April 26

Sex is Always the Answer – Van Confronts Saige During the Show

The Boys: {the boys sit at their usual table with a pitcher of beer as per their usual pre-show ritual, Ethan is there without Van who dropped him off before going to pick up Siobhan at the spa}
Girls: {Aubrey moves around the bar, taking orders, passing them to the bar tender, picking them up and serving them in a practiced dance that allows her to cover more tables, faster, she makes it to the table where the band sits and smiles} What can I get, cha?
The Boys: {the boys look at Aubrey, Loch smiles} Long time, babe. Where you been?
Girls: {Aubrey smiles} Here and there? {shrugs} Mostly there.
The Boys: {David idly drums his fingers on the table to the beat of the song they’ll be opening with}
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles} Evasive.
Girls: {The girls look over at Aubrey, Saige raises a brow, and Sangria smiles at Aubrey, Taryn watches then smiles} Well, we’re glad you’re back.
The Boys: {Tristan watches David for a couple of minutes} I’m still trying to get my head around the fact you and Saige are engaged.
The Boys: {Loch nods} We’ve probably got time for one more pitcher.
The Boys: {David looks over at Tristan, smiles} Get over it.
The Boys: {Tristan smiles} I’m over it. I just.. wow. Yanno? Just.. wow. I’m kinda fucking amazed.
Girls: {Saige smiles at Tristan} At least we didn’t come back married.
The Boys: {Tristan looks at Saige, smiles} We were actually expecting you, too.
Girls: {Saige turns her smile on Tristan}
Girls: {Aubrey grins} I’m gonna need some ID’s.
The Boys: {Loch arches a brow at Aubrey, smiles} Seriously?
Girls: {Renee laughs} Are you kidding?
The Boys: {Tristan looks at Aubrey, laughs} I know I look young, but.. come on.
Girls: {Aubrey smiles} Rules are rules. You look under forty. I gotta card ya.
The Boys: {Loch starts to say something when Akhiro pulls out his wallet and hands her his ID} Flattery will get you everywhere.
The Boys: {Ethan grins at Aubrey} Don’t forget to note that address so you can stalk our rehearsals.
Girls: {Sangria laughs and pulls her ID from her pocket shaking her head, Taryn laughs and does the same} I know I look young…
The Boys: {Tristan looks at Akhiro, smiles} Wow. {shakes his head, pulls out his wallet} Fine. {hands her his ID}
The Boys: {Loch shakes his head, handing her his ID} The *only* reason I’m not giving you a ration of shit right now for standing between me and my beer is because I’m in a good mood.
Girls: {Aubrey laughs and makes a show of checking the ID’s as they’re handed to her, making note of the addresses and matching faces to names}
Girls: {Renee and Saige follow suit}

