April 26

Sex is Always the Answer – Day

Taryn sat at her desk, a ledger open in front of her.  Her mind wasn’t on the numbers on the page though, nor was it on the horses outside. It floated between Tristan and Saige.  Her sister was engaged.  Her sister the self-proclaimed sex beast had found someone to tame her.  It didn’t really surprise her that much that it was David.  A whore himself with a revolving door on his dressing room.  Taryn had no doubt that it would be spinning again or that Saige’s would either.  Unless what Tristan and Sangria were saying was true.  That David and Saige had feelings for each other all along.  She could see it.  David was the one that told her no.  He was also the one that came up with the idea to fix her and stood with her while she did.


Taryn didn’t feel the need to share her body with every guy that crossed her path.  Her attraction to Tris though was undeniable.  She’d wanted him for a while.  At least since she’d started training at the dojo.  She smiled…that had been a big part of how she got interested in it to begin with.  They’d offered a self defense class that all of the grils had taken.  The others had dropped out after awhile leaving Taryn to fend for herself.  Which she did by joining the second level class… and the third and continued to raise in the ranks of the Dojo.. until they’d presented her with a belt.  She’d never even realized she was training for anything and she’d been given a blue belt. She’d just figured the white was the uniform.  As of right now she held a Purple belt and was very near to earning her brown belt.  Taryn laid down the pencil she held and watched as the horses ran playing with each other.


She smiled thinking about the other night.  Tristan had tied her up and then blindfolded her.  She knew it was an exercise in trust and was showing him that she truly did.  She was willing to go where he led her.  She was willing to show him how much she was willing to give.  She’d actually liked the things he’d done.  Only once catching a twinge of fear when he’d gotten somewhat aggressive, it wasn’t so much fear as uncertainty, due to the fact she’d never seen him do that.  They’d experimented and played and she’d tried new things, a *lot* of new things.  Most of which she’d only read about in books.  She still didn’t get Akhiro’s need for toys that required instruction manuals to use but that was okay.  She didn’t see herself getting *that* into it, and any questions she had she’d ask.


Taryn closed the book and left the office.  She went out to the barn and started her daily chores.  Her routine.  She was actually looking forward to having someone around to help and talk to.  David was perfect she remembered how good he’d been with the horses when they met.  It had been one of the things that attracted her to him.. the other was that body.  He’d been working without a shirt and oh my god, how she’d wanted to touch that six pack.  She’d never had that reaction to a guy before.  She remembered the tingling she felt in her stomach as he’d checked her out and then walked over to her.  They’d talked for a few mintues…that evening they’d run into each other again while she was looking at the horses again in their stalls.  She’d thought she was alone in the barn, and was talking to the horses when she’d heard a voice answer her and then burst out laughing at her response.  He’d stepped out of an empty stall and she’d stood rooted to the spot she stood in.  The next thing she knew he was kissing her and they were in the empty stall he’d so recently left.  When they were finished they’d talked somemore and she’d gone home.  They’d bought two of those horses for the farm and still had one of them.  Her’s.  The horse she was saddling now.  He’d been a pain to train and was still somewhat unruly.     But Taryn didn’t mind.


She rode fast and hard through the fields behind the ranch up into the woods only turning around because she had to get back to meet everyone at the bar.

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