April 27

Love Can Endure – The Day After the Wedding, the Ball Park

<Bree runs the bleachers while Taryn goes through some stretches and Saige leans back against the batting cage filing a nail while she waits having already stretched and warmed up while she was exercising Achilles>
<Samuel crosses the distance from his car to the cages, walks over to Saige, stops in front of her, takes the nail file, looks at her> Seriously?
<Saige raises her eyes to his> What? You’re the one who’s late.
<Samuel nods> Yeah, well.. I got *two* horses to train in the mornin’, now.
<Saige looks at him, shrugs> Yeah.. well I can deal with Achilles if it’s too much for you.
<Samuel arches a brow, looks at her for a second, nods> Yeah. Maybe you should. <walks back toward the bleachers>

<Saige blinks, and heads over to Taryn> He’s in a great mood today.
<Taryn looks over at Saige from the stretch she’s in and shakes her head>Maybe you shouldn’t have copped an attitude right off.
<Samuel walks over to the tables and drops the nail file down next to the bag of breakfast burritos, takes a sip of his coffee>
<Taryn looks over at Samuel, smiles> Mornin’.
<Samuel nods to Taryn> Mornin’. Coffee?
<Taryn smiles> No thanks. Since I’m considerin’ this training I’m in the zone.
<Samuel nods> Then we’ll start with you.
<Taryn smiles> Okay.
<Bree runs over and stops at the table grabs a burrito and eats half and gives the other half to Harley>
<Samuel picks up the nail file, shows it to Bree> Feel like teachin’ Saige all the ways this can be a deadly weapon?
<Bree nods> Sure. Caught her in the act did ya?
<Samuel nods, takes a sip of his coffee> Thought about stabbin’ her with it when she started runnin’ her mouth, but I ddn’t want her to be surprised.
<Saige looks back and forth between them as they talk, Bree shrugs> woulda taught her a lesson. A valuable one I’m thinkin’.
<Samuel nods> Or she woulda just started bitchin’ louder.
<Samuel looks at Bree> Or worse. Started cryin’.
<Saige looks at Samuel> If you’ve changed your mind about me bein’ here just say so.
<Samuel looks over at Saige> What’s wrong, darlin’? Too much for ya?
<Bree looks at Saige> Right so you can tell everyone that he made you leave and then he’s the bastard.
<Saige looks at Bree then over at Samuel> No, darlin’ it’s not too much. I just don’t want to put you out.
<Samuel takes a sip of his coffee, stands> Get your ass in the cage. Let’s see if you can cash those checks your mouth is writin’. <heads toward the cages>
<Saige walks over to the cage>
<Samuel walks over to the ball machine, looks over at Saige, waiting for her to get into position>
<Saige grabs a bat and gets into position>
<Samuel smiles that smiles> I don’t know what your problem is this mornin’, darlin’, but let’s see if you can’t work it out. <flips the switch to the highest setting and walks back out of the cage, keeping to the fence>
<Saige starts swinging the bat as the balls come much faster than she’s used to, getting hit by most of them, connecting with a few>
<Samuel walks around the outside of the cage, leans on the fence, curling his fingers through the chain link above his head and watches>
<Saige swears loudly as a ball hits her, which pisses her off, making her focus on the balls more>
<Samuel half smiles, loudly so she can hear him over the machine> Come on, darlin’. Channel some of that attitude into your swingin’ arm.
<Saige swings viciously at a ball and connects sending it toward the back of the cage with a satisfying crack>
<Samuel shakes his head, pushes away from the fence, walks back over to the table, resumes his seat and takes another sip of his coffee, watching Saige, getting a little satisfaction of his own whenever a ball nails her>
<Taryn looks at Samuel> You’re enjoying that aren’t you?
<Samuel looks at Taryn, smiles> Maybe a little bit.
<Samuel shrugs> You can’t tell me she’s not imaginin’ each of those balls is my head.
<Taryn laughs> Uh huh.. <smiles> I have no clue what her deal is this morning.
<Samuel arches a brow> Then why do you look like you do?
<Taryn looks at him> What do you mean look like I do?
<Samuel shakes his head> You smilin’ because you’re married or because you know what she’s pissed off about this time?
<Taryn laughs> I’m smilin’ because I’m in a good mood. I’m married, I’m trainin’, I’ve got some great horses and I’m married.
<Samuel smiles> You forgot to mention you’re married.
<Taryn nods, still smiling and shrugs> I really don’t have a clue what her problem is. She’s been this way since I saw her earlier. Maybe she’s just tired.
<Samuel nods> Or maybe she’s just pissed because we didn’t fuck before you and David tied the knot. <smiles> And now it’s just too damn close to incest.
<Taryn looks at Samuel and smiles> Is that what your deal is? Now you *can’t* fuck her because she’s too much like a sister?
<Samuel arches a brow> *My* deal? What’re you talkin’ about?
<Taryn looks at him and arches a brow> Just takin’ a stab in the dark.
<Samuel shakes his head> It’s not incest if we’re not blood.
<Taryn nods> All right then.
<Samuel nods, looks back toward the cages and takes another sip from his cup, grabs a burrito and unwraps it before tossing it to Harley>
<Saige swears loudly again and opts for heaving the bat down the run and dodging the balls>
<Samuel lights a cigarette with the intention of using it as a timer>
<Taryn watches and shakes her head> She left herself defenseless. <Bree nods> That’s a stupid move.
<Samuel looks at Taryn and Bree> It’s what she’s supposed to do. She’s not supposed to be usin’ the bat. She’s learnin’ to dodge first. Anticipate where the balls are gonna hit and get the hell out of the way before they do.
<Taryn smiles> Oh.. I see.
<Samuel takes a drag> Ya’ll see the remake of Conan the Barbarian?
<Taryn nods> Yeah. <Bree looks at Samuel> Uh huh.

