April 30

Rattlin’ the Cage Inside Me – Wrapping Up The Loose Ends

Samuel took Saige back to her house.  She let him know that she’d taken care of the room and the car.  She also gave him the duffel bag of stuff she’d taken from the room and the car.  Perhaps the most disturbing thing about what was in the bag were the pictures of Samuel and Bree with Bree’s face replaced by Dee’s.

Once at the house, Saige showered,  changed and headed to find Loch.  She figured he’d still be at The Rock.  If not he’d be in his Apartment.

Bree couldn’t get back to the trailer fast enough.  She’d wanted to get the blood and gore off her.  The others used the bathrooms in the barns at Taryn’s and David’s Ranch.  Bree spoke very little as soon as she was out of the shower and dressed, she pulled Genja aside and thanked him for all he’d done.  She truly was grateful to him not just for Dee but Sarah as well.  They also agreed to never speak of it again.  He knew she owed him and she knew it as well.

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