April 26

Tickin’ Like a Time Bomb – David Takes His Friends to Leesburg, Aubrey Outted, David and Taryn Get Closer

The Boys: {David and Loch pull into the yard and park their bikes as Tristan pulls the van in next to them and shuts if off}
The Boys: {David gets off his bike, pulls off his gloves and shoves them in the pocket of his leather jacket, looking at the house}
The Boys: {the rest of the boys get out of the van}
The Boys: {they can hear music coming from the backyard and smell Uncle Bill’s grill}
The Boys: {and yes, it’s not even noon yet}
The Girls: {Aubrey and Sangria climb off the back of the bikes and the girls pile out of the van, Saige smiling and Sangria smilng, Teryn quietly} Oh.. I like it here.
The Boys: {Tristan looks at Taryn, smiles} It’s.. going to be *really* interesting.
The Girls: {Sangria inhales deeply and moans softly} That *smells* great.
The Girls: {Taryn smiles} Yes it is.
The Boys: {Akhiro puts an arm around Renee, looks at Loch, quietly} So, this is home.
The Girls: {Aubrey smiles at David} This is cool.
The Boys: {Loch nods} Yeah, it is. {smiles} You’re gonna love Uncle Bill.
The Girls: {Renee looks around, smiling}
The Boys: {David looks at Aubrey} It looks just like every other house on the street, babe.
The Girls: {Siobhan looks at Ethan and smiles} I did a tv show with a house like this once.
The Girls: {Aubrey shakes her head} Not where I came from.
The Boys: {David nods} Then I guess you’re in for a treat. {unzips his jacket and heads into the house, to the others} Come on, then.
The Boys: {Loch grabs Sang’s hand and follows, the other boys do the same with their girls}
The Girls: {Aubrey smiles}
The Girls: {Aubrey watches David head in}
The Girls: {The other girls head in with their guys}
The Boys: {David walks through the house, his boots thudding against the wood floor, opens the back door and steps out onto the back porch, looks out over the backyard where Uncle Bill is manning the grill and Tommy’s standing close by yearning for the day Uncle Bill trusts him with the tongs, David smiles, opens his arms} Honey, I’m home.

The Boys: {at the grill, Uncle Bill’s got an assortment of red meats on the grill and a couple of buckets of blue crabs on the ground next to it, sitting next to that is a huge stock pot and several bottles of beer}
The Girls: {Jamie turns from where she’s sitting on the picnic table, smiles brightly} Hey Sugar. {stands and walks over to him, hugs him tightly} How’re you doin’?
The Boys: {the boys come out behind David}
The Boys: {David grabs her up in a tight hug, kisses her soundly on the cheek, smiles} Better now.
The Girls: {the girls come out too, Saige drops Van’s hand and runs over to Uncle Bill, grabs him in a hug and squeals} I’m back, Daddy.
The Boys: {Loch smiles at Jamie, opens his arms} Where’s mine?
The Boys: {Uncle Bill laughs, hugs Saige tightly, smiles} I heard about you and the boy. Come to your senses and come back to run off with me?
The Girls: {Saige laughs} Yes… yes I did.
The Boys: {Uncle Bill nods} I knew you were a smart one.
The Boys: {Van watches Saige, looks at Ethan, quietly} There’s something I never thought I’d see.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} No shit.
The Girls: {Saige smiles} Actually, both of us have some unfinished business we need to deal with before we can move forward.
The Girls: {Sangria smiles at Tommy} Hey kiddo.
The Boys: {Uncle Bill looks at her} Bullshit. Done is done.
The Girls: {Jamie hugs Loch}
The Boys: {Tommy smiles that smile at Sang} Couldn’t stay away, huh?
The Girls: {Sangria smiles} From you, babe? Never.
The Boys: {Loch hugs Jamie tightly, kisses her soundly on the cheek before letting her go} How’s the old man?
