April 27

There’s No One Left to Fight – Sexual Healing Edition Part 1

(10:50:38 PM) Boys:
<Van calls Siobhan as he drives away from the ranch>
(10:51:01 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan answers> Hello?
(10:51:24 PM) Boys:
<Van smiles> There she is. How are you doing, babe?
(10:52:01 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs and smiles hoping it comes through> I’m okay.
(10:53:02 PM) Boys:
<Van nods> You better be, because you were dangerously close to getting a night out with Brennan and the boys tonight.
(10:53:59 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan shakes her head> Van.. I don’t need to be babysat.
(10:54:36 PM) Boys:
<Van shakes his head> That’s not what we were thinking, Siobhan. Believe it or not, people actually give a shit about you.
(10:56:01 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan quietly> I know. <shakes her head> I just.. <sighs> Shit.
(10:56:06 PM) Boys:
<Van watches the road, takes a breath>Look.. I know I was a dick last night.
(10:56:50 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan closes her eyes and takes a few seconds to respond> You were right. That doesn’t make you a dick.
(10:57:02 PM) Boys:
<Van nods> But my delivery does.
(10:57:54 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan quietly> Not really. I mean.. at least you got through. Right?
(10:58:17 PM) Boys:
<Van shakes his head> Yeah, I guess. What are you doing right now?
(10:59:34 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs> Sitting in my room eating chocolate from the mini bar. <shrugs> It doesn’t help.

(11:00:00 PM) Boys:
<Seth, who I forgot was staying at the ranch and would therefore be in the car, smokes a cigarette watching the scenery as he listens to Van>
(11:00:28 PM) Boys:
<Van smiles> Seth and I are headed to the warehouse. We’re just going to be cleaning up and shit, but.. if you want to come, I can swing by and grab you.
(11:01:24 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs> Sure. Only if you let me help.
(11:01:48 PM) Boys:
<Van nods> Deal. We’ll be there in a couple of minutes. I’ll even make Seth play nice.
(11:01:58 PM) Boys:
<Seth looks over at him, arches a brow>
(11:02:10 PM) Boys:
<Van smiles at Seth, heads toward the hotel>
(11:03:58 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at the door> All right.. I’ll meet you out front. <changes into a holey pair of well worn and loved Jeans and a dark green tank top, heads out grabbing her key and the cigarettes and her ID>
(11:04:48 PM) Boys:
<Van nods> All right. See you then. <hangs up>
(11:05:06 PM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Van> You’re going to make me play *nice*?
(11:05:22 PM) Boys:
<Van smiles> Give her a break. She’s not exactly having a good week.
(11:06:01 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan heads outside to wait for them, leans against the building, pulls a joint from the cigarette pack and lights it>
(11:06:49 PM) Boys:
<Seth shakes his head, looks out the window> She better not ruin what’s left of mine. <watches the scenery until they pull up in front of the hotel where Van parks next to the curb, Seth gets out of the car and holds the door open for her, smiles> Your chariot awaits.
(11:07:47 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan smiles and hands him the joint as she gets into the car> Thank you.
(11:08:40 PM) Boys:
<Seth takes the joint, looks at it> This town is crazy. <takes a hit, strips it, gets into the car after her, closes the door, puts the joint in the glove compartment> I love how you can just light up a blunt on the street like that.
(11:09:47 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs and smiles> What’s the worst that’ll happen?
(11:09:53 PM) Boys:
<Van looks at Siobhan> Most of us don’t actually try it though.
(11:10:31 PM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Siobhan> You could end up spending the night in jail, for one thing. No matter how miserable you are right now, that will make things infinitely shittier. Trust me.
(11:11:59 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Seth> True. <shakes her head>
(11:14:00 PM) Boys:
<Van pulls away from the curb and heads toward the airport>
(11:14:15 PM) Boys:
<Seth looks at her> Ratty jeans are a good look for you.
(11:15:16 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at him> Thanks.. they’re my comfort jeans. You know that pair you’ve had forever that are so worn and soft they feel like silk?
(11:15:43 PM) Boys:
<Seth smiles> Babe.. the ones I wear all the time? I totally know.
(11:16:34 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan tilts her head> I didn’t realize. I’m sorry. <looks at her hands>
(11:17:27 PM) Boys:
<Seth shakes his head, looks out the window> Maybe I missed something, but I have *no* idea what you’re apologizing for.
