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Sex is Always the Answer – Ethan and Siobhan, David Gives in to Temptation

The Boys: {Ethan gets her outside, moves his arm to drape it around her shoulders, smiles} You’re actually good at that acting thing. {looks at her} So.. you want to leave Van’s car here and walk? It’s not that far.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} Sure, and thanks… I try.
The Boys: {Ethan nods, furrows his brow} Or.. we could take the car if those shoes are hurting your feet.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} No.. I’m used to walking in shoes like this.
The Boys:  All right. in the direction of the diner and the apartment}
Girls: {Siobhan walks with him, smiling}
The Boys: {Ethan looks over at her, smiles} What?
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} I just hope they fell for it.
The Boys: {Ethan laughs} Babe.. if they didn’t, they think we snuck out to ravage each other in the parking lot. Let ’em think what they want.
Girls:  That’s great.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles again, nods} It’s just the way they think. {looks at her} So.. you and Van.. what’s going on there? You guys just a one night thing or are you fuck buddies now or are you looking at something maybe a little more than that?
Girls: {Siobhan looks at him at the same time he speaks} I thought you’d be bringing Aubrey home with you again. What happened?
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} I actually thought about it, but.. then I heard David and Loch talking in the bathroom and figured I probably wanted to leave that one alone and see where it goes.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles again} Besides.. I’d rather hang out with you.
Girls: {Siobhan looks over at him} David and Loch were talking about Aubrey? That’s awkward.
The Boys:  Not really. It’s one thing fucking around with your friend’s ex. When that ex was just in the parking lot telling the friend that she’s still in love with him and wanting to know if he felt the same.. that’s a little bit different. And you didn’t answer my question.
Girls: {Siobhan shakes her head} I don’t know where it’s going with Van. We didn’t talk about it.. {shrugs} I’m thinking it was just a one night thing.
The Boys: {Ethan nods}
Girls: {Siobhan looks at him} Aubrey’s in love with David?
The Boys: {Ethan nods} That’s the rumor.
Girls:  Can I make an observation?
The Boys: {Ethan looks at her} Sure.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} I think you deserve someone… not like her.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} “Not like her”? What do you mean? What’s “like her”?

Girls: {Siobhan shakes her head} I don’t know.. someone.. {sighs} this is going to make me sound very bad.. but classier.
Girls: {Siobhan shrugs} Intelligent.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at her} Siobhan?
Girls: {Siobhan looks over at him} Yes…
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} I took her home and fucked her like a whore. I wasn’t planning on more. {shrugs} I was horny. She was into it. We both needed it. And that was that.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} I didn’t know.. that’s all it was.
Girls: {Siobhan shakes her head} and It’s really none of my business either.. I’m sorry.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at her} I know I’m like.. the epitome of the typical male pig for saying that, but.. it’s the truth. And… she wouldn’t stop going *on* about the accident. And I feel like a dick for saying that because she probably needed someone to listen to that, to. {smiles} We’re friends. You can say whatever you want. Stick your nose into whatever you want. It’s okay.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} Wow.. that’s strange she didn’t seem to want to talk about it tonight at all.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} Funny about that, huh? {looks at her} I expected her to talk David’s ear off about it when he asked. {smiles} Maybe she got what she needed last night.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} Maybe…
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} Or maybe she didn’t want to answer the questions he was asking.
The Boys:  Like.. why didn’t you call *me* which is the question he *wanted* to ask but said “us” instead.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} Yes.. exactly.
The Boys:  David is.. an interesting subject. And I know probably everything there is to know about him because he’s the kind of guy I try not to be. And I mean that in terms of interpersonal relationships, not.. character or anything.
Girls: {Siobhan looks over at him} I understand that. So what did you get from eaves dropping?

