April 26

Tickin’ Like a Time Bomb – Closing the Bar

The Boys: {later at the bar after dinner and crab races}
The Boys: {several tables are pushed together and the group sits together with various pitchers and shot glasses arrayed before them}
The Girls: {Aubrey looks over at David} This is really cool.

The Boys: {the juke box blares, there are a couple of pool tables and a shit ton of bikers, many of which Bill and Jamie know and are in Bill’s club}
The Boys: {David takes a sip of his beer, looks at Aubrey} Bill and Jamie practically live here on the weekends.
The Boys: {the boys are drinking and talking}
The Boys: {oh, and there’s darts too and the whole place is decorated a la biker style}
The Girls: {Aubrey smiles} I can see why. It’s got a great atmosphere.
The Boys: {Van nods} It seriously does.
The Boys: {Loch looks around} And packed. I dig it.
The Girls: {Saige smiles} We didn’t see this place the last time I was here.
The Boys: {Loch smiles at David} Only thing they’re missin’ is a stage.
The Girls: {Siobhan smiles} We should totally book this place for the band.

The Boys: {Bill looks at Saige,smiles} He didn’t wanna run into any of his ex’s while you were here.
The Boys: {David shakes his head, takes a drink of his beer}
The Girls: {Saige laughs} Oh.. I think I could handle ’em.
The Boys: {David smiles at his uncle} *I* didn’t wanna run into any.
The Boys: {Bill smiles, nods} We run into that Shandra girl every other weekend. She still bitches about you.
The Boys: {David nods} Only cuz she can’t bitch *at* me.
The Boys: {David drums on the table, watching the room as he listens to Nickelback blare through the speakers}
The Girls: {Saige looks at Bill, smiles} I have a rep for taking care of psycho ex bitches.
The Boys: “Sex is always the answer, it’s never a question,
cuz the answer’s yes, yeah it’s always yes.
Not just a suggestion, if you ask a question,
then it’s always yes”
The Boys: {Van smiles at Saige} And she’s pretty damn effective at it, too.
The Girls: {Sangria looks around} I wanna dance.
The Boys: {the boys pass around a bottle of Jack and take shots off it}
The Boys: {Loch looks at Sang, smiles} So dance. {slams his shot}
The Boys: {David looks at Jamie, smiles} Me, too.
The Girls: {Sangria smiles, stands snatching the Jack as it passes pours some into Lochs glass and shoots it}
The Girls: {Jamie smiles} You askin’?
The Boys: {David nods} Yes, ma’am.
The Girls: {Jamie smiles} Then I’d love to.
The Boys: {David smiles, grabs her hand, gets up and pulls her to the dance floor, dances with her like she’s any other hot twenty something}

The Girls: {Jamie smiles and Dances like she’s any other hot twenty something}
The Boys: {Bill watches David and Jamie dance} I’m pretty sure that’s borderin’ illegal in some states.
The Girls: {Saige smiles} But not this one.
The Boys: {the boys laugh, Loch gets up, smiles at Sang, imitates David} Well, c’mon then.
The Girls: {Sangria goes with Loch}
The Boys: {Loch heads to the dance floor with Sang, dances with her next to David and his aunt, yells over the music to David} We’re not leavin’ til we break a sweat.
The Boys: {David nods} Damn straight.
The Girls: {Jamie laughs, Sangria dances very close to Loch}
The Boys: {the boys still at the table watch, taking their shots and pouring new ones, Ethan smiles at Siobhan} We’re out there as soon as we’re fucked up enough.
The Boys: {Tristan smiles at Taryn} Wanna dance?
The Girls: {Taryn nods} Absolutely.
The Boys: {Tristan gets up, waits for her}
The Girls: {Taryn does a shot and stands}
The Boys: {Tristan takes her hand and heads to the dance floor and the song changes}
The Girls: {Siobhan laughs and does a shot}
The Boys: {Van does a shot, looks at Saige} We seriously have to do this more.
The Boys: {David grabs his aunt and stars swing dancing with her when “Burnin’ it Down” comes on with it’s emphasis on the drums}
The Girls: {Saige nods and smiles} Yes we do. {leans in and whispers} You mind if I grab the old man and dance with him?
The Boys: {Van smiles} Go right ahead.
The Girls: {Saige nods, smiles and whispers} Watch this.
The Boys: {Van nods}
The Boys: {David and Loch sing along with the song as they dance}
The Girls: {Saige stands and walks around the table to Bill, grabs his hand} Come on Dance with me.
The Boys: {Ethan and Akhiro watch the others dance, Ethan smiles} There’s a lot of hip swinging in that style.
The Girls: {Saige swivels her hips as she talks to Bill}
The Boys: {Bill gets up, smiles} I knew you wanted me. {takes her out to the dance floor as David and his aunt segue nicely into a two step}
The Girls: {Aubrey smiles at Van} You wanna dance since you seem to have been abandoned?
The Boys: “No chain, no lock, this train won’t stop
we got no fear, no doubt, all in balls out
We’re goin’ out tonight, to kick out every light
take anything we want, take everything in sight
we’re goin’ til the world stops turnin’ while we burn it to the ground tonight”
The Boys: {Van smiles at Aubrey} Sure. {slams another shot, gets up and waits for her}
The Girls: {Aubrey dances over to Van}
The Boys: {some of the older bikers get in on the two stepping}
The Boys: {Van smiles watching her, shakes his head, takes her hand and heads to the dance floor with her}
The Boys: {Ethan and Akhiro look at each other, Akhiro smiles} Guess we better get of our asses.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles, nods} Guess so.
The Boys: {Akhiro gets up, holds his hand out to Renee, to Ethan} You know how to two step?
The Girls: {Renee smiles} You lead {puts her hand in his} I’ll follow.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles, shakes his head} Not at all. {gets up, grabbing Siobhan’s, pulls her up, smiles at her} You?
The Girls: {Siobhan nods} Yeah.. I had to learn for one of the shows.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} Then I’ll let you teach me. {takes her to the dance floor with Akhiro and Renee}
The Girls: {Renee looks at Akhiro} You know how to two-step?
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles at Renee} Hell, no. I’m Asian.
The Boys: “that shit makes me
batshit crazy”
The Girls: {Renee laughs} Baby, you were *raised* in the same place we were.
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles, pulls her onto the floor and slides right into the two step}
The Girls: {Renee laughs and tries to follow, laughing harder when she fucks up} Sorry..
The Boys: {Akhiro laughs} It’s all right. Just don’t think about it.
The Girls: {Renee tries not to think about it}

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