(11:19:01 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs> I seem to be doing that a lot. <looks out the front window>
(11:19:27 PM) Boys:
<Seth looks at her> Doing what? Apologizing or getting all weird over nothing?
(11:19:50 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan shifts her eyes to him> Both?
(11:20:52 PM) Boys:
<Seth arches a brow, looks at Van> Fuck. I like her better when she’s bitchy.
(11:21:08 PM) Boys:
<Van smiles, looks over at Siobhan> She’ll get there.
(11:22:02 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Van> Bitchy is how I got here.
(11:23:27 PM) Boys:
<Van shakes his head> Got where, Siobhan? Single? You were single before Ethan, too. It didn’t kill you then, either.
(11:25:18 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Van> I didn’t say it would. <looks back out the window> All I was doing was stating a fact.
(11:26:56 PM) Boys:
<Van looks at Siobhan> You’re right. I’m sorry.
(11:29:44 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan shakes her head> Look.. I lost someone very important to me last night.. and yeah.. it goes beyond him being my boyfriend. And I don’t know that there’s anything I can do other than make it easier for him. <looks down again> He was one of my best friends, Van.
(11:31:25 PM) Boys:
<Van shakes his head> That’s not going to change, Siobhan. Just give it a little time.
(11:33:39 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Van> It always changes things. And I *am* giving it time. Why do you think I moved out? Staying there would have made it more difficult for him. More awkward.
(11:33:56 PM) Boys:
<Van nods, looks back at the road>
(11:34:29 PM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Siobhan> Take a step back, babe. *Van* didn’t break you up.
(11:35:29 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Seth> I know he didn’t. I did that all by myself. I’m not angry.
(11:36:13 PM) Boys:
<Seth nods> Well, stop acting like a martyr while you’re at it. No one’s buyin’ it.
(11:36:27 PM) Boys:
<Van looks at Siobhan> So, he cut his hair off.
(11:37:59 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Van, shakes her head> Wow. How’s it look? <looks at Seth> I’m not being a martyr. I’m dealing.
(11:39:58 PM) Boys:
<Van shrugs> It actually looks pretty good. He colored it, too. Well, Sang did.
(11:40:54 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks out the window> That’s cool.. She does interesting things.
(11:42:40 PM) Boys:
<Van nods> Well in this case, interesting is light red and black highlights.
(11:43:33 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan smiles and sighs> I bet it’s sexy as fuck.
(11:44:31 PM) Boys:
<Van smiles when she does> I can’t really judge that for myself, so I guess you’ll just have to tell me when you see it.
(11:54:46 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> Yeah. <shakes her head>
(11:55:45 PM) Boys:
<Van looks back at the road> Samuel almost poked Taryn’s eye out last night.
(11:56:07 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan frowns> Is she okay?
(11:57:06 PM) Boys:
<Van smiles> She seemed fine. She said he should be a porn star. Apparently, when she and David stopped by last night, he and Bree where in the middle of something and he answered the door naked.
(11:57:36 PM) Boys:
<Van looks at her> Taryn, meanwhile, was standing eye level with it.
(11:58:04 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan smiles and shakes her head> I’m surprised she’s not traumatized by it.
(11:59:08 PM) Boys:
<Van smiles> I am, too, actually. But then she was informed that men supposedly inherit their size from their fathers and Uncle Bill is his father. *That* might have traumatized her a little.
(11:59:40 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan blinks> Oh hell.. *that* traumatizes me.
(12:00:15 AM) Boys:
<Van smiles, looks back at the road>
(12:01:56 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks over at Seth, quietly> Did you and Lia Find a house?
(12:02:27 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Siobhan> Yeah, we did. We’re closing next week.
(12:02:47 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan smiles> Cool.
(12:03:34 AM) Boys:
<Seth smiles> She’s pretty happy. <looks at Van> Hell, she’s practically giddy.
(12:04:05 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Seth> What about you?
(12:04:40 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Siobhan> I’m happy she’s happy. And I’m happy I don’t have to worry about her walking around at night.
(12:05:14 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> But…
(12:05:40 AM) Boys:
<Seth shrugs> But.. it’s a small town. A little too quiet sometimes.
(12:06:33 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> I understand that. How do you find a happy medium?
(12:07:19 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at her> Move up north with Aiden?
(12:08:00 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at him> And what about her?
