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You’ve Got Your Demons – David, Taryn, Loch Find David’s Mom, Little Brother Edition

David took Taryn home and fucked her as if another ten years had passed.  When she fell asleep, her body draped over his, David laid staring at the ceiling with one arm under his head and the other wrapped around her shoulders, waiting for sleep to take him, but sleep only came late and fleetingly, creeping up on him in between the thoughts and apprehensions tumbling through his head.

The sun had barely broken over the horizon when David got up and went out to feed and water the horses.  He made Tommy a list of chores that needed doing around the ranch, particularly in the barn, then informed Lia and Sang that there was a hay delivery scheduled later in the day.  All they had to do was sign for it and the driver would put it into the barn for them.  After showering, he dug through the boxes that hadn’t been unpacked yet and pulled out his father’s biker jacket.  He didn’t usually wear it, particularly because of the club insignia on the back, but today was a special occasion.  They’d all be wearing them.  And if that didn’t piss off Hank and his people, David would know that hell had finally frozen over.

When the time came to leave, Seth and Loch took the truck while Bill, Jamie, David, and Taryn doubled up on their respective bikes and headed out of town, stopping in Leesburg so Bill could borrow jackets for Taryn and Seth.  The only other stops they made were for gas, the bathroom, and food, putting their arrival in Matoaka, West Virginia at around 4:30.

Matoaka was an old town that had been virtually abandoned years ago.  The businesses had cleared out long since, forcing the residents to drive to Princeton to do their shopping.  When Hank moved in with David’s mother and his outlaw biker gang, what residents were left had either ended up dead, moving or joining up.  The group headed down an empty Main Street, but while the streets were empty of any life, motorcycles and pickup trucks filled the empty spaces.  From the surrounding buildings, they could hear riotous laughter, drunken revelry, and people yelling at each other and breaking glass.
David had no idea where his mother was, but after thinking about it for a few seconds, he figured the best place to ask was the bar so that’s where they headed.  David was putting down the kickstand on his bike when a woman clad only in jeans that weren’t even buttoned and zipped and nothing else burst out of the bar screaming and ran down the street; her black eye and bloody nose barely discernable amid the whore makeup smeared all over what might have once been a pretty face.  A man followed her out the door and yelled after her, “Where ya goin’, darlin’?  We were just startin’ to have fun!”

Loch and Seth got out of the truck and stood on either side, doors open in case they had to get back in and took in the scene before them.  Bill shook his head and David tensed as the man turned his attention to them.  His almond shaped eyes were deep set and warm brown, accentuated by thin slightly rounded brows.  He had light skin of a hue that tanned nicely in the summer months but didn’t burn.  His nose was long, straight, narrow, and rounded at the tip.  He had a thin face with prominent cheekbones.  Closely trimmed muttonchops that ended where his chin began accentuated his jaw line, the affect completed by the similarly trimmed triangular soul patch that claimed residency just below a set of lips that were neither too thin nor too thick, though the bottom lip was just a little thicker.  Those lips smiled easily; a little too easily.  Short but not too short and slightly shaggy hair that was thick and a rich brown crowned his head, parted on the side and brushing across his forehead at an angle.  It gave him an almost boyish look but the hardness in his eyes belied his youthful appearance if you looked at him long enough and managed to see beyond a smile that could melt the soul of the devil.

And when he moved, as he did now, walking toward the group and stopping on the sidewalk just in front of David’s bike, it was painfully clear that he’d broken more hearts in his time than any boy had a right to.  His body was lean and muscled and his shoulders broad.  The leather jacket he wore could hide the tone and definition, but not the shape.  Beneath the jacket, he wore a snug fitting black tank top that tapered along with his waist and hung just below the waistband of his faded jeans and his jeans hugged his muscled thighs, ass and all the rest of him all the way down to the motorcycle boots that thudded against the concrete.  The only jewelry he wore was a set of dog tags on a low hanging silver chain.  To make matters worse, he had a voice like honeyed velvet laced with a southern drawl that was just noticeable enough to make you itch in all the right places when he spoke in a normal tone.  The only single word that could describe him and do him any amount of justice was “dangerous”.

The stranger smiled that Southern Charm smile and unleashed that warm, velvety voice upon David as he came to a stop in front of him.  “Well, look at what we have here.  If it isn’t the prodigal son.  You’re a little early for Sunday dinner.”  David looked him in the eye, ignoring the taunt. “Where is she?”  he asked.  The southern charmer shook his head.  “That’s cold, man.  I don’t even get a hello?”  He raised his eyes to David’s.  “A ‘hey, how ya doin’?  How’s it been?  What’s been goin’ on?’  Nothin’?”  He looked over at Bill and Jamie and nodded.  “Bill, Jamie.  Long time.”  Bill sat back on his bike and crossed his arms over his chest.  “Wouldn’t mind it bein’ a little longer, Samuel.”  Samuel shrugged noncommittally in response and reached into his pocket.

David watched warily as he pulled out a beat up silver Zippo engraved with a scorpion and a pack of cigarettes and lit one.  He took a long drag, putting the items back, and watched the smoke dance as he exhaled before turning his attention to David again.  “What’s it been, man? Ten years?  And I don’t even get a fuckin’ hug?” he asked with a hint of sarcasm.  David took a breath and repeated the question.  “Where is she?”

The Eagles played through the walls of the bar behind Samuel and David couldn’t tell if he was listening to it or considering his answer.  Finally, he spoke again, thrusting his thumb over his shoulder.  “She’s upstairs.  ‘Entertaining some of the troops’, but you know how she is.  With the old man gone, she’s gotta earn her keep.”  David tried not to look surprised by didn’t quite make it.  “Hank’s gone?”  Samuel nodded in response.  “He took himself out a while back.  Nothin’ cool like your old man, no goin’ out on his bike.  Nah. Stupid motherfucker was cleanin’ his shotgun when it went off.  Blew half his face clean off.  With him gone, the old lady doesn’t have any clout anymore so she’s on her back for any fucker with an itch thinkin’ one of ’em’ll decide to take care of her.”

David shook his head.  “And what?  You don’t even give a fuck?”  Samuel looked at him.  “Don’t get shitty with me, man.  I never wanted her to come back here.  She was your old man’s problem and I was more than happy to let it stay that way.  Why are you here?  Thinkin’ you wanna ‘reconnect with the mother unit’?”  David shook his head.  “No.  I just have somethin’ I gotta talk to her about.”  David got off the bike, took off his gloves, walked over, and put them into the saddlebag while Samuel watched him over his cigarette as he took another drag.  David looked at Taryn.  “I’ll be back in a few minutes.  I’m not expectin’ this to take long.”  Samuel arched a brow.  “Hold on, little brother.  What makes you think you’re goin’ anywhere?  You come rollin’ up into town on your daddy’s bike, wearin’ his insignia and you think you’re just gonna walk right on through?”  Samuel shook his head.  “That’s not the way it works, man.  And you know it.”

Loch looked over at David.  “What’s he mean ‘little brother’?”   David shook his head.  “He doesn’t mean shit.”  Samuel smiled.  “What?  They don’t know?  You don’t talk about me?”  Samuel looked over at Loch.  “I’m David’s older brother.”  David gave Samuel a scathing look.  “Half brother.”

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