The Boys: {David and Ethan hand her theirs, Ethan smiles} Don’t you think you should’ve gotten mine last night *before* you went home with me.
Girls: {Sangria smiles}
The Boys: {the boys look at Ethan, David laughs} Dog.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at David} At least *I* didn’t propose.
Girls: {Aubrey smiles at Ethan} Babe… I make it a point to *not* check ID’s of the guys I go home with. {grins} That way if they’re underage I can claim ignorance.
The Boys: {Loch smiles at Ethan} *Yet*. Though, as talented as she is, I’m almost surprised you didn’t.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles at Aubrey} I knew I liked you. {nods to Loch} Tell me about it.
Girls: {Aubrey shakes her head and smiles hands the ID’s back} One pitcher of beer coming up. {Renee smiles} Make that two, please. The boys’ll finish one and that’ll leave one for us as well.
The Boys: {the boys put their IDs away}
Girls: {Aubrey smiles as the girls take their ID’s and put them away, Aubrey heads off to the bar}
The Boys: {the boys watch Aubrey’s ass as she leaves, Ethan} I am *so* glad the scenery’s back to what it should be.
Girls: {Sangria looks over at Renee} You look refreshed. {Renee nods} It’s amazing what they do at that spa. You should try it sometime.
Girls: {Sangria shakes her head} No thanks. Not my thing.
The Boys: {Loch looks at Ethan} So.. *when* did she go home with you?
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Last night. I ran into her at the diner. She’s been in the hospital for the past month. That scar on her face? She was in an accident on the way to DC. {shrugs} I just wanted to help her reaffirm life.
The Boys: {Loch laughs, Akhiro smiles} Just doing your part for the greater good? That is *so* selfless ofyou.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} It was a sacrifice, but.. I’m ready to make it again if I have to.
Girls: {Sangria laughs and sighs dramatically} And here I thought you were pining away for *my* ass.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at Sang, smiles} Of course, I am. But.. I’m sorry, Sang… I’ve got to live *my* life, *too*, dammitt.
The Boys: {David smiles and shakes his head}
Girls: {Sangria grins} Traitor.
The Boys: {Tristan smiles at Sang} I think everyone but me is pining for your ass.
The Boys: {David can’t help himself} If by “pine” you’re referring to “wood” then, yeah, you’re probably right.
The Boys: {Akhiro bursts out laughing}
The Boys: {Loch looks at David, arches a brow} That was just.. bad. And two… *mine*.
Girls: {Sangria laughs} It’s okay Tris. I know if you weren’t related to me my ass would be at the top of your list.
The Boys: {David smiles at Loch} What? Sang’s ass or my wood?
Girls: {The girls crack up}
The Boys: {Loch arches a brow, tries to act indignant, laughs} Asshole.
The Boys: {David smiles at Sang} Yep. He’s in a good mood, all right.
Girls: {Sangria laughs} And why shouldn’t he be. *my* ass and his wood had a very nice reunion.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles, glances at the door}
The Boys: {Loch smiles at Sang} Yes it did.
Girls: {Saige looks at David and smiles, leans back in her chair}
The Boys: {Akhiro looks at Sang} I didn’t realize you were into that.
Girls: {Sangria smiles at Akhiro} Oh.. *You* of all people should know better.
The Boys: {Ethan takes a sip of his beer} Hey, guys…
Girls: {the girls look at Ethan}
The Boys: {Ethan looks back at the others} So.. Brennan’s not coming back. He got the house from my grandmother.

