April 26

This Time You Took This Way Too Far – The Rock Bottom

Boys: {Lochlan sits at a table “working” with Tristan and Akhiro, talking their usual shit about the girls they spent the night with}

Girls: {Sangria comes in, walks up behind Tristan, kisses him and Akhiro on the cheek then walks around the table and drops into Lochlan’s lap} Hey baby.
Boys: {Lochlan wraps his arms around her without missing a beat} Hey.
Boys: {Tristan and Akhiro smiles, Tristan pushes his beer over to her and signals the server for another one}
Boys: {Akhiro smiles at Sangria} I guess we have to behave now.
Girls: {Sangria smiles} You never have before around me. {picks up Tristan’s beer and takes a long drink}
Boys: {Akhiro grins} Actually, we *always* behave when we’re around you. Which should say something about how bad we are when we aren’t.
Girls: {Sangria laughs} It totally does.
Boys: {Tristan nods, takes his beer from the server when she brings it over, looks at Sangria} How was work?

Girls: {Sangria shrugs} I was busy restocking, Renee spent most of the day in the office. {looks at Akhiro} What’d you do to her. She was weird.

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Sang} What do you mean?
Girls: {Sangria shakes her head} She had a vibe and when I tried to talk to her about it she didn’t have much to say. When I told her about me an Loch combining houses she was all like cool story, I mean that’s not what she said but that was the impression I got. When I asked her about that she said she was just tired. I asked if she was feeling guilty and she said no but then asked if I ever looked around and asked what I was doing. Which is strange because she *never* questions anything she does. then when I told her no she said okay.. no reasons or anything. She seemed… off.. you know?
Boys: {Akhiro furrows his brow} If you ever look around and ask what you’re doing?
Boys: {Loch shakes his head} What does that even mean?

