April 26

Sex is Always the Answer – Suddenly, Sex Clubs!

The Boys: {the boys look at Saige, obviously surprised, Van bursts out laughing}
The Boys: {Ethan smiles at Saige} Nice.
The Boys: {Van smiles and shakes his head}
Girls: {Taryn looks Saige, blinks, opens her mouth to say something and closes it again, Renee looks at Taryn} Yeah..they’re real too.
The Boys: {Akhiro looks at Saige, arches a brow} And you didn’t take me, Tristan and Renee?
The Boys: {Tristan looks at Saige} Seriously. What’s up with that?
The Boys: {David looks at Taryn} She didn’t tell me *that* secret, either.
Girls: {Saige smiles} *I* didn’t know I was going. My Publisher’s gay assistant? You’ve met him.. he’s the one that makes a pass at you every time he sees you guys… he took me.. research for my new book.
Girls: {Sangria looks at Saige} I hate you right now you know that right?
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles, nods} I know him, yes.
The Boys: {Loch looks at Sang} Why?
Girls: {Sangria smiles at Loch} Because.. I’ve heard those places are cool as hell and I want to see one.
The Boys: {Loch arches a brow} You want to see a sex… {stops and thinks about it for a second, thinks about the words “sex”, what that implies, the word “club” and what *that* implies, nods} Yeah, all right. We’ll go *see* one.
Girls: {Saige looks at David, quietly} I didn’t tell anyone. I was.. intrigued by it and wasn’t sure what to do with it at all.
Girls: {Sangria smiles} *Really*?
The Boys: {David looks at Saige} I’m not bitchin’, I just don’t want Taryn thinkin’ I had somethin’ to do with that one, too.
The Boys: {Loch smiles} Yeah. Really. But no one’s touching your ass *there* either.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head and looks at Taryn, Taryn shakes her head} I don’t.
Girls: {Sangria almost pouts at him} Not even *you*?

The Boys: {Loch smirks} Oh, I’ll be all over that ass.
Girls: {Sangria smiles} Yeah baby.
The Boys: {Loch smiles}
Girls: {Saige looks at David} You wanna go?
The Boys: {David looks at Saige, smiles} *Me* in a sex club?
Girls: {Saige smiles} Sure.. *I* went.
The Boys: {David smiles} There’s that, yeah.
Girls: {Saige nods and smiles} We can drag Loch and Sang and Tristan and Taryn and Akhiro and Renee with us. {shrugs} And anyone else that wants to come.
The Boys: {David nods} Let me think about it.
Girls: {Saige nods} ALl right.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at Van, smiles} So I guess only the *couples* get to go.
Girls: {Saige looks over at Van}
The Boys: {Van smiles, looks at Saige} Taryn? I don’t see it.
Girls: {Taryn looks at Saige} I don’t see it. {Looks at Tristan}
The Boys: {Tristan looks at Taryn, smiles} If you don’t want to go, it’s cool.
Girls: {Taryn quietly} I don’t know if I want to.
The Boys: {Tristan nods} Then we’ll stay home.
Girls: {Renee looks at Akhiro}
Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan} That’s not what I meant. {quietly} I’m not sure how to explain it.
The Boys: {Akhiro looks at Renee, smiles} Still feeling adventurous?
The Boys: {Tristan nods} Okay. Well, we can talk about it later if you want. When it’s just us.
Girls: {Renee smiles} Always. {leans in and pulls her shoulder strap off revealing just a glimpse of the harness she pilfered from his closet}
Girls: {Taryn smiles} I don’t have enough information to know if I want to go or not. I can kind of guess what it is..
The Boys: {Akhiro looks at the strap, looks at her, smiles again} I guess that answers the question of where you’re sleeping tonight.
The Boys: {Tristan smiles} Oh!
Girls: {Taryn smiles when Tristan does}
Girls: {Renee smiles} I was hoping there wouldn’t be much sleep involved. {holds his look} I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed it.
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles} You’ve just given me motivation to leave early, that’s all.
Girls: {Renee laughs} Oh.. I love being your muse.
The Boys: {Akhiro, still smiling} Something else we have in common.
The Boys: {David leans over and whispers to Saige} If I don’t wanna go, are you gonna go without me?
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} there’d be no… reason to go.
The Boys: {David nods}
Girls: {Saige looks at him whispers} If I want to explore some of the things I saw will you?
The Boys: {David looks at her} Like what?
The Boys: {Van watches David and Saige covertly, looks at Renee}
Girls: {Saige shrugs} I don’t know.. {quietly} There were just some things that looked…interesting.
Girls: {Renee smiles at Akhiro, glances at David and Saige then glances at Van}
The Boys: {Van shakes his head slightly as if to say “it doesn’t look good”}
Girls: {Renee nods subtly}
The Boys: {Ethan looks at Aubrey, smiles} What about you?
Girls: {Aubrey smiles} I’ll give it a whirl.. Don’t know if you don’t try.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} All right, then. {looks at the others} Count me in. {looks at Van, smiles wickedly}
The Boys: {Van laughs} Ethan… {shakes his head} Fine. I’ll go. {looks at Ethan} But don’t expect me to get too comfortable. {shrugs} I just don’t know how I feel about going to a public venue that’s just wall to wall bodies fucking from room to room.

