April 26

This Time You Took This Way Too Far – Letting Go

Boys: { at the loft, Loch and David hang out against Loch’s car waiting for the others while Tristan pulls his bike and Akhiro’s out of the garage bay}
Girls: {Taryn watches Tristan} We’re gonna freeze aren’t we?
Boys: {Tristan smiles, nods} Yep. {looks at her} On the upside, you’ll have my body to shield you.
Girls: {Taryn smiles} And it’s a fine body at that. Guess I’m going to have to wait to hear those things until we get back?
Boys: {Tristan smiles again, nods} Yeah, but.. I figure if you’re not in a hurry to go home, we’ve got all night to talk about it.
Girls: {Taryn smiles} I’m in *no* hurry.
Girls: {Saige and Sangria pull up, in Sangria’s MgB top down music blasting}
Boys: {Tristan looks at her} When Romy showed up and you said you felt inadequate… what were you talking about?
Boys: {David and Loch look over, Loch smiles}
Girls: {Taryn looks at him} It was retarded.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} Is it over now?
Girls: {Sangria parks the car and hops over the door}
Boys: {Loch walks over to her} We’re just waitin’ on Akhiro and Ren now.
Girls: {Taryn smiles} I think so.. It wasn’t just her.. it was all of them.. {shrugs} I just felt kind of plain.. {looks at him} It happens every now and then.
Girls: {Sangria smiles} Cool..
Boys: {Tristan smiles, shakes his head} You are *not* plain.
Girls: {Saige climbs out of the car and walks over toward her bike, looks at David, smiles} Thank you.
Boys: {David shrugs} Don’t sweat it. I’ve been to a few biker funerals in my time.
Girls: {Taryn smiles and shrugs} I told you it was retarded.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} Still.. I’m thinking about something else too.. I want your opinion on later.. please.
Boys: {Tristan shakes his head} It’s not retarded either.

Boys: {David nods} All right.
Girls: {Taryn nods and smiles} It is when you consider that I’ve got *you*.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} Well, yeah. There’s *that*. {walks over to her, puts his hands on her hips and pulls her closer} And the constant state of frustration you keep me in.
Girls: {Taryns smiles} I’m trying to help you out with that as much as humanly possible.
Boys: {Tristan laughs} I *know*.  It’s just a superhumanly persistent state.

Girls: {Taryn leans in and kisses him} Poor baby.
Boys: {Tristan kisses her back, smiles} You like it.
Girls: {Taryn smiles} Yes I do.
Boys: {Tristan smiles more broadly, looks over and sees Akhiro and Renee pull up} Guess everyone’s here now.
Girls: {Taryn smiles} Yes they are.
Girls: {Renee gets out of the car and heads over tossing bags of leather at the others, she’s wearing hers, all the leathers are different}
Boys: {Akhiro goes toward the house} Come on. Loch’s only got an hour. {unlocks the door and heads inside}
Boys: {Loch looks at Sang} This is what I get for working nights. {takes her hand and heads inside}
Girls: {the other girls go with them, Sangria wraps her fingers around Loch’s hand and goes}
Girls: {Sangria smiles} yes it is.
Boys: {Tristan grabs Taryn’s hand and heads into the loft}
Boys: {David looks at Saige} Do *we* look like we don’t have our own? {referring to the leathers}
Girls: {Saige smiles} No.. That’s just Renee being nice. You’ll probably like the one she just Gave you too.
Girls: {Saige grins} A person can *never* have too much leather.
Boys: {David smiles} You got me there.
Girls: {Saige smiles} Yes I did.

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