The Boys: {the boys look at Ethan, Loch arches a brow} Damn. Nice, but.. sucks, too.
Girls: {Aubrey walks back over with beer and snacks from the bar, drops it all along with fresh mugs}
The Boys: {Tristan frowns} Why didn’t you tell us that the other night?
The Boys: {Ethan shrugs} I was pretty tired.
Girls: {Saige frowns} That sucks for us.. but is good for him.
Girls: {Taryn smiles} That’s great.
The Boys: {Ethan nods to Saige} It’s very good for him. On the upside… at least Van’ll be coming home.
Girls: {Saige smiles} That’s a good thing.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Depends on who you talk to.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} Oh? {Taryn shakes her head} When’s he coming home?
The Boys: {Ethan looks toward the door, smiles as Van walks into the bar with his arm around Siobhan, his hand resting on her hip and heads toward the table, Ethan smiles} Oh… I guess now’s good.
Girls: {Saige looks over and blinks} Fuck me… is that Siobhan?
The Boys: {the boys look over, collectively blink and/or arch their brows and smile seeing Van and then realizing Siobhan’s with him, Akhiro looks at Ethan} Siobhan? When the hell did *she* get back?
The Boys: {Ethan shrugs} Oh.. sometime last night.
The Boys: {Tristan blinks} She looks… wow.
The Boys: {Loch smiles} *That* is a nice dress.
The Boys: {David bursts out laughing} Nice dress? {shakes his head} Yeah. We’ll go with that.
Girls: {Siobhan walks in like she’s walking the red carpet at an awards show, she’s wearing a dark green minidress with black lace covering her abdomen, the back is non-existent, she’s got on sky high heels that match the dress, a green gemstone necklace, and she’s obviously been coiffed and made up, the tiredness gone from her face, replaced by a radiant smile}
Girls: {Taryn looks at Ethan, smiles} I think a better question is *why* is she back? And Is she staying this time.
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles} I am *so* going to be the first to get on that. {gets up and heads over to Van and Siobhan, meeting her and Van halfway, Van lets her go and Akhiro hugs her tightly}
Girls: {Saige watches Van}
The Boys: {Ethan smiles at Akhiro, mutters} Second. {as he walks over, looks at Taryn} She’s burned out and, yes, she’s staying.
Girls: {Siobhan hugs Akhiro back just as tightly} Hey…
Girls: {Taryn smiles} It’s about time.
The Boys: {Van smiles at Akhiro, looks over at the table, his eyes moving over the group and stopping on Saige, smiles, looks back at Akhiro and Siobhan}
The Boys: {Akhiro lets her go, looks her over} Damn, girl. I think you just set the bar on fire.
Girls: {Taryn jumps out of her chair and goes over and Hugs Van} Nice to have you back.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at the others} She’s staying with us now. In Brennan’s old room.
The Boys: {Van hugs Taryn tightly, smiles} Thanks. It’s nice to be back.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles and shakes her head} Thanks. You’re looking pretty hot yourself, Akhiro.
Girls: {Siobhan hugs Akhiro back warmly}
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles} I do what I can as often as I can. How are you?
Girls: {Siobhan looks at Van then back at Akhiro} I’m much better now. Thank you. How’ve you been?
Girls: {Saige nods} That’s cool. You guys always seemed pretty close.
The Boys: {Akhrio looks at her} I can’t complain, actually. I’m sure Ethan’s gotten you up to speed. Things were a little tense there for a bit, but it’s good now. {looks at Van} I can’t believe he didn’t tell us you were home. Either of you.
The Boys: {Ethan nods to Saige} Yeah, well… you know. {smiles} It is what it is.
The Boys: {Van looks at Akhiro, smiles} He probably forgot with all the drama that’s apparently been going on here.
The Boys: {Tristan gets up and grabs a couple of more chair, puts them at the table and walks over to Siobhan and Van, smiles at them, to Akhiro} You going to let the rest of us talk to them? Damn.
Girls: {Taryn smiles at Tristan} We’re working on it.
Girls: {Saige smiles} I do know.
The Boys: {Tristan smiles at Taryn} We need to work faster. We’ve got to get ready soon and the rest of us want to grope, too.
Girls: {Sangria looks at Loch, Aubrey heads over to take more orders trying to get everyone set so she can watch the show}
The Boys: {Ethan nods to Saige, looks back at Van and Siobhan, smiles}
Girls: {Saige looks at Ethan, smiles} All right what *aren’t* you telling us?
The Boys: {Van looks at Tristan} Relax. If you don’t get to grope her now, you can grope her later.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at Saige} What?
Girls: {Siobhan looks at Van, then at Tristan, laughs and steps toward him, hugging him tightly}
Girls: {Saige smiles} Just wondering what you weren’t telling us.
The Boys: {Tristan smiles broadly, hugs her tightly and goes for the ass grab Akhiro slacked off on} Good to see you.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} What makes you think there’s something I’m not telling you?
Girls: {Saige laughs} Because there’s always something.
The Boys: {Ethan laughs} Babe.. {presses a hand to his chest, feigns innocence} I’ve got nothing.
Girls: {Siobhan laughs} Tristan! And here I thought *you* were the safe one.
The Boys: {Tristan smiles} I might be safe, but I’m not stupid.
The Boys: {Akhiro laughs} Damn. I knew I forgot something.
Girls: {Taryn smiles} There’s *nothing* safe about Tristan.
The Boys: {Tristan looks at Akhiro, letting her go, smiles} What was that about being the first to get on that? And then you forget the ass grab? Seriously? What the hell’s wrong with you?
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles} Guess I’m a little distracted.
The Boys: {Van looks at Siobhan, smiles}
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} Only a little? {Siobhan looks over her shoulder at Van and flashes a sultry smile at him}
The Boys: {Van’s expression changes very subtly and briefly, looks at Akhiro} If Siobhan’s not what’s distracting you, just come out of the closet *now* and get it over with.
The Boys: {Akhiro looks at Siobhan, smiles} Oh, she’s distracting all right.
The Boys: {Van nods, slips away from the group and heads over to the table, crossing the floor with his usual smooth, confident gait like he owns every room he walks into even when he’s trying to keep a low profile}
Girls: {Siobhan tosses her head back and laughs}
Girls: {Saige watches Van as she takes a long drink of her beer}
Girls: {Renee and Sangria exchange a glance}
The Boys: {Van takes a seat next to Ethan, grabs Ethan’s beer and takes a sip, hands it back to him} Same shit, different night, huh? {grabs a clean glass and pours his own}