The Boys: {Loch finishes his beer} You guys talk it out. We’ve gotta get back on stage.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} That’s not entirely true.. there’s the room with the suspended women in fancy knots.
The Boys: {Ethan and Van look at Saige, at the same time as Akhiro} Shibari.
The Boys: {Loch arches his brow} What?
Girls: {Sangria looks at Akhiro} Bless you.
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles at Van and Ethan, to Loch} Japanese rope bondage.
Girls: {Renee smiles} A series of intricately tied knots binding the subject in various artful positions.
The Boys: {Akhiro smiles at Renee} Yes.

The Boys: {Ethan nods} Takes a lot of time and patience I don’t have.
Girls: {Renee shrugs} I looked it up.
The Boys: {Ethan and Van look at Renee, Van} Of course. How else would any of us know what it was.
Girls: {Sangria looks at Renee} *Where* did you find that?
The Boys: {Van looks at Sang} The library.
Girls: {Saige smiles} That room was *amazing*.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} The book store.
The Boys: {Ethan and Van at the same time} The internet.
Girls: {Renee shrugs} I googled it.
Girls: {Sangria pulls out her phone and Googles it, hands the phone with a picture on it to Loch}
The Boys: {Loch looks at it} That shit looks painful.
The Boys: {David reaches over and takes the phone from Sang, looks at it, hands it to Taryn}
Girls: {Sangria smiles} It does.
The Boys: {Van smiles at Saige} Which room was your favorite?
Girls: {Taryn looks at the photo and look at Tristan, leans in and whispers} Can you do that?
The Boys: {Tristan looks at it, looks at Taryn} That’s more Akhiro’s thing.
Girls: {Saige smile} That room and the spanking podium. I did not like the guy in the Domination room he was scary and kept looking at me funny. I also thought the sound proof, dark room..desensitization chamber I think… was pretty cool.. I could hear the blood in my veins.
The Boys: {Van nods, Ethan smiles} That club sounds… interesting.
Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan softly} It looks painful but it’s.. almost pretty.
The Boys: {Tristan looks at Tyran} Akhiro says wrapping the ropes and tying the knots is relaxing. He says it’s an art form, really.
Girls: {Saige smiles} Interesting does not begin to describe it. If you weren’t there to participate there were rules you had to follow. {shrugs} There was this one room that I didn’t stay in very long.. there were women in it with clear suction cups on them that they were heating.. and there were these guys in full black latex suits… that was another room…at least I think they were guys there may have been a girl or two also.. I’m talking *complete* suits.
The Boys: {Loch looks at Saige} Do I wanna know where this is going?
Girls: {Saige shrugs} I don’t know.. I got pulled away.
Girls: {Saige looks at Van}
The Boys: {Van looks at Saige}
Girls: {Saige smiles} I didn’t get a chance to really stay too long in any one room and I was kind of overwhelmed. The one room he pulled me out of was the Shibari room.
The Boys: {Van lights a cigarette, Ethan smiles} Did you get to see any scene play?
Girls: {Saige looks at Ethan} Some..
The Boys: {Ethan nods} And? What was it like?
The Boys: {Van looks at Ethan} Loch said you guys had to get back on stage.
The Boys: {Loch nods} Yes, I did.
Girls: {Saige smiles} I’ll tell you later.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} Right. {looks at Saige, smiles} You’re on.
The Boys: {Loch kisses Sang} Let me up, baby.
Girls: {Saige smiles} Actually *you* are.
Girls: {Sangria stands and smiles} I was comfortable too.
The Boys: {Loch smiles} Sucks. {gets up} Don’t get too comfortable while I’m gone.
Girls: {Sangria smiles} Never fear.
The Boys: {the band heads back to the stage with Loch, talking about the subject at hand}
Girls: {Saige looks at Van, shrugs}
The Boys: {Van watches them go, looks at Saige for a second, looks at Siobhan} You want something harder?
Girls: {Siobhan nods} Yes please.
The Boys: {Van nods, looks at the other girls} Anyone else?
Girls: {Renee smiles} Yes please…
Girls: {Sangria, and Taryn shake their heads, Saige nods} Yes thank you. {Aubrey goes back to work}
The Boys: {Van nods} I’ll be right back. {gets up and heads to the bar}
Girls: {the girls talk about the club, Saige gets up and goes over to the bar, quietly to Van} Thought I’d help you carry some of the drinks back.
The Boys: {Van looks over at her, smiles} It’s three drinks. I could *probably* handle, it, but.. knock yourself out.
Girls: {Saige smiles} Okay actually.. I was.. well.. wondering how that went from the outside.
The Boys: {Van smiles again} You sounded pretty enthusiastic there for a bit, but, yeah, I think it was good. I expected people to start remembering they were busy whatever night that was going to be when you said”desensitization chamber” and “dominating guy” that looked at you funny.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} Yeah.. David is thinking about it.
The Boys: {Van shakes his head} David is keeping his mouth shut because you dropped it in front of god and everyone. He’s not down with it.
Girls: {Saige nods} yeah.. I didn’t think so either.. so I’m probably going to be busy that night.
The Boys: {Van nods, watches the bartender make their drinks} I figured.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} Van.. {sighs} I don’t know what to say…
The Boys: {Van looks at her} What are you talking about?
Girls: {Saige looks at the bar as she runs her finger over a knot in the wood} I want to go.. but if he doesn’t….
The Boys: {Van nods} Then you can’t really go. Not to a *sex* club.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} You’re… irritated?
The Boys: {Van shakes his head} No. {looks at her} I’m just thinking this through.
Girls: {Saige looks at him for a moment} All right.
The Boys: {Van lowers his voice} It’s something you should have talked to him about alone. *Before* making it a group activity. I’ll probably end up being busy that night because I’m not a fan of the idea of being recognized and having to explain it to my friends.