(12:09:44 AM) Boys:
<Seth shakes his head> I thought it was a hypothetical question. <looks at her> She likes it here. It’s quiet, nice, safe and boring. And most importantly, I don’t have history with any of the women we know. Work or romantic.
(12:10:00 AM) Boys:
<Seth shrugs> Boredom is a small price to pay for her sense of security.
(12:10:31 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> All right.
(12:11:14 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan sits back in the seat and looks out the window>
(12:12:11 AM) Boys:
<Van pulls up to an industrial park made up of several rows of warehouses, parks the car>
(12:13:00 AM) Boys:
<Van looks at Siobhan> And what he means by that is.. he’ll suck up and deal to get her off his ass about his job and all the “women he’s fucking”.
(12:13:49 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> Making himself miserable in the process.
(12:14:27 AM) Boys:
<Seth gets out of the car> Babe.. most men *expect* to be miserable when they get married.
(12:14:41 AM) Boys:
<Van gets out of the car>
(12:15:01 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan climbs out of the car and looks at Seth> Then why do it?
(12:15:50 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Siobhan> Because society demands it? And most women. <smiles> *I* got married because I wanted to.
(12:16:27 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Van across the roof of the car> And he called me a martyr.
(12:16:47 AM) Boys:
<Van smiles, heads toward the warehouse> There’s a bit more to it than that.
(12:17:11 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Seth, smiles> Is there?
(12:17:47 AM) Boys:
<Seth starts walking, nods> I’m a traditional, misogynist fuck. <looks at her> And traditional misogynist fucks aren’t happy *unless* they’ve got a woman at home cleaning the house and raising the kids.
(12:18:42 AM) Boys:
<Van nods> And Lia’s pretty traditional. They share those particular values. The man’s role versus the woman’s role.
(12:18:57 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan walks with him and smiles, then bursts out laughing> Shit.
(12:19:09 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at her, arches a brow> Why is that funny?
(12:20:44 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan smiles> That isn’t.. I was just thinking of Sangria. <looks ahead of her> I don’t know I mean, I haven’t really thought about traditional roles. You know?
(12:21:28 AM) Boys:
<Seth smiles> How Sang and I haven’t gone head to head over our differences of opinion is beyond me.
(12:22:33 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> That’s what I’m saying. She’s such a feminist. Always has been really.
(12:23:43 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> If you say so. She lets a lot of shit go by that most feminists wouldn’t.
(12:24:43 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan smiles> I think she’s getting desensitized…because of Loch.
(12:24:58 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> I can see that. <looks at her, smiles>You don’t strike me as the kind of girl that would like traditional roles very much.
(12:25:44 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs> I haven’t really thought about it. I didn’t grow up in a traditional family.
(12:25:47 AM) Boys:
<Van stops at the door and unlocks it, opens it for Siobhan>
(12:26:00 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan walks through> Thank you.
(12:26:22 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> Let me put it another way. I don’t see you jumping up to volunteer to do a movie with us. <heads inside with Van who flips on the lights>
(12:27:28 AM) Boys:
<Van stops and looks at Seth> Okay.. I know she’s your wife, but I have to say this.. doing that movie with *Lia* was *such* a fucking turn on.
(12:28:14 AM) Boys:
<Seth laughs> How do you think *I* felt the first time she gave me a blow job?
(12:28:32 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks over at Van then back at Seth> I already have a porn movie under my belt thanks.
(12:29:10 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Siobhan> Yeah, I know. I’ve been trying to track down a copy.
(12:29:32 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan blinks> Why?
(12:30:10 AM) Boys:
<Seth smiles, walks further into the warehouse, looks around> This is going to take forever.
(12:30:35 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan wanders in looks around> It’s not *that* bad.
(12:31:57 AM) Boys:
<Van follows them in> I figured we’d do what we can and hire a cleaning crew to do the rest.
(12:32:03 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> Probably a good idea.
(12:32:46 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan walks around looking at the stuff>Why waste the money. This could be done in a few days.
(12:33:06 AM) Boys:
<Van smiles at Siobhan> You volunteering?
(12:33:29 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs> Don’t have anything pressing over the next few days.
(12:33:45 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks around> We’re going to have to black out these windows.
(12:34:37 AM) Boys:
<Van smiles at Siobhan, looks around> I’ve gotta tell ya.. I’m going to miss being in *front*of the camera.
(12:34:50 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Van> Not as much as I am, man.