The Boys:  Pretty much, I got.. Aubrey made David feel cornered. He took a walk which is his usual tactic so he can get room to breathe and work shit out and told her he’d call her when he could have the conversation about how he does or does not feel. Loch is actively encouraging him to have that talk now. The thing is.. I don’t think David meant what Loch thinks he meant and David is perfectly fine letting with not clarifying.
The Boys: {looks at her} In other words, I think when David said “I’ll call you when” he wasn’t talking about “when I’m single”. When he said I can’t have this conversation now, I think he meant “because my girlfriend is inside waiting for me” as opposed to.. well, pick a meaning. So, I think when he said, “I’ll call you when I can”, he actually meant like.. tomorrow or when she’s not around or.. and here’s what I’m almost sure it is.. when I’ve had time to sort how I’m going to deal with you.
The Boys: fine letting with not clarifying-fine with not clarifying
The Boys: {Ethan shrugs} He panicked.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} I guess he did. I can understand why too.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} And I think he feels guilty as fuck which I’m pretty sure is new for him.
Girls: {Siobhan frowns} Why? He didn’t do anything.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at her} He didn’t know. He didn’t know she almost got killed, that she was lying in a hospital bed while he was fucking groupies and playing whatever games he and Saige play.
The Boys:  And he was pissed and angry and therefore drunk a *lot* over this girl thinking she was just a raging bitch that left him again and she was lying in a hospital bed.
Girls: {Siobhan shakes her head} He can’t hold himself responsible for something he didn’t know. That’s just…he can’t.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at her} So.. he wasn’t there. He couldn’t.. make up for anything. {nods} *I* know that and *you* know that and he’ll figure it out when he gets five minutes without Loch up his ass.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} He’d better.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} If David is nothing else.. he is extremely fucking resilient.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} Okay.. So {smiles} Tell me about Van and Saige.

The Boys: {Ethan laughs} Van and Saige… {smiles, shakes his head} Where to start. Saige was Van’s first fuck *and* his first love. And shit just didn’t work out like teenage “first” bullshit usually doesn’t.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} But he still has feelings for her.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} He hasn’t said so in a while, but.. I can tell it’s there. {looks at her} I see a lot more than he realizes. For all the shit he doesn’t tell me.. I see more than enough to make up for it. Like.. when I walk into the room and see him looking at his phone and thinking real hard. Sometimes it’s in the way he *avoids* talking about her.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} So when he said he’d take her to a sex club when she was single to call him he meant it.
The Boys: {Ethan shrugs} I know he thinks about her a lot. It’s hard not to when she’s probably his closest friend *and* when she’s usually the topic of discussion with everyone else. {looks at her} Oh, he totally meant that.
Girls: {Siobhan looks at him} Okay. {smiles} So maybe they need someone else to talk about.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} Maybe. I know that the message she said she got tonight, probably wasn’t the message he was trying to send her.
Girls: {Siobhan tilts her head} Which she wouldn’t have said out loud in front of every one. What do you think the message was?
The Boys: {Ethan looks ather} Simple. It wasn’t call me when you get rid of the boyfriend. It was “get rid of the boyfriend”.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} Okay which also fits with him hauling her out earlier.
The Boys: {Ethan shrugs} Apparently, Ren was talking to him about Saige and David and talked him into talking to Saige and trying to straighten her out. {looks at her} Apparently, he had some pretty heavy ammo.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} I can’t imagine what it was.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} I have no idea but I *do* know he was originally planning on calling her when we were at the store and telling her he was home, wanted to see her and what to wear to the bar just to see if she’d do it.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} He totally *should* do that.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} He totally should. Only reason he didn’t was because Ren talked him out of it. And they thought it’d be more beneficial to see her reaction when she first saw him.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} Yeah.. but there’s the party tomorrow.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Yes, there is.
The Boys: {Ethan shakes his head} I’m not sure if he’d do it, though.
Girls: {Siobhan looks at him} Oh.. yes he will. Because the reasoning behind it is sound.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at her} The reasoning being what?
Girls: {Siobhan pulls him over to a bench and sits} If he does and she does then he’ll know she’ll listen to him. Which gives him the upper hand.
The Boys:  Yeah, but.. the problem is he’s between a rock and a hard place on that. He already knows he’s got the upper hand. That was evidenced tonight when he got her to won up to the engagement being fake. Thing is, she’s with David and David’s our friend. And Van doesn’t shit where he eats. Meaning he doesn’t shit on his friends.