<Samuel nods> Then think of that bat as daddy’s sword.
<The girls nod, Taryn looks over at Saige> All right. <Bree shakes her head> So you’re starting her highness at the *very* beginning?
<Samuel looks at Bree> Think about what you just said.
<Samuel takes another drag> Where the hell else would I start a princess?
<Bree smiles> Okay.. point taken.
(10:11:02 PM) Boys:
<Samuel looks at Taryn> But *you’re* not a princess and you’ve already got trainin’. Bree’s taken some punches before, but if you get bored watchin’ Saige have a tantrum, you could always take her and teach her how to throw one.
(10:15:13 PM) Girls:
<Taryn smiles> All right. <Looks at Bree> Come on.. <Bree and Taryn wander away from Samuel and Taryn starts giving her lessons>
(10:21:33 PM) Boys:
<Samuel watches them go, turns his attention back to Saige while he smokes his cigarette>
(10:24:36 PM) Girls:
<After losing the bat Saige, starts making progress in the dodging department, with more actually missing her than hitting her, takes one to the shoulder as she moves closer to the machine, winces bites back a snarl and keeps moving>
(10:25:32 PM) Boys:
<Samuel watches her until he finishes his cigarette, flicks the butt, gets up and heads toward the batting cage, goes inside, keeping out of the line of fire, heads back to the machine and flips it off, looks over at Saige> Feel better now?
(10:26:12 PM) Girls:
<Saige shrugs> I felt fine before.
(10:26:54 PM) Boys:
<Samuel shakes his head, starts picking up the balls> Not what *I* heard. Taryn says you been in a mood all mornin’.
(10:27:55 PM) Girls:
<Saige starts helping him> No.. Taryn assumed I was because I didn’t get all bright-eyed and bushytailed when she thought I should.
(10:28:08 PM) Boys:
<Samuel nods> Why not?
(10:28:44 PM) Girls:
<Saige looks over at him> I’m not in a sunshine and rainbows mood today.
(10:29:02 PM) Boys:
<Samuel nods> I figured that much out on my own, darlin’. What’s your problem?
(10:31:18 PM) Girls:
<Saige walks over and drops a load of balls in the bucket and walks back over to pick up some more, favoring the shoulder that was hit but not saying anything about it> I don’t have a problem. I’m just super.
(10:32:06 PM) Boys:
<Samuel does the same, walks back over to her> What’s your problem, Saige?
(10:34:18 PM) Girls:
<Saige straightens after picking up a few more balls, looks at him, shakes her head> I have a deadline to meet and I’m blocked.
(10:35:26 PM) Boys:
<Samuel nods> All right. <takes the balls from her and carries them over to the bucket, drops them in>
(10:36:02 PM) Girls:
<Saige breathes and watches him as she goes to get more balls>
(10:38:23 PM) Boys:
<Samuel looks over at her> What?
(10:38:45 PM) Girls:
<Saige shakes her head> Nothing.
(10:40:20 PM) Boys:
<Samuel picks up the rest of the balls Saige doesn’t get and drops them in the bucket, looks over at her> We can do this as long as you want, darlin’, but it’s gonna make for one borin’ ass relationship and pretty soon.. sooner rather than later.. I’m just gonna stop botherin’ to ask.