(12:35:10 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan wanders over and opens some doors off the main room>
(12:35:50 AM) Boys:
<Seth walks over and grabs a broom, starts sweeping> I’d bet Saige would *love* to be in front of the camera.
(12:36:11 AM) Boys:
<Van nods> Probably. *I* just don’t love the idea of Saige being in front of the camera.
(12:36:33 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at them> Why are you going to miss it. <looks at Van> So do a Blog with her.
(12:37:55 AM) Boys:
<Van looks at Siobhan> Because it *is* fun. And there’s something about those girls just giving themselves over to you… willing to do anything for you and trusting you so much. She mentioned the blog.
(12:39:01 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at him> It’s unscripted but you and she could do it together and hell there’s even money to be made there.
(12:40:17 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at the bathroom> This is a disaster. <closes the door and walks over to a pile of rubble, picks through it> If it’s so much fun why stop?
(12:40:48 AM) Boys:
<Van shakes his head> Siobhan… <looks at her> I’m trying to keep my business separate from my relationship.
(12:41:08 AM) Boys:
<Seth shakes his head> You heard Lia. Stopping isn’t exactly a choice.
(12:42:11 AM) Boys:
<Van nods> And I can’t very well ask Saige to be exclusive if I’m fucking other women. Job or not.
(12:42:19 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan straightens and looks at Van> Yeah.. but you kept it a secret for years. <walks over to another pile bends over and picks through it>
(12:42:34 AM) Boys:
<Van looks at Siobhan> And?
(12:43:11 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs> You could again.
(12:43:28 AM) Boys:
<Van smiles> We’re talking about the same Saige, right?
(12:44:46 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> Yeah. I don’t know..Let me ask you something..
(12:44:54 AM) Boys:
<Van nods> Ask.
(12:45:27 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan straightens again, turns and looks at him> Why don’t you want her in front of the camera?
(12:46:03 AM) Boys:
<Van smiles> I don’t want other men fucking my girlfriend. And that’s to start. I don’t want her to be a whore, for another.
(12:47:02 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> All right.. but if she’s fucking *you* how does that make her a whore?
(12:48:20 AM) Boys:
<Van shakes his head> Fucking for money is fucking for money, Siobhan. And I already told you I’m trying to keep my business separate from my personal life. I don’t want to do a porn blog with my girlfriend and I don’t want to do movies with my girlfriend. Not to mention, if we kept fucking the same girl over and over, people would stop watching them.
(12:49:00 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs> All right.
(12:49:00 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> They’d get bored and feel like they were watching a married couple and that totally fucks the fantasy.
(12:49:34 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan frowns> I don’t know.. I mean *women* go back for the same guy over and over.
(12:50:04 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Siobhan> Women aren’t our target market.
(12:51:07 AM) Boys:
<Van nods> And men don’t want to see their favorite star fucking the same person every time. They want different people, different scenarios. <smiles> Different fantasies.
(12:51:35 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> They’re living vicariously through us. Believe me.. monogamy is *not* part of the fantasy.
(12:51:39 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan moves over to a ladder> All right.. it was just a suggestion.
(12:52:25 AM) Boys:
<Seth watches her, leaning on the broom> Let me ask you this.. did you have the *same* leading man for every movie?
(12:53:19 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shakes her head>I only did one.
(12:54:09 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> Okay. Did you ever have your agent lie to your fans about whether you were seeing anyone or not? <looks at her> Because you’d lose fans if they found out you weren’t available?
(12:54:28 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> Well yeah.. He did.
(12:54:44 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> There you go. It’s the same principle.
(12:54:56 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> I get it.
(12:55:15 AM) Boys:
<Seth goes back to sweeping>
(12:56:15 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan climbs the ladder to the catwalk, walks along it dragging her hand on the rail as she looks down>
(12:56:23 AM) Boys:
<Van grabs a box and starts piling trash in it> What *was* your movie like?
(12:57:54 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs> There were a couple of us girls and it was…not like yours. We were high and it was hot and done in a seedy hotel room.
(12:58:32 AM) Boys:
<Van looks up at her> So it wasn’t even done in a studio? Amateur porn.
(12:58:56 AM) Boys:
<Seth smiles> Wait. <looks up at Siobhan> How many men?
(12:59:29 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shakes her head> No there was no studio. It all felt…dirty. Three and the crew..which was a swarthy director and cameraman.
