April 26

Like an Angel Brought to Life – The Party’s Over

Boys: {meanwhile, David drives the bike over the hilly country road toward the farm}
Boys: {pulling into the farm and heading down the quarter mile drive to the main house}
Girls: {Saige points to a path that heads toward the hills}
Boys: {David nods and heads that way}
Girls: {Saige directs him to a small cabin off in the hills about five minutes away from the house}
Boys: {David follows her directions, eventually stopping in front of the cabin and dropping the kickstand, eases the bike onto it and shuts it off, looks at the cabin} What is this place?
Girls: {Saige shrugs} Just a place I found a long time ago. {climbs off the bike and heads into the cabin which is comfortably decorated, her books sit on the coffee table and a computer sits on a desk. The rest of the place is comfortable and clean}

Boys: {David shakes his head, gets off the bike and follows her in, looks around} So.. what? You just took it over?
Girls: {Saige nods} I eventually found the owners and bought it. It’s mine now.
Boys: {David looks at her} So.. what’s it like your secret hideaway?
Girls: {Saige looks at him} Can you keep a secret?
Boys: {David smiles} Shouldn’t you have asked me that *before* we came out here?
Girls: {Saige smiles} Maybe.. Still.. can you?
Boys: {David nods} Yeah. I can actually. {shrugs} I’ve kept a lot of people’s secrets.
Girls: {Saige nods} Good because I’m going to trust you with more then just th location of this place. {takes his hand and pulls him to the couch} Sit down…can I get you anything?
Boys: {David goes with her} No. I’m good. {looks at her} What’s goin’ on, Saige?
Girls: {Saige looks at him, joins him on the couch} I’m not sure where to start… there’s so much I’ve been keeping from everyone. Even Taryn doesn’t know *everything*.
Boys: {David sits down with her when she does, looks at her} And you’re gonna tell *me*?
Girls: {Saige nods} If you’ll let me.
Boys: {David frowns} Why *me*? You could tell Tristan, Akhiro. Shit.. Taryn, especially.
Girls: {Saige shrugs} I don’t know. {looks at him} It’s cool if you don’t want to hear it.
Boys: {David shakes his head} I didn’t say that.
Girls: {Saige tilts her head watching him, lays her hand on his cheek} I know.
Boys: {David holds her look, quietly} You’re freakin’ me out, Saige.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} I’m sorry… maybe I should have let with this…{leans in and kisses him hotly}
Boys: {David kisses her back, moving his hands to her upper arms, pushes her back, breaking the kiss, looks at her, starts to say something when his phone rings, frowns} Shit. Hold that thought. {lets her go, digs his phone out of his pocket, checks the caller ID, answers} Yeah, what? {listens, looks at, Saige} No, she’s inside. What’s up? {listens again}
Girls: {Saige frowns, stands and goes to the kitchen and comes back with a couple of beers and a bottle of Jack}
Boys: {David holds up his finger, laughs} Nah,man. She had her hand in my pants the whole way here. She’s fine. Shouldn’t you be worryin’ about Lochlan and Sangria right now?
Girls: {Saige arches a brow}
Boys: {David listens some more, nods} Right, well.. more power to ’em. Maybe we can get back to makin’ music again. {listens again} Yeah, all right, but don’t hold your breath. I’m tellin’ ya, she’s acting just as slutty as ever. I’m gonna go in and hit that now, but I’ll call if things get weird. Don’t wait up, though, cuz I’m pretty sure you’re just bein’ a little paranoid. {listens, nods} Right. Have a good one. {hangs up, puts his phone away, looks at her} Huh.
Girls: {Saige looks at him questioningly} Huh?
Boys: {David shrugs} Apparently, I’m your babysitter now or somethin’. They’re worried about you. Think you’re not actin’ right. I’m supposed to call them if you weird out even more.
Girls: {Saige shake her head} Yes.. because I didn’t blow you right there in the living room?
Boys: {David nods} That, too. Akhiro says you been acting weird since Tristan gave you the boot.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} I didn’t think so. I mean I thought about what he said.
Boys: {David sits back on the couch} I don’t know. You ask me this whole days’ been a little weird.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} SO why’d you lie to them?
Boys: {David looks at her} Tristan’s goin’ out with Taryn already. Didn’t waste any time on that one. Lochlan and Sang are apparently in Tristan’s room bringin’ the walls down they’re bangin’ so hard. {shrugs} Seemed like the thing to do. I’m not exactly a follower, yanno? I like to know what’s goin’ on before I jump on the paranoid train with everyone else.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} I knew I liked you.
Boys: {David smiles} Yeah, well. It is what it is.
Girls: {Saige smiles} Look, someone told me something that I took to heart. Tristan made me rethink that, with his…”talk” this afternoon. {shrugs} It’s been a fundamental part of who I am for the last few years.
Boys: {David nods} So what’d they tell you?
Girls: {Saige looks at him and gives him the quote} “Each moment, each experience is different.  They happen only once.  If you let that moment pass you by, it’s gone forever. You may regret it or you may not but why not live it and know you won’t regret it.”
Boys: {David nods} And you figured you’d better get as much experience as you could?
Girls: {Saige nods} Something like that. {looks at him} I was about to marry the guy that told me that. We were engaged and then he was killed in an accident.
Boys: {David gives her a long look} That’s retarded. Saige… I don’t know this guy, but I’d bet my last dollar beer that turning yourself into a slut wasn’t what he had in mind. You wanna live life to the fullest.. not let shit pass you by? It’s passin’ you by every day. There’s a whole world of experiences out there but you’re still *here*. You haven’t left the borders of this bum fuck town. Why?
Girls: {Saige looks at him} I have left. I’ve been in and out of this place on a weekly basis.
Boys: {David arches a brow} Oh, yeah? Where do you go? We got shit around us for an hour. Where are you goin’ that counts?
Girls: {Saige looks at him} New York. To meet my publisher.
Boys: {David blinks} Publisher?
Girls: {Saige nods} Yes… {picks up one of the books from the table and hands it to him} You won’t recognize the name but read the dedication page.
Boys: {David leans forward, takes the book, flips it open and reads the page}
Girls: {looks at him} That one’s dedicated to Taryn, {points to the others} One is dedicated to the band…one to Renee and Sangria and the last one {shrugs} Was Justin.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} The last one is actually the first one I wrote.
Boys: {David looks at her} You’re a writer.
Girls: {Saige nods} My dirty little secret.
Boys: {David shakes his head, puts the book down} That explains a lot.
Girls: {Siage looks at him} Please don’t say anything to the others. What does it explain.
Boys: {David looks at her} The obvious one? It explains how you get your money.
Girls: {Saige smiles}Well yeah. I’ve got royalties coming in from all of them.
Boys: {David nods} You know people think you get it from the guys you’re sleepin’ with, right? Or that you’re some kind of sex worker.