The Boys: {Ethan shrugs} *But*.. she’s.. special.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} And *she* might not know how much she listens to him. You know?
The Boys:  So.. what are you thinking? If she realizes she listens to him.. *trusts* him.. more than David, maybe she’ll make a decision based on that? Or at least come to an understanding about said relationship?
The Boys: {Ethan pulls out his cigarettes and lights two, hands her one} And I don’t doubt for a second she trusts Van more than David. Hell, I’d say she probably trusts Van more than anyone on the planet. Or at least feels safer with him than anyone on the planet. And if she doesn’t, she should because…. {shakes his head} Then again, she probably has no idea how much she means to him.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} I think.. {looks at him, takes the cigarette hits it, exhales} Thanks.. I think that he means more to her then she realizes. I think that’s why she jumped from Akhiro to David and why she came clean about the engagement. I think she realized that Akhiro is very much like Van and that was *too* close. Does that make any sense.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at her confused} Akhiro was too close? To what? Her?
Girls: {Siobhan nods} To her and to being like Van, at least I think he is.
The Boys:  Akhiro isn’t as.. I don’t know.. serious? I mean, he can be. And they’re both really caring guys. Especially when it comes to the people they’re close to. But I think the thing that might mean something here is that Van is like *her*, too. And Akhiro isn’t. Akhiro is very open. She and Van aren’t. But they seem to be with each other.
Girls:  Which I think is why they can be with each other. they know their secrets are safe.
The Boys: {Ethan frowns} Actually.. I’m not sure he’s any more open with her than anyone else. I think the difference is *she* could get him to open up where others can’t if the environment’s right and she pushes it.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} As much power as Van seems to have over her.. she has some over him too and I don’t think she realizes that. I don’t think she realizes he’d move mountains for her.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} I don’t think she does either. I think she’s afraid to let herself…totally trust another person.. because she’s afraid they’ll leave too. But I think if anyone has the potential to get her there it’s Van because she does listen to him.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} Hell, I think she’s halfway there already. {looks at her} They were talking about how David was there and took charge and helped her with all this shit like Justin’s send off, right? That’s the same shit Van would’ve done. Only he wouldn’t have had to try nearly as hard to get through to her.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} So let me ask you this.. is he better off with her or without her?
The Boys: {Ethan shakes head} Van? I don’t know. I think she’s the only reason he came back here and didn’t just move straight to one of the big cities like he was talking about when he got out of school. I know that much.
Girls:  Wow.. that had to be a crushing blow to him. To come home and find her with someone else.
The Boys:  I think it was, yeah, but more than that was to find out how utterly in love she was with the guy. But he stayed because at least he’s still part of her life and they’re still close even if they aren’t together. It’s almost like they need each other, yanno? Like he just needs to be near her even if it’s just the same town. I think he’d stay even if he didn’t see her all the time just because he feels… I don’t know. I think she’s just as much a part of what makes this his home as I am.
The Boys:  And I’ve been hearing all these stories about how bad her behavior’s been while we were gone, but tonight’s the first time I’ve seen her and she was fine. I mean.. I didn’t even see the smaller shit she was already doing when we left. It was like she never changed.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} I know she and I met up in New York once and she was telling me how she could never leave here. She wouldn’t tell me why or anything.. but maybe it’s the same thing for her too. But Van was there tonight.
The Boys:  And we *could* say oh, it’s because of the send off and David and she finally let go and all that, but I heard she was still being…. difficult to be around even after that.

The Boys: {Ethan shrugs} For Loch, anyway.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} I can understand that.
The Boys:  What I’m saying is.. it *is* possible Van being there tonight balanced her out. But we’ll never know for sure because we weren’t around her when he wasn’t here.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} No we weren’t.. but everyone else was.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} Yeah, but.. she was also in Leesburg with David until today.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} Yes she was. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow night.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} I guess so.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at her} So..yeah. I’m not really into getting with women who are into other guys, so.. Aubrey’s not going to happen.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} I can understand that. {smiles} You want their attention on you and their head in your game. Not to mention the comparing and stuff like that.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} Exactly.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} And I think I know you well enough to know you’re the same way, so.. I’m guessing Van’s out even if he did want something more.

The Boys: {Ethan, still smiling}And, you know.. *you* deserve someone who’s all about you and not in love with someone else.
Girls: {Siobhan nods and smiles} So do you though. You deserve the same things. And yes.. Van is out in light of the fact that he’s in love with Saige.
The Boys: {Ethan frowns} Well.. I think he is anyway. {looks at her} Close enough, right?
Girls: {Siobhan nods} Exactly.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} So.. got your eye on anyone else?
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} There’s only one other guy I’d consider. {looks at him}
The Boys: {Ethan looks at her, smiles again} Yeah? Anyone I know? I could hook you up. Whoever he is, I know he’d be all about it.
Girls: {Siobhan tilts her head} Oh.. and how do you know?
The Boys: {Ethan flicks his cigarette into the street} Because he’s been kicking himself for letting you go home with his brother last night.
Girls: {Siobhan laughs, hits her cigarette and drops it, steps on it} Oh? {smiles} He has been? Poor thing. Why’d he do it then?
The Boys:  I have no idea. I guess he needed to get the sexual frustration out of the way to make sure he was thinking straight. And we didn’t actually expect you guys to *leave*. We thought you were coming back in.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Guess he pulled that hug thing on me again. Getting to you before I did.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} Something like that. So you’re thinking straight now?
The Boys: {Ethan nods} Yes, I am. {looks at her} And I do see what you do for me. And I know what you do *to* me. And I see the way you look at me and the way you always seem to look for me first when you need someone. And I like that. And I knew, when you *didn’t* get heavily involved with any of those actors and leading men, that one day you’d get that bug out of your system and you’d come home.