(12:59:47 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> Three men that were *in* the movie?
(1:00:24 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> Yeah.. but one guy was just a corpse on the floor.
(1:00:33 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Van, smiles> Damn.
(1:01:00 AM) Boys:
<Van smiles> Oh, I know. I went there, too. <looks at Siobhan> Literally a corpse or pretending to be?
(1:01:24 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shakes her head> went where and pretending.
(1:01:32 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan frowns> I think.
(1:02:44 AM) Boys:
<Van arches a brow> So.. there was feigned necrophilia?
(1:03:10 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shakes her head> With the other girl…
(1:04:03 AM) Boys:
<Van frowns> What?
(1:04:15 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Siobhan>Talk dirty to us, baby. What *happened*?
(1:06:47 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan walks back to the ladder and climbs back down> The other girl was all over the corpse. It was supposed to be a murder scene where the Hooker..who supposedly killed the john, fucks the cop. The other girl was the cops partner and she fucked the corpse the third guy was the coroner. who punished the female cop for fucking up his crime scene. Literally.
(1:07:21 AM) Boys:
<Van nods> All right. So.. what did *you* do?
(1:09:26 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan gets to the bottom of the ladder and turns leaning back against it> I was the hooker. The cop couldn’t keep it up and he was awful, smelled like garlic and rancid oil.
(1:10:25 AM) Boys:
<Van and Seth look at each other, Seth> That’s not even sexy when I replay it in my head with the necessary adjustments.
(1:10:37 AM) Boys:
<Van nods> Like… getting the corpse out of the scene?
(1:10:41 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> To start, yeah.
(1:11:50 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan listens to them> It didn’t help that I was handcuffed for the whole thing.
(1:13:05 AM) Boys:
<Van looks at Siobhan, arches a brow> Babe.. *we* could handcuff you through a whole scene and it would actually make it *better*.
(1:14:08 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Van> It was just an all around shit day.. I mean I felt so disgusting after that I couldn’t get enough showers for a week.
(1:14:34 AM) Boys:
<Van nods> Why didn’t you ever tell me about it? <looks at her> I mean *after* I got outted.
(1:16:24 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs> It’s not something I’m proud of. And the fifty bucks ultimately wasn’t worth it. <looks at Van> I told you I did one.
(1:18:38 AM) Boys:
<Van arches a brow> Fifty bucks? You put yourself through that for fifty fucking dollars? Jesus Christ, Siobhan. <shakes his head> If you needed money *that* badly.. why didn’t you just call me and ask for it? <looks at her> You said you did a movie, and I was thinking you did one in a studio and got at least three figures for a couple of hours.
(1:19:19 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Siobhan> When Simone and I started in the business.. we were doing the exact same kind of movies for about the same paycheck.
(1:19:49 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Van> When we were lucky to actually *get* paid, that is.
(1:21:18 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Van> I was supposed to get a hundred but the director guy was all like this was sagging and you didn’t moan enough oh and your boy didn’t keep it up so fuck you here’s your money get out.
(1:21:40 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks over at Seth> Probably the same guy.
(1:22:28 AM) Boys:
<Seth shakes his head> I seriously doubt it, babe. *Most* porn directors are “that guy”. <looks at her> My first time was in front of a camera.
(1:22:59 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan blinks> Oh.. that’s awful.
(1:23:44 AM) Boys:
<Seth shrugs> It is what it is.
(1:24:47 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at them> It wasn’t like what you guys do. And <looks at Van> I couldn’t exactly call you and ask for money.
(1:24:58 AM) Boys:
<Van looks at her> Why not?
(1:26:20 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs> Because .. I just couldn’t. <looks over at the other side of the warehouse> I didn’t want anyone to know how bad it was out there when I went back.
(1:26:42 AM) Boys:
<Van shakes his head> *That’s* when you should’ve come home.
(1:27:10 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> Probably.
(1:28:07 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks back at him> I don’t know.. I mean It was a learning experience.
(1:28:56 AM) Boys:
<Van looks at her> And we can’t go back and change the past, but.. you should’ve told me. When you *did* come home.
(1:29:14 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at him> Why?
(1:29:45 AM) Boys:
<Van arches a brow> Because I’m your *friend*. Because I love you. Because I would’ve done my damnedest to make it go away.
(1:30:38 AM) Boys:
<Van shakes his head> At the very least, I would’ve known what you were dealing with. What kind of scars you were carrying.