The Girls: {Jamie smiles} Good.. go say hi and rescue Saige.
The Boys: {Tommy gets up from the picnic table and comes over, David walks down off the porch, hugs his brother the manly way} How you doin’, little man? Stayin’ out of trouble?
The Boys: {Tommy hugs him back} Much as I can.
The Boys: {David nods} Good.
The Boys: {Loch smiles} I think I’ll do that. {heads over to Uncle Bill}
The Girls: {Saige shakes her head} At least we’re still talking.
The Boys: {Uncle Bill nods} Yep. And you’re still welcome here.
The Girls: {Saige kisses his cheek} Thank you for that. {smiles playfully} Only because you like my ass.
The Boys: {Tommy looks over the group, blinks seeing Taryn, whispers to David} Is that….?
The Boys: {David nods}Yep. In the flesh.
The Boys: {Uncle Bill steps back and looks Saige over} Oh, more than just your ass, darlin’. {smiles at her} How’s that bike treatin’ ya?
The Girls: {Taryn watches everything and is in fact wearing the bandana top a black one}
The Girls: {Saige smiles and lets him go} It’s incredible. {quietly} I’ll never go back.
The Boys: {Loch walks up to Bill, shakes his hand} How’s it goin’, old man?
The Boys: {Uncle Bill nods to Saige, smiles at Loch} It’s goin’.
The Girls: {Taryn spots Tommy and smiles brightly at him}
The Boys: {Tommy surprises David when he gets all shy, looks at David} Um.. I’ve gotta help the old man. {heads over to the grill like his ass is on fire}
The Boys: {David smiles, watching him go, shakes his head}
The Girls: {Taryn blinks and looks at David} Jesus he look just like you did.
The Boys: {Uncle Bill puts an arm around Saige, heads back over to the group with her and Loch}
The Boys: {David looks at Taryn, smiles} I keep hearin’ that.
The Girls: {Sangria smiles and whispers} I think you scared him.
The Girls: {Taryn shakes her head and smiles} I think you’re right.
The Girls: {Jamie watches Tommy and shakes her head smiling} I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do that.
The Girls: {Saige puts her arm around Bill’s waist}
The Boys: {David looks at Jamie, smiles} She used to have the same affect on me when I was that age.
The Girls: {Jamie smiles at Taryn} It’s nice to see your face.
The Boys: {David smiles, shakes his head}
The Girls: {Taryn blushes} It’s good to see you again.
The Boys: {Tristan looks at Taryn, smiles}
The Boys: {Loch laughs as they approach} Yeah, we heard *that* story last night.
The Girls: {Jamie laughs} Why does that not surprise me?
The Girls: {Taryn introduces Tristan to Jamie and Bill}
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles at Jamie} We’re surprised *any* time David tells a story.
The Girls: {Jamie looks at David smiles} Oh really? I’ve got stories for *days*.
The Boys: {Tristan smiles at Uncle Bill, grateful he and Akhiro decided to dress down for a change} It’s nice to meet you.
The Boys: {David smiles at Jamie} And you’ll have all day to tell them.
The Boys: {David waits for Uncle Bill to come over, Tommy behind him, looks at the others} This is my Uncle Bill, Aunt Jamie and little brother Tommy. {David looks at his family} This is the band and our girls. {nods to each in turn as he introduces them} This is Ethan, our lead guitar.
The Boys: {Ethan shakes Uncle Bill’s hand} Nice to meet you, Sir.

The Girls: {Jamie laughs} And I will.
The Boys: {Uncle Bill looks Ethan over} Lead guitar, huh? {looks at him} You any good?
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} The girls tell me I have talented fingers.
The Boys: {Uncle Bill laughs, nods} That’s all that matters then.
The Girls: {Siobhan smiles} He’s the best.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at Van like “I can’t believe I said that to David’s *dad*”}
The Boys: {Van smiles}
The Girls: {Jamie looks at Bill and smiles playfully} Unhand that woman.