Girls: {Sangria nods} See.
Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head} She seemed fine last night and this morning.
Boys: {Loch smiles} Maybe she’s jealous.
Girls: {Sangria looks at Loch} *That’s* what I though and when I asked if she was …in love with him she said not with him or something like that.
Boys: {Loch nods} You believe her?
Boys: {Akhiro arches a brow} Not with him or not with *him*?
Girls: {Sangria shrugs} I don’t know. On one hand yeah I do. on the other.. she was awfully definitive when she said no.
Boys: {Tristan takes a sip of his beer, looks at Akhiro, looks back at Sangria} You think maybe she’s into someone else?
Girls: {Sangria shakes her head} I don’t know. I know a few days ago she was all.. talkative about their night.
Girls: {Sangria looks at Akhiro} I’m not really sure. That part of the conversation was kind of… monotone. I got the impression I was bugging her.
Boys: {Akhiro shrugs} It was damn good night. Last night was even better. You don’t think she’s into.. {looks at Loch and Tristan}.. David… do you?
Boys: {Loch cracks up} God, I hope not.
Boys: {Tristan frowns} David? {smiles} That’d be a hell of a twist wouldn’t it? But why would you even think that? She’s never acted like she is.
Boys: {Loch smiles broadly} Until last night.
Girls: {Sangria shrugs} And Saige never acted like she was into Akhiro either.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Sangria} Yeah, but.. Renee and *David*?
Boys: {Loch smiles at Akhiro} What? That bother you?
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Loch} What the hell is so funny to you?
Boys: {Loch laughs again}Absolutely nothin’.
Girls: {Sangria looks at them} I don’t know. Last night was the most she’s said to him in years.
Boys: {Tristan nods to Sang} Seriously.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Sang} Yeah, but she fucking invited him out to breakfast when she had plans with me. Plans which brought me home last night, by the way.
Girls: {Sangria nods} All I can say about that is maybe she wasn’t expecting you to make it back.
Boys: {Tristan shrugs} I dunno. How much has David ever said to Saige and he’s into *her*.
Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head} I would *never* stand up a woman like Renee. *Ever*. That is not a woman you cast aside like a two dollar whore.
Girls: {Sangria nods} I know that. And I don’t think she saw it that way. Renee would have seen it as you going to help a friend.
Boys: {Akhiro nods} She’s also not the kind of woman you take that kind of risk with and hope she realizes that’s what happened.
Girls: {Sangria nods} Yeah.. but how many nights did you sit up with *me*?
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Sangria} I know. {shakes his head} Still.
Boys: {Tristan smiles, listening}
Girls: {sangria smiles} Here’s the thing.. Ren, knows about that so yeah the precedent is set for it…you know.
Boys: {Akhiro nods, takes a sip of his beer, obviously distracted}
Girls: {Sangria looks at Akhiro} What is it?
Boys: {Loch watches him, laughs} Oh, my god. You’re jealous. {smiles} Welcome to our world.
Girls: {Sangria looks at Lochlan} He doesn’t get jealous.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Loch} Fuck off. I am *not* jealous. Christ. Why would *I* be jealous of anyone. {looks at Sang} I’m just trying to figure out what happened. She was *fine*. Last night was even better than the first time. At least.. *I* thought it was.
Boys: {Loch looks at Sang, smiles} He’s totally jealous.
Boys: {Akhiro rolls his eyes}
Girls: {Sangria smiles at Loch} I’m thinkin’. {looks at Akhiro} We didn’t even get a chance to go there.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Sang} But the first time, she wouldn’t shut up about it? {shakes his head} Shit.
Girls: {Sangria shrugs} I think what weirded me out the most was when I told her I was coming here she said she’d meet me and went back into the store.
Girls: {Sangria nods} Yeah she wouldn’t.. what.
Boys: {Loch smiles at Akhiro} Just think… the whole time she was fuckin’ *you* last night.. she could’ve been thinkin’ about *him*.
Girls: {Sangria shakes her head} Ren is *not* gonna do that.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Lock, raises a brow} Okay, *now* you’re just trying to start shit. There is *no* way she was thinking about *anyone* else last night.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} That good, huh?
Girls: {Sangria blinks} Holy Sonuvawhore!
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Tristan} Good enough that the noises from you and Taryn didn’t even register.
Boys: {the boys look at Sangria, Akhiro arches a brow} *What*?
Girls: {Sangria smiles} There are only *two* reasons I wouldn’t tell her about what happened.
Boys: {Akhiro rolls his eyes} *And*? What are they?
Girls: {Sangria shakes her head} Well.. one is it was awful and I wouldn’t want to hurt the guy.. and two so as not to cheapen it. How many times have you heard me talk about Loch and I?
Boys: {Akhiro smiles} Not often but Loch… {Lochlan looks at him} Don’t even.
Boys: {Tristan smiles at Sangria} Which is why *I’m* not tellin’ them shit about *my* night.
Girls: {Sangria looks at Lochlan}
Boys: {Loch looks at Sang} What?
Girls: {Sangria smiles}
Boys: {Tristan looks at Sang, smiles} Loch doesn’t talk so much as brag.
Girls: {Sangria looks at Tristan and laughs} Good boy. {Grins} He can be taught.
Boys: {Tristan smiles, shakes his head} Please. *I’m* not the Neanderthal at the table.
Girls: {Sangria smiles} I know, Tris. {looks at Loch} You *brag*?
Boys: {Loch looks at her, smiles} What? I hit that *every* night. {grins} I hit that so hard, she’s *screamin’*. {shrugs, still smiling} Is that bragging?
Girls: {Sangria laughs} Yes. It is. {grins} But it’s not lying.
Boys: {Loch smiles} Baby.. I’ve got *you*. Of *course* I’m bragging.
Girls: {Sangria shakes her head and smiles at Lochlan} Yes you do.
Boys: {Lochlan smiles}
Boys: {Akhiro and Tristan exchange a glance, both smiling, Akhiro looks at Sang} So.. we’re going with it was *so* good, she doesn’t want to ruin it by sharing.
Girls: {Taryn walks in dressed in a dark gray bandanna top, black Levi’s, and boots, stops just inside the door and looks around the room}

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