April 26

This Time You Took This Way Too Far – The Morning After

Tristan was absolutely enamored of Taryn but never more so than when her naked body, a body he’d longed to touch for what seemed like an eternity, lay beneath him, glistening with sweat in the candlelit darkness of his room.  In the kitchen, Akhiro made no secret of his appreciation of Renée’s choice of breakfast attire.  When they finished eating, his eyes devoured her while she stood at the sink doing dishes in the harness she’d put on.  The simple domesticity of the act while dressed as she was was almost more erotic than he could bear and he grabbed a bottle of wine and dragged her to his room in short order but not before noticing Saige’s keys on his counter and texting her that the bike was at his place.  Renee wanted to revisit their previous encounter and they did, only this time with much less urgency but no less passion.

When morning came, Akhiro woke to the sunlight streaming into the bedroom and Renée’s warm body draped over his.  He looked toward the window and thought about Saige’s admission.  He’d meant what he said to her.  He did want to see what happened with it but he couldn’t make any promises.  He was attracted to her, but he was attracted to Renée, too.  They were both beautiful, they were both high maintenance.  Renée was probably more expensive, but she knew she was worth it.  Saige didn’t have the same self value.  They were both confident, but it was a different kind of confidence.  Renée had the kind of confidence that came from having everything; money, looks, a killer body.  Saige’s confidence came from the effect she knew she had on men.  Renee was adventurous in the bedroom, but she didn’t share his adrenaline junkie drive.  Saige was more like him in that department but he had no idea what she was like in the bedroom.  He still couldn’t believe she was in love with him.  Even thinking back, he couldn’t recall any particular moment that had given her away.  She reminded him of David in how well she kept her secrets.

Sangria and Lochlan spent the night silently apologizing and accepting, admitting and conceding, reconciling, all without words as Lochlan marked every inch of his territory in the only way he knew how.  When morning came, they went for another round before showering and heading out.  Sangria dropped Lochlan off in front of David’s apartment and he watched her drive away until she disappeared down the street.  Smiling, he went inside for his keys.

David had left in Lochlan’s car the night before with the barest of his friend’s urging.  He’d left the keys to the bike on Akhiro’s counter and the bike in the front lot.  He went home, but he didn’t spend the night wallowing.  He smoked a bowl and spent it sleeping and in the morning he got up and called out of work, planning on sleeping the rest of the day away after he got back from court.  He was just hanging up with his boss when Lochlan walked in.  They talked for a bit about Lochlan’s decision to merge households with Sangria and David agreed it was a good idea, even if he didn’t see himself living with a woman ever.  Eventually, David had to get dressed, so Lochlan grabbed his keys and his car and headed home.  David showered and dressed in a suit and tie.  He knew his friends would never let him hear the end of it, but that was okay because he knew none of them would actually see him.  He grabbed Saige’s book from the coffee table and took it with him.  He wasn’t much of a reader, but he did read more than just magazines occasionally.  If anyone saw him with the book and asked him about it, he’d say he was taking Akhiro’s advice and trying to learn something about women’s expectations.  The truth was, he was curious about what went on in Sage’s head; what was so bad about her books that she kept them a secret from her closest friends and even her sister.  Everyone but him and the man she was in love with, anyway.

He started the book outside the courthouse.  After the hearing, he returned home, stripped off the suit jacket, rolled up his sleeves, unbuttoned a couple of buttons and loosened the tie and settled down on the couch to read further.  He’d gotten about halfway through, about the part where the heroine and hero fucked and just after it before he tossed the book onto the floor, shaking his head.  He laid back on the couch, his arms crossed under his head and stared at the ceiling, his thoughts returning to the night before; everything that had happened, everything that had been said, and tried to make sense of it all.  At least until he realized that’s what he was doing at which point, he’d made himself stop.  Saige had always been a gorgeous girl, had always been popular with the boys, even in school, and when she’d dropped into his lap the day before at the diner, the idea of blowing her off hadn’t even crossed his mind.  “There are a lot of guys who’d take whatever you dished out just so they could say they’d been with you,” he’d said to her.  “Yeah, and you’re one of them,” she’d replied.  David shook his head.  It was truer than he’d ever admit, but he’d realized when she’d said it that he couldn’t afford to let her know it.  Maybe he’d proven her wrong.  She could probably stand to be proven wrong once in a while.  He just hoped he wouldn’t regret being the one to do it down the road.  He hoped *he* didn’t end up being the one that didn’t forget her or with regrets.

Eventually, he closed his eyes and let sleep claim him.  It would probably be the most sleep he’d had in a week and he had band practice later.  They had to polish up the new song before Friday if they wanted to play it at the Rock Bottom.  When practice was over, they’d head over to the bar with Lochlan and hang out while he worked.  That was the way most of their nights went and there was no reason tonight should be any different.

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