The Boys: {David smiles} You know Loch. {nods to the others in turn} This is Tristan, our bassist, Akhiro, keyboards. {looks at Uncle Bill} And yes, they’re good. {smiles} And this is Van, our manager.
The Boys: {Van smiles at Uncle Bill} It’s nice to meet you, sir.
The Boys: {Bill eyes Van, looks at Ethan} Brothers, aren’t ya?
The Boys: {Ethan nods} Yes, sir, we are.
The Boys: {Bill nods} Good. Gotta keep your family close. {ignoring Jamie’s directive to unhand *any* female}
The Girls: {Jamie smiles and shakes her head}
The Boys: {David smiles again} And then we’ve got Siobhan, Renee, Taryn and Sang. The band wives.
The Boys: {Uncle Bill smiles at David} Band wives, my ass. By the time I’m done with ’em, you’ll be hard pressed to get ’em to go home with you.
The Boys: {David smiles} I don’t doubt that. And this is Aubrey.
The Girls: {Renee smiles} It’s a pleasure to meet you sir.
The Boys: {Loch smiles at Aubrey} Former band wife.
The Girls: {Aubrey smiles at Bill} Hi. It’s nice to meet you.
The Boys: {Uncle Bill looks at the girls, to the guys} The mistake you’re makin’ there is callin’ ’em “wife” anything. {looks Aubrey over} Nice to meet you, too, darlin’. Now why don’t you all grab yourself a drink and get comfortable.
The Girls: {Aubrey looks at Loch and flips him off} Yes.. I’ve been divorced.
The Boys: {Loch smirks} That wasn’t a dig, Aubrey. {smiles} But Uncle Bill should know who’s unattached at the moment.
The Boys: {Bill nods to Loch} And that is why I like you.
The Girls: {Aubrey smiles at Loch} Babe…
The Boys: {David looks at Bill and Jamie} Actually, *she” did the divorcing.
The Girls: {Aubrey looks at David, smiles} Tell ’em the whole story.
The Boys: {David looks at Aubrey} They already know the important parts.
The Girls: {Taryn tries again and smiles at Tommy}
The Girls: {Aubrey nods} All right.
The Boys: {Tommy ignores her}
The Boys: {Uncle Bill looks at Tommy} Boy, get out here and quit bein’ a pussy. A woman smiles at you, you’re supposed to talk to her.
The Boys: {Tommy shakes his head, quietly} Fuck, dad. Was that really necessary?
The Girls: {Taryn looks at Bill} It’s okay..{smiles at him} I know I’m just all that.
The Boys: {Uncle Bill nods} If you’re bein’ a pussy, you’re damn right it’s necessary. {smiles at Taryn} Well, I can definitely see why David’s been keepin’ you all in hiding. Didn’t wanna share.
The Boys: {David smiles} That’s right, pops.
The Girls: {Saige looks at Tommy smiles} Yeah.. so where’s *my* hug.
The Boys: {Tommy looks at Saige, his demeanor changing totally, his similarities to David even more apparent, smiles that smile} Oh, I’ve got your hug. {walks over and hugs her tightly and for a little longer than necessary}
The Boys: {Bill nods} That’s my boy.
The Girls: {Aubrey looks at Jamie} If you tell me where the drinks are I’ll grab ’em.
The Boys: {Van laughs, Ethan grins} That boy’s trouble.
The Boys: {Uncle Bill nods to Ethan} You don’t know the half of it. {heads back to the grill} We’ll do the crab races in a bit.
The Girls: {Saige laughs and hugs Tommy, whispers so only he can hear} She’s not gonna bite if you speak to her. {kisses his cheek} It’s good to see you again.
The Boys: {Ethan laughs, smiles at Van} Crab races. Awesome.
The Boys: {Van smiles} Oh, no shit. I feel like I’m twelve again.
The Boys: {Ethan nods, smiles again} Tell me about it.