(10:41:39 PM) Girls:
<Saige carries the balls over to the bucket and drops them in> I was watching your ass.
(10:42:32 PM) Boys:
<Samuel smiles> Yeah, well.. it *is* a great ass.
(10:43:02 PM) Girls:
<Saige nods> Well yeah. That’s why I was wachin’ it.
(10:44:47 PM) Boys:
<Samuel shakes his head> Didn’t you get laid last night?
(10:45:11 PM) Girls:
<Saige looks at him> Does it matter?
(10:45:52 PM) Boys:
<Samuel looks at her> Most people get laid, they’re all smiles the next day, usually.
(10:46:52 PM) Boys:
<Samuel shrugs> I’m just thinkin’ if you didn’t, maybe you need to.
(10:47:40 PM) Girls:
<Saige shakes her head> Yes.
(10:48:39 PM) Boys:
<Samuel nods> I’ll tell ya what. I’m gonna get to walkin’ so you can get back to watchin’. Go smoke a cigarette or somethin’ while I go check on Bree and Taryn.
(10:49:32 PM) Girls:
<Saige nods> Fine.. <shrugs> For what it’s worth.. Thanks.
(10:49:43 PM) Boys:
<Samuel looks at her> For what?
(10:50:01 PM) Girls:
<Saige shrugs again> Askin’?
(10:50:37 PM) Boys:
<Samuel nods> Only way to find somethin’ out. Usually only works when the person you’re askin’ actually wants to tell you.
(10:51:02 PM) Girls:
<Saige looks at him> I would if I could.
(10:51:14 PM) Boys:
<Samuel looks at her> So tell me why you can’t instead.
(10:51:54 PM) Girls:
<Saige shrugs> Because I’m not really sure. I’m just… in a *real* shit mood.
(10:52:13 PM) Boys:
<Samuel nods> All right.
(10:53:30 PM) Girls:
<Saige walks over to the gate> I have been since I woke up this mornin’.
(10:53:56 PM) Boys:
<Samuel watches her> So, it’s got nothin’ to do with me. You’re just havin’ one of those days.
(10:54:29 PM) Girls:
<Saige shakes her head> No.. And I’m sorry I was shitty with you.
(10:55:04 PM) Boys:
<Samuel nods> It’s not a big thing, darlin’. If someone’s not shitty with me by this time in the mornin’, I start woderin’ what I’m doin’ wrong.
(10:55:33 PM) Boys:
<Samuel looks at her> Guess I just wasn’t up to dealin’ with it this mornin’.
(10:56:23 PM) Girls:
<Saige shrugs> I can understand that.
(10:56:45 PM) Boys:
<Samuel nods, walks over and opens the gate>
(10:57:20 PM) Girls:
<Saige looks at him> I don’t want you to stop training Achilles… he’d miss you.
(10:57:53 PM) Boys:
<Samuel looks at her> I wasn’t plannin’ on stoppin’. And I didn’t think you *did* want me to.
(10:59:17 PM) Girls:
<Saige walks through the gate> Thanks. <looks back over her shoulder at him> Then why’d you say I should do it myself?
(10:59:48 PM) Boys:
<Samuel shakes his head> I just didn’t feel like goin’ around with you at the time.
(11:00:09 PM) Girls:
<Saige nods> All right.
(11:00:29 PM) Boys:
<Samuel looks at her> If there’s somethin’ you wanna say to me, say it already.
(11:01:23 PM) Girls:
<Saige looks back toward the tables> No..
