April 28

Rattlin’ the Cage Inside Me – The Queen of Diamonds Loses Her Fire

Bree told Aiden that Saige had removed any weapons the girl had along with her cell phone and keys.  Aiden checked again anyway.  Aiden carried Dee into the cave and dumped her on the hard ground.  The last thing they needed was for Aiden to wind up stabbed in the back while he was carrying her up the mountain.  Once there the others backed off, leaving Bree to deal with Dee.  Bree had never been as angry as she was when she’d seen the gun trained on Samuel, she was still riding that wave and had every intention of making the other girl suffer.  Bree didn’t usually hold grudges but this was a long time coming and while she felt that Samuel probably deserved the killing shot, he was not going to get her filthy blood on his hands.   Bree was going to make sure of that.  Dee was suffering, the girl was in unimaginable pain, Bree knew this.  She’d watched Dee’s face contort in agony as Aiden carried her.  Bree watched as Dee hit the ground hard enough that she bounced once and passed out.  If Bree thought Dee wouldn’t come back she’d totally have gone for sending her to Matoaka, but Bree had learned early on…they *always* come back.  The more vicious the monster the harder they are to kill.


Ava and Kendra with Aiden and Genja stood back interjecting where appropriate.  Genja made a few suggestions, about certain parts of the girl’s anatomy that could be used as souvenirs.  Bree looked at him and shook her head, speaking softly to him, “I don’t want *anything* of her’s, the disease ridden, skanky ass, cum guzzling, *whore*, but feel free to help yourself. ”  Ava looked at Aiden, arching her brow while Kendra hid a smile, knowing that *Bree* wouldn’t say those things unless extremely pissed.


Dee lay on the ground in a puddle of her own making, blood mixed with drool and other fluids.  Bree was working her over pretty well.  Dee somehow managed to keep the screaming to a minimum.   No one stepped in to help her, as she’d known no one would.  Dee was saying silent prayers to all the gods she knew that Bree would tire out, and just shoot her, and almost two hours into it Bree stood over Dee, the gun pointed at her face, Dee’s dark eyes stared into Bree’s much lighter ones, quietly Dee whispered, “I’m sorry, Bree.”  Bree shook her head and her finger shook on the trigger.  In that moment, Bree knew no feeling for the other girl at all.  Samuel walked up behind Bree, wrapped his arms around her middle, leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Finish it, Baby Girl.”  Bree pulled the trigger, flinching as the rapport of the gun echoed through the cave.


As Bree watched Dee’s face become little more than pulp, Saige was taking on another type of clean up.  She’d gone to the motel Dee was staying at, gotten her things from the room, and left the key along with enough money to cover that night and a nice tip.  She came back to the ranch and spent the next hour scouring the woods near the fence line looking for Dee’s rental car.  Once located, she sent a text to Samuel,  “Car and hotel room taken care of.  I need a ride back to the Ranch, please.  Call me ”  She searched the car, putting any stray items she found in the duffel bag she’d taken from the hotel room, got in and drove it to the rental place, settled up with them as well and started walking back. with the bag slung over her shoulder.

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