The Boys: {Tommy smiles at Saige wickedly} It’s not the biting I mind so much.
The Girls: {Jamie points to a very large cooler on the lawn} In there. {smiles} You know you wait on them they’re gonna expect it.
The Boys: {Ethan looks over at Bill, smiles broadly} We gonna paint numbers on them, too?
The Girls: {Aubrey nods} It’s what I do. {smiles} They know better then to expect it.
The Boys: {Uncle Bill shakes his head} Nope. Jamie’s got some earth friendly markers or some shit.
The Girls: {Jamie smiles and nods} All right then.
The Boys: {Bill waves his hand dismissively} Some shit about the ink gettin’ in the water when we cook ’em.
The Girls: {Jamie smiles} Yes I do. Ya paint ’em ya can’t eat ’em.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles at Jamie} I’m down.
The Girls: {Jamie smiles at Ethan} Good… I’d hate to see you miss out on Bill’s crabs because you painted it.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Oh, hell no.
The Girls: {Aubrey heads over to the cooler and pulls enough beers out for everyone walks back over and passes them out, carries one over to the grill for Bill}
The Girls: {Saige smiles at Tommy} Yeah so what are you minding.. because she’s much less intimidating then I am.
The Boys: {the boys take the beer from her, thanking her when she gives it to them, Bill takes his} Woman that knows her place. {nods to her, holding up the beer} Good girl. {takes a long drink, pours some on the meat}
The Boys: {Tommy looks at Saige, sighs} She remembers me when I was in diapers.
The Girls: {Aubrey smiles at Bill} I know where I’m supposed to be anyway.
The Boys: {Loch and the boys head for the picnic table with their bottles, Akhiro nods toward the camper with the rebel flag in the window, quietly to Loch} The infamous camper?
The Boys: {Loch smiles, nods} That’s the one.
The Boys: {Tristan laughs} I *still* can’t believe that.
The Girls: {Saige looks at Tommy} She might.. but it’s Taryn and she won’t say anything.
The Boys: {Tommy smirks} Don’t matter. *I* know. *She* knows. And *David* knows. Now, stop pushin’ me. I’ll get there when I get there.
The Girls: {Saige smiles} Oh.. you really are like David. {shrugs} and I’m not pushing kiddo. Consider it warning.
The Boys: {Tommy nods} All right, then.
The Girls: {Saige smiles} So How’s Tanya? And what about the cute little red head that ate with us?
The Boys: {Tommy looks at Saige} And don’t call me kiddo. I hit puberty two years ago. {smiles} I broke shit off with Tanya that night. Mel’s good, but mom caught *us* in the camper a couple of days ago. She wasn’t real happy.
The Girls: {Saige looks at him nods} Oh I know what that’s like. So is Mel banned from the house too?
The Boys: {Tommy smiles} Nah. Just the camper and my bedroom.
The Girls: {Saige laughs} Well that’s a plus.
The Boys: {Tommy nods} Yeah. What can ya do?
The Girls: {Saige looks at him} Don’t terrorize the girls too much today. {smiles}
The Boys: {Tommy lets Saige go, smiles} It’s not terrorizing ’em when they want it. {heads to the picnic table, grabs a beer and sits with the boys}
The Boys: {Loch looks at Tommy who’s trying to open the cap, arches a brow} What the *fuck* do you think *you’re* doin’?
The Boys: {Tommy looks at Loch} What’s it look like?
The Boys: {Loch smirks, snatches the beer from him, holds it against the edge of the table, pops the top off it, hands it back to him} *That’s* how ya do it.
The Boys: {Tommy smiles broadly} Thanks.
The Boys: {Loch nods} Now don’t be stupid. If you’re pukin’ your guts out later, it’s your own damn fault.
The Girls: {the girls head over to the table and sit down}
The Girls: {Sangria shakes her head and snatches Tommy’s beer, smiles at him} Hug first.

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