April 26

Sex is Always the Answer – David and Aubrey, New Management

The Boys: {Ethan looks at Sang} In that frame of mind?
The Boys: {Loch looks at Saige, smiles} You’re right. He *is* a man of action.
The Boys: {Loch, being facetious}
Girls: {Sangria nods} Yeah.. Hell *I* remembered to grab underwear when I left Loch.
The Boys: {Loch looks at Sang} You went home. Your underwear was there waiting on you.
Girls: {Sangria smiles}YEah.. but I grabbed the changes I kept here.
The Boys: {Loch smirks} That wasn’t you thinking ahead, that was you thinking “fuck him” and clearing your shit out of my place.
The Boys: {David walks up to Aubrey} Aubrey. Take your break. We need to talk.
Girls: {Sangria nods} Yeah.. but the end result was the same.
Girls: {Aubrey looks at David and nods} Um.. {shrugs}okay. {Looks at the tender} I’m taking my break.
The Boys: {David looks over at Tony who nods, looks at Aubrey} Let’s go outside. The whole goddamn world doesn’t need the show.
Girls: {Aubrey blinks} Sure. Okay. {heads for the back door}
The Boys: {David follows her out the door to the back alley, lights two cigarettes once they get outside and hands her one}
Girls: {Aubrey takes the cigarette, hits it} What’s up babe?
The Boys: {David takes a hard drag off his, looks at it, on the exhale} Did you go to DC because of me?
Girls: {Aubrey looks at him, gathering her thoughts} David.. my accident was not your fault. I was taken out by a drunk with an 18 wheeler. Not yours or mine. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
The Boys: {David gives her a long look, nods} All right.
Girls: {Aubrey looks at him} What’s eatin’ ya?
The Boys: {David shake his head} Nothin’. Just.. yanno.. my friends like to sit around making up a lot of theories but don’t do a whole lot about provin’ ’em.
Girls: {Aubrey nods} Can I ask you somethin’?
The Boys: {David looks at her} Yeah. Of course.
Girls: {Aubrey smiles} Why’d we break up?
The Boys: {David arches a brow, smiles} Are you bein’ cute?
Girls: {Aubrey shakes her head} No.. I look at you and I can’t think of one good reason why I’d break up with you.

The Boys: {David laughs softly, shakes his head} Babe… {looks at her} Same reason as the first time. And the last time, you said you couldn’t think of a good reason you’d go out with me again.
Girls: {Aubrey nods} Yeah.. well I may have lied.
The Boys: {David leans back against the wall, takes another drag, looks over at her, smiles again} And you said that the second time we got together.

Girls: {Aubrey smiles and shakes her head, steps toward him} Yeah? Guess I have to come up with some new material.
The Boys: {David nods} Looks that way. The last time, though.. I was pretty sure I wasn’t gonna hear you say either of those things again because that time was the *first* time you said the love was gone.
Girls: {Aubrey tilts her head and looks at him} Are you *sure* I said that?
The Boys: {David looks at her} Babe.. I’ll never be drunk enough to forget *you* sayin’ *that*.
The Boys: {David smile} Trust me. I’ve tried.
Girls: {Aubrey shakes her head} I’m sorry. {steps closer to him}
The Boys: {David looks at her} For what, babe? You never pull punches, why would you start with that?
Girls: {Aubrey shrugs} I guess it’s gone for you then too?

The Boys: {David looks at her over his cigarette as he takes another drag, shrugs} It was fun while it lasted.
Girls: {Aubrey nods} I see. {shakes her head, looks at him, hits her cigarette} So even if I was wrong it wouldn’t matter?
The Boys: {David shakes his head} What’re ya doin’, Aubrey?
Girls: {Aubrey shrugs} You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ so I guess it really doesn’t matter.
The Boys: {David looks at her, arches a brow} Seriously? “You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’?”
Girls: {Aubrey smiles} Yeah.. I know.
The Boys: {David smiles, shakes his head, looks down the street} You know this isn’t a conversation I can have right now.
Girls: {Aubrey looks at him} I was hopin’ there wouldn’t be a lot of talking goin’ on.
The Boys: {David looks back at her, takes a long drag of his cigarette before flicking it into the street} I’ll call you when I *can* have it. {pushes off the wall, walks back to the door and goes inside}
Girls: {Aubrey arches her brow and heads back inside to the bar}
Girls: {dropping her cigarette on the way in}
The Boys: {David walks back to the table and resumes his seat, looks at the others} She got nailed by a drunk driver i an 18 wheeler. Not my fault.
The Boys: {the boys nod, Loch smiles} But you were worried there.
The Boys: {David shakes his head} Not now, Loch. Christ.
Girls: {Saige watches David, smiles and moves into his lap}
The Boys: {David puts an arm around her, picks up his beer with his free hand and drinks}
The Boys: {Ethan looks at Van, Van looks at Ethan, looks over at Aubrey} Fair enough.
Girls: {Aubrey moves around the bar glancing at the table as she passes, flashing smiles at whoever is looking, taking mental notes of the snippets of conversation as she goes}

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