April 27

So I’d Know Yesterday Was Over – Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Van Confesses

I wish I could have quit you
I wish I never missed you

and told you that I loved you

every time I fucked you


It was close to seven a.m. when Seth walked into the empty guest house at the ranch, still bathed in Siobhan’s scent. David and Taryn’s t truck wasn’t in the drive, so he knew they weren’t back yet.  He went to the bedroom to check on Lia but the bed was empty.  After trying Van and not getting an answer, he went to the bathroom and reluctantly showered.  He wasn’t ready to wash away the night before but he had to before Lia got home.  As he showered, he thought about Siobhan and the affect she had on him.  Already, he wanted her again, so he got out of the shower, went into the bedroom and called her.  Under the guise of checking on her, he initiated a lengthy and steamy phone sex conversation before hanging up and going to sleep.

Van dropped Lia and Saige off around 11:15 and headed home after waking up on Ren’s floor with Saige on one side of him and Lia on the other.  David and Taryn were passed out on the couch, Ren and Akhiro had made it to her room and Brennan and Aubrey were somewhere near the dining room while Tristan and Nikki actually made it to the guest room.  Bree was curled up in a chair.  Van got up and woke the girls about the time David and Taryn were waking up and the five of them headed out at the same time.

Samuel had made it home around 5 after helping Loch pack and load his shit into the back of Samuel’s truck. Tony met  them at the Rock Bottom and gave Loch back the key to the upstairs apartment.  After unloading the truck,  Samuel  and Loch sat in the living room and talked for a while.  After getting home, Samuel took care of the horses and went to bed.

Loch didn’t  even  bother going to bed.  After Samuel left, he unpacked and put everything back where it belonged then sat watching the sun come up while he tried to figure out just what the hell had happened.   It was exhaustion more than anything that put him down around noon after turning off his phone and making sure the door was bolted.  Before he went to bed, though, he told Tony not to expect him at work tonight, not that Tony needed to be told.

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