Girls: {Saige shakes her head} SO we don’t go to *that* one or even one in New York.
The Boys: {Van nods, smiles} Yeah, well.. it kind of rules out D.C., too. And Baltimore.
Girls: It doesn’t really matter he’s not gonna want to go.
The Boys: {Van nods again} Probably not.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} It’s tilting at windmills anyway.
The Boys: {Van looks at her} Tilting at windmills?
Girls: {Saige nods} yes.. fooliish.. or fighting an unwinnable battle.
The Boys: {Van smiles} That’s a bit fatalistic, isn’t it?
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} I don’t think so. I can’t really see him doing something like that.
The Boys: {Van nods, pulls out his wallet and pays the bartender when he brings the drinks over} Guess it’s a good thing it’s not something you think too much about. You’ll probably never even miss it. {puts his wallet away, hands her one of the drinks which is a ’57 Chevy}
Girls: {Saige takes the drink and nods} Yeah.. guess you’re right. Thanks.
The Boys: {Van slides her one of the two shots which is Liquid Cocaine, smiles} No problem. {slams the other Liquid Cocaine, looks at her}
Girls: {Saige smiles and does the shot, shakes her head} Damn.
The Boys: {Van smiles again} You’ll *really* be feeling that one in a couple of minutes. {picks up the other two drinks} Just for the record… my only regret is that I’ll never get you over a spanking bench. {heads back toward the table}
Girls: {Saige watches Van walk back to the table, mutters} Yeah.. me too. {heads back over carrying her drink}
The Boys: {Van resumes his seat, sets Siobhan’s Rum Runner in front of her, smiles at her} I’ll make the next one chocolate.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} I think I love you. {picks up the Rum Runner and takes a sip} Thanks.
The Boys: {Van nods} You’re welcome. {takes a sip from his drink}

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