April 26

Tickin’ Like a Time Bomb – Taryn Gets Stoned, Naptime

The Boys: {David looks at Aubrey}
The Girls: {Aubrey looks at David and smiles} Thank you.
The Boys: {David shrugs} I have no idea what you’re talkin’ about.
The Boys: {Tristan looks over at them} The next time you guys are gonna do that, give us some warning because that was uncomfortable as shit.
The Girls: {Aubrey nods} All right. Can I talk to you for a minute?
The Girls: {Aubrey looks at Tristan} I would have if I’d known it was comin’. {smiles}
The Boys: {David nods} Sure. {gets up and heads over to her}
The Boys: {Tristan smiles} There’s that, yeah.
The Girls: {Aubrey stands} I’ll let you lead.
The Boys: {David nods, heads around the house to the front porch}

The Girls: {Aubrey goes with him}
The Boys: {Loch breaks the kiss, watches them leave} Christ. Even Sang and me don’t get *that* brutal.
The Girls: {Jamie nods} But it’s what she needed at the time.
The Boys: {Akhiro looks at Jamie} Your nephew seems to be awfully good at that lately.
The Girls: {Jamie smiles} Thank you, Akhiro. I think it’s always been there.
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles, nods} He’s just very slick about it.
The Boys: {Loch smiles} Oh, he’s a slippery bastard.
The Boys: {the boys proceed to fill Jamie and Bill in on everything that’s been going on on their end}
The Girls: {the girls listen and fill in from their perspective as well}
The Boys: {David walks up on the porch, leans against the rail, looks at Aubrey} What’s up?
The Girls: {Aubrey walks up on the porch and faces him} I’m sorry. For not telling you and for the fight the night I left. I think if I’d been more honest with you we wouldn’t have come to that. I also think that my original assessment was right. I do still love you. I also know that we fight.. but I think we need those fights. I remember that while our fights are incredibly intense.. it’s not always all fighting.
The Boys: {David nods} We had good days and bad days like anyone else.
The Girls: {Aubrey nods, crossing her arms over her stomach} I know you need time and I’m going to give it to you, I just wanted you to know where I stand. {looks up at him} I remember you.
The Boys: {David smiles} Oh, I know you do. You didn’t think I was just gonna stand by and be forgotten, did you?
The Girls: {Aubrey shakes her head} No.. I didn’t.
The Boys: {David nods} That’s why I brought you here, yanno? So my aunt could give me a clue about what to do with you. She used to be a nurse, so she knows some shit.
The Girls: {Aubrey smiles} I didn’t know that. {grins} Did I?
The Boys: {David smiles} No. I don’t talk much about them.
The Girls: {Aubrey smiles} I do know that I like them just from what I’ve seen.
The Boys: {David nods} Yeah. I’m kinda partial to ’em, too.
The Girls: {Aubrey looks at him} Are we gonna be okay?
The Boys: {David looks at her} I can’t answer that cuz I don’t know. I’ve kinda learned not to try and predict shit.
The Girls: {Aubrey nods} Are we okay for *now*.
The Boys: {David nods} Yeah. We’re okay right now.
The Girls: {Aubrey smiles} I also remember the name of the club I was applying at if you want to check it out. It was the Penthouse.
The Boys: {David looks at her} Why should I check it out?
The Girls: {Aubrey shrugs} I don’t know.
The Boys: {David nods} All right. So.. do you have to tell the doctor about the memories comin’ back?
The Girls: {Aubrey shakes her head} Fuck him. He pretty much told me I was on my own when he kicked me out of the hospital.
The Girls: {Aubrey shakes her head} That’s a bill I’m gonna be payin’ the rest of my life
The Boys: {David shakes his head} Okay. Can you do that? Just blow off the doctors on this one?

The Girls: {Aubrey shrugs} Why not? I *feel* fine. They didn’t give me any date for a recheck or anything. {looks at him}And I don’t have a doctor here.
The Girls: {Aubrey looks at him} Would *you* feel better if I did?
The Boys: {David nods} All right, fine. But it’s a goddamn head injury, Aubrey. {looks at her} I’m thinkin’ *everyone* would feel better.

The Girls: {Aubrey nods} All right.. I’ll call him.
The Boys: {David nods} All right. So.. you wanna eat somethin’?
The Girls: {Aubrey nods} Please. I’m starving. {frowns} I can’t remember the last time I had real food.
The Boys: {David smiles} Come on. Jamie’ll blow a gasket if she hears you say that and doesn’t see you eat.
The Girls: {Aubrey smiles, leans in and kisses his cheek} Okay.
The Boys: {David smiles again, takes her hand and leads her back to the food}
The Girls: {Aubrey squeezes his hand and goes with him, smiles at him}
The Boys: {the boys stop talking as David and Aubrey approach the table, David lets her go so she can go to her seat}
The Boys: {David takes his seat, Ethan, Van and Tommy go with Uncle Bill to number the crabs}
The Girls: {Aubrey goes to her place, grabbing a beer as she goes}
The Girls: {Aubrey dishes a plate, while Saige and Sangria start cleaning off the table}
The Girls: {Siobhan and Tonya get up and start helping}

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