felt he belonged and all the tension and agitation from earlier that day were gone.  Across town, Van was in a similar situation, but he was thinking more about the future and how much brighter it was looking now that Lia was a part of it again.

When morning came, after another round and a shower, Genja pulled on his pants and sat on the edge of the bed where he smoked a cigarette while he watched Kendra move around the room getting dressed.  He had no small appreciation for her body and the way she moved and he’d always found her attractive.  In fact,  Genja liked Kendra a lot.  He liked the way she carried herself, the streak of viciousness that showed when she was harassing Dee.  He liked that despite being a South Side stripper, she could just as easily be found in a fashionable restaurant.  And while she was adventurous in bed, there was no one in town who could say or ever had said she was a slut.  She’d had boyfriends, but she’d been discerning.  Mostly, he liked that he could have an intelligent conversation with her and that she wasn’t as crude as some of their friends.

Across town, people started moving about, dressing and beginning their day while the locals met up at the diner as per their usual routine.  Aiden, Ava, Genja and Kendra met up with Samuel and Bree before heading to the diner.  Aiden had wanted them to keep a low profile the night before because he wanted to surprise Sang and the others with their arrival.  Once the locals were at their usual table, Aiden and the other out of towners arrived and went inside.

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