Girls: {Siobhan holds his look} Actors suck. And they’ve got no rhythm they’re selfish and insecure and most of them are children. {smiles} I don’t need or want a child. {softly} I never have… they were distractions.
The Boys:  Yeah, see? I think I knew that, too. The only real competition *you* ever had was Sang.
Girls: {Siobhan laughs} Oh.. I know you’d drop me like a hot potato if she came up free again. {grins}
The Boys: {Ethan laughs} Hell, yeah.
The Boys:  Yanno, Siobhan.. you can take the girl out of the small town, but you can’t take the small town out of the girl.
Girls: {Siobhan walks with him} Why are you telling me that? I think I did pretty well considering. {Smiles} I even got Y’all out of my vocabulary.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at her} Yeah, I don’t even know where you got that from to begin with. We’re *way* too close to DC to talk like that. That’s for those hicks farther South.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} My paternal grandmother who I spent most summers with lived in Georgia. {shrugs} It stuck.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} That explains that. {looks at her} You start to miss New York, we’ll take a road trip and make a weekend out of it. But you’re not going back. You’re staying right here with me. {smiles} Unless the band ends up in New York. then you’ll be *there* but with *me*.
Girls:  I like it here, I like being able to walk outside and not be mobbed, and not have to worry about which photographer is lurking in the bushes or rooting through my trash. I like being closer to my friends, and the people I care about. The *only* way I’m going back there is if you’re with me.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Deal.
Girls: {Siobhan leans in and kisses his cheek}Deal.

The Boys:  Let’s go get Van’s dinner. You feel like take out tonight? We can get ours to go, too. I don’t think you’ve been in the apartment more than five minutes since you got back. Last night not withstanding.
The Boys: {Ethan shrugs} And you’ve still got to unpack.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} Yes.. I would like that very much. {smiles} Please.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} That’s what we’ll do then. And go home and get in our pajamas and be lazy the rest of the night. Maybe later we can get a little more… active. {looks at her} And in the morning we can sleep in.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} That sounds.. great. {sighs} Maybe even watch a movie while we eat?
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Definitely. {grins} 9 1/2 weeks?
The Boys: Weeks?
Girls: {Siobhan nods} My favorite.
The Boys:  *That* should’ve made you laugh. Guess I’ll have to try harder.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} I like that movie… {grins} Why should it make me laugh?
The Boys:  Yanno what? I’ll show you while we’re watching it.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} All right. {looks at him} I’m glad I came home.
The Boys:  Baby.. I am *ecstatic* that you came home. Especially after seeing you in that dress. You must be freezing your ass off.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} Well,… only a little.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} I’ll take care of *that* when we get home, too.
Girls: {Siobhan laughs} Oh.. I can’t wait to see how you do that.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles wickedly} Body heat. Lots and lots of body heat.
Girls:  Aww we’re gonna snuggle.
The Boys: {Ethan arches a brow} What’s wrong with that?
Girls: {Siobhan laughs again} Absolutely nothing. I *like* cuddling. I wasn’t being sarcastic.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Good. Because I’m sure we’ll get to the cuddling eventually.
The Boys: {Ethan stops outside the diner, opens the door} By the way.. I like to spoon. Makes it easier to take care of my morning wood issue without too much effort on your part.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} As long as I’m awake for it.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Good girl.
Girls: {Siobhan arches a brow} Why’s that?
The Boys:  Because if you think this is going to be a sexless relationship, you’re in for a surprise.
Girls: {Siobhan sighs} Damn.. I was so hoping.
The Boys:  I know. Sucks to be you. And it’s going to suck even more that I actually *will* require you to be awake and actively participating in the sex part. With a look of ecstasy on your face which shouldn’t be too difficult because I’ve got some pretty nimble fingers. And everything else is pretty talented too, if I do say so myself.
Girls:  Require me? Oh reeally?
The Boys: {Ethan smiles when she laughs} Absolutely.

Girls: {Siobhan looks at him very seriously} Yes sir.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at her, smiles again} Those are my *only* rules. If you can’t live with them, you should tell me now.
Girls: {Siobhan smiles} I think I can handle those.
The Boys:  See? You were made for me.
Girls:  Yes I was. We were made for each other.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} Yes, we were. {takes her hand and leads her inside}

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