(11:02:33 PM) Boys:
<Samuel arches a brow> No.. there’s nothin’ you wanna say, or no, you’re not gonna say it?
(11:03:09 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles> There’s nothin’ I need to say.
(11:03:52 PM) Boys:
<Samuel looks at her a second before nodding> All right. <walks through the gate and heads over to Taryn and Bree>
(11:05:19 PM) Girls:
<saige heads over to the tables and grabs a two burritos eats one and feeds one to Harley while she whispers quietly to him>
(11:05:56 PM) Girls:
<Taryn stands ready to Dodge as Bree throws some decent punches her way>
(11:06:45 PM) Boys:
<Samuel walks up to them, watches, to Taryn> She says she pretty much just woke up in a shit mood today.
(11:09:58 PM) Girls:
<Taryn looks over at Samuel and Bree’s punch catches Taryn on the chin as she turns her head, Taryn> Fuck. Ow. <looks at Bree who’s blinking> I’m sorry.. <Taryn shrugs> It’s cool I shouldn’t have let him distract me. <looks at Samuel, smiles> You did that on purpose.. and no she didn’t She wasn’t that way when she was out with Achilles.
(11:11:44 PM) Boys:
<Samuel smiles at Taryn> Damn right I did that on purpose. <nods> I can’t get her to talk to me. <looks at Taryn> She says it’s got nothin’ to do with me but considerin’ the way she started on me this mornin’, I’m thinkin’ she’s full of shit.
(11:12:59 PM) Girls:
<Bree shakes her head> Really.. the whole world has to Stop when Princess Saige is in a shitty mood. You want my opinion I think she seeking attention.
(11:13:44 PM) Girls:
<Bree looks at Samuel> Like Eden used to do?
(11:14:06 PM) Boys:
<Samuel looks at Bree, nods> Probably.
(11:14:33 PM) Boys:
<Samuel looks at Taryn like “huh”>
(11:15:26 PM) Girls:
<Taryn looks at Samuel, shrugs> I don’t know why she’d be doing it now unless she was jealous.
(11:15:42 PM) Boys:
<Samuel arches a brow> Of…. ?
(11:17:02 PM) Girls:
<Taryn looks at Samuel> Pick something. Me and David getting married, you teaching all of us instead of just her, <looks over at Bree> Bree just on principal.
(11:17:43 PM) Boys:
<Samuel looks at Taryn pointedly> I’m thinkin’ that’s startin’ to go around. <nodding *so* slightly toward Bree that Taryn might not even see it>
(11:19:08 PM) Girls:
<Taryn smiles> Bree why don’t you teach *her* what I just taught you? <looks at Samuel>
(11:19:28 PM) Boys:
<Samuel nods to Bree> Go ahead, darlin’. <smiles> You can take her.
(11:20:58 PM) Girls:
<Bree smirks> Hell, Samuel, she won’t fight she might break a nail.
(11:21:10 PM) Boys:
<Samuel smiles> Then stab her with her nail file.
(11:21:10 PM) Girls:
<Bree heads in Saige’s direction>

(11:21:28 PM) Girls:
<Bree tosses back to Samuel> Might have to.

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