The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Oh, yeah. Tony’ll never serve the good shit. No one around here can afford it.
The Boys: {Van nods, looks at the girls as he raises his glass, smiles} We’ve still got the best looking women, though. {looks at Saige and takes a sip}
The Boys: {Ethan smiles, nods} Yes, we do.
Girls: {the girls look over at Van, Renee arches a brow, Saige smiles shaking her head, Renee smiles} Flattery’ll get you everywhere.
The Boys: {Van smiles at Renee} That’s always been my experience. Too bad the market’s drying up. A guy might have to expand his hunting grounds. {looks at David} Congratulations, by the way. I heard the good news.
The Boys: {David smiles} Oh, I’m sure you heard more than that.
Girls: {Saige nod} Seriously.
The Boys: {Van nods} Of course. But I’d rather focus on the positive.
The Boys: {Loch nods} Yeah. Wouldn’t we all. {looks at Van} Ethan said Brennan’s staying down South.
The Boys: {Van nods} It’s a good move for him.
Girls: {Saige smiles} Doesn’t mean we won’t miss him though.
The Boys: {Van looks at Saige} I’ll make sure he knows that.
Girls: {Saige smiles} Thanks.
Girls: {Saige looks at David then back at Van} I was sorry to hear about your grandmother. I know you guys were close to her.
The Boys: {David looks at Saige, looks back at Van, Van nods} Thanks. We miss the hell out of her already, but.. we figure she’s probably giving God a hell of a way to go right now.

The Boys: {Ethan smiles, nods} Yeah.
Girls: {Saige nods} I bet she is from what I’ve heard about her.
The Boys: {Ethan takes a sip of his beer, looks toward the stage}
The Boys: {Van nods, looks at Ren, smiles} So.. was the spa worth what I’m paying for it?
The Boys: {referring to the date with the appointment girl}
The Boys: {Akhiro and Tristan head back to the table with Siobhan and Taryn}
Girls: {Renee nods} Totally… and thanks by the way. {smiles} Though I did make a complaint to the management about the snarkiness we encountered.
The Boys: {Van arches a brow} Snarkiness? {shakes his head} I can imagine.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at Van} I told Siobhan not to say too much about you for just that reason.
The Boys: {Van looks at Ethan, smiles} Guess I’m buying her flowers, too.
Girls: {Renee nods} Yes. I’ve encountered it before though. {shrugs} It’s dealt with though.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} As long as you’re not buying a ring.
The Boys: {Van nods to Ethan, looks at Ren, smiles} I figured as much.
Girls: {Renee laughs} Not that she’d turn it down.
The Boys: {Van smiles} Babe… {shakes his head} Nevermind. {smiles} I can’t even bring myself to say it.
Girls: {Renee arches a brow questioningly}
The Boys: {Van looks at her} Absolutely nothing.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles, looks at Siobhan when Akhiro pulls out a chair for her}
Girls: {Renee smiles and shakes her head}
Girls: {Siobhan sits down, smiles brightly at Akhiro} Thank you.
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles, nods, takes his seat, Tristan takes his seat, too}
Girls: {Taryn walks back over and sits next to Tristan}
The Boys: {Loch slams his beer} As much as we’re enjoying the party, we’ve gotta get ready.
The Boys: {Loch leans over and kisses Sang, whispers} Don’t let these guys anywhere *near* your ass.
The Boys: {The other boys slam their beers}
The Boys: {Loch nods toward Van} *Especially* that one.
Girls: {Sangria smiles kisses Loch back, softly} My ass is yours. No one’s gettin’ near it.
The Boys: {Loch nods, gets up and heads back stage}
Girls: {Sangria watches him go}
The Boys: {Akhiro watches Loch, smiles, gets up, looks at the girls} See you in a bit.
The Boys: {Tristan kisses Tyran, gets up and follows Loch}
Girls: {Renee smiles} We’ll be here. {Taryn watches Tristan go after kissing him back}
The Boys: {Akhiro nods, David kisses Saige, smiles} Be good. At least until after the show.
Girls: {Saige smiles at David} I’m *always* good baby.
The Boys: {David nods} Yeah, well.. don’t be *too* good either. {smiles again, shakes his head and heads back with Akhiro}
The Boys: {Ethan goes with them}
Girls: {Saige laughs and shakes her head, and smiles as he heads back stage}

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