(1:31:45 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at him> Van.. <shakes her head> I couldn’t just blurt out hey guess what I did, yeah a seedy porno for shit money just to survive because I’m a washed up actress.
(1:32:22 AM) Boys:
<Van looks at her> Why the hell not?
(1:32:58 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at him> Because I’m ashamed that I had to resort to that.
(1:33:18 AM) Boys:
<Van walks over to her, takes her hand and pulls her into his arms, hugs her>
(1:34:01 AM) Boys:
<Van, quietly> *Nothing* is going to change how we feel about you.
(1:35:00 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan hugs him back tightly, buries her face in his neck>
(1:35:07 AM) Boys:
<Van kisses her temple, whispers> At least you didn’t have to fuck the *corpse*. <looks down at her, smiles>
(1:36:05 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan blinks> There *is* that.
(1:36:14 AM) Boys:
<Seth smirks> Pffft. The corpse at least might’ve still been hard.
(1:36:29 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at them> And smelled better.
(1:36:58 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> True. And wouldn’t have been a slobbery kisser.
(1:37:25 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> And you wouldn’t have had to kiss it because the corpse wouldn’t care.
(1:38:16 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods>
(1:38:17 AM) Boys:
<Van shakes his head> I can’t even get my… <arches a brow, looks at her> You got this guy’s name?
(1:39:05 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at him> The director? <nods> Dick Chains. Kid you not.
(1:39:43 AM) Boys:
<Van nods> I’ll put out some feelers. See what I can find out about him. <looks at her> Maybe I can use my connections and do some damage to his “business”.
(1:40:02 AM) Boys:
<Seth smiles> Porn retribution. I dig it.
(1:40:46 AM) Boys:
<Van nods to Seth, looks at her> Later, we’ll talk about it a little more in depth. Things like.. did the actors use protection, that kind of thing.
(1:41:14 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> Yes.
(1:41:49 AM) Boys:
<Van nods, looks at Seth> “Dick Chains”. What the fuck is that supposed to even mean?
(1:42:00 AM) Boys:
<Seth shakes his head> I don’t know, but it’s not even clever.
(1:42:13 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> He thought it was cute.
(1:42:40 AM) Boys:
<Van looks at her> The thing is… you’re hotter than *most* of the women working in porn today.
(1:42:59 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> He could’ve made a mint off that movie if he’d been using his head.

(1:43:25 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan blinks> And the whole time it’s filming he’s got it in his hand working it. I’m surprised he didn’t pull the damn thing off.
(1:43:53 AM) Boys:
<Van shakes his head> I have *never* worked with a director that did that shit. Ever.
(1:44:56 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> That’s the.. thing. He wasn’t real..professional about *any* of it.
(1:45:21 AM) Boys:
<Van looks at her> It doesn’t sound like he was *a* professional at all, babe.
(1:45:25 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shrugs> His girlfriend was the female cop.
(1:45:47 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at her> Do you have any idea how lucky you are you didn’t have to get with her?
(1:46:11 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Seth> He tried it.
(1:46:22 AM) Boys:
<Seth nods> I’m sure he did.
(1:46:51 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shakes her head> Babe.. you could smell *her* a mile away.
(1:47:09 AM) Boys:
<Seth drops the broom> Okay,I’m done. New subject.
(1:47:42 AM) Boys:
<Seth shakes his head> Now *I* need a shower.
(1:47:57 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan nods> Yeah. See?
(1:48:39 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at her> I’ll give up my search for that movie. I don’t even think I could get hard seeing *you* naked in that.
(1:49:41 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Seth> Look, I’ve seen it. For most of it I have this glassy eyed faraway look. There was no connection with anything.
(1:50:01 AM) Boys:
<Seth shakes his head> Babe.. I’m already convinced.
(1:50:36 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan smiles> Besides you end up at one of Ren’s parties.. everyone get’s naked eventually anyway.
(1:51:21 AM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Siobhan, smiles> Yeah, but then there’s people around and I have to wait til later to *really* give that kind of scenery the attention it deserves.
(1:52:16 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan shakes her head, smiles> At least you’ll have it for later.
(1:52:28 AM) Boys:
<Seth smiles, nods> There’s that, yeah.
(1:53:16 AM) Girls:
<Siobhan arches her brow, smiling, looks over at Van>

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