Girls: {Saige nods} Yeah I know.
Boys: {David smiles} And them thinkin’ that is better than admitting you’re a published romance author?
Girls: {Saige smiles} Well… yes. {shakes her head} I don’t really care what people think. *I* know.
Boys: {David nods} More power to ya.
Girls: {Saige smiles brighter} Thank you for that. Somehow I think you are the only one that would get it.
Boys: {David looks at her} I get that a lot of guys would be totally freaked if they knew you wrote romance novels and in our minds, chicks that make their living as sex workers and look like you are a helluva lot hotter than girls writing romance novels. {shrugs} And I get not caring what other people think.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} I knew you’d get it. {shakes her head} And not judge.
Boys: {David shakes his head} I’ve got too much shit of my own goin’ on to worry too much about what everyone *else* has goin’ on.

Girls: {Saige looks at him} Talk to me? {Shrugs} Contrary to popular belief I am a pretty good listener.
Boys: {David looks at her} You said you were gonna let me in on a whole lot more. Is that your whole lot more?
Girls: {Saige looks at him, smiles} For now.
Boys: {David smiles, nods} All right. {shrugs} There’s nothin’ really to tell. Just every day bullshit.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} Everyday bullshit? What every day bullshit?
Boys: {David smiles} Um.. the job’s a bitch, the boss is on my ass because we’ve got more cars then *he’s* got mechanics and he won’t hire anyone else and that’s somehow my fault… that kinda thing.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} So tell him to get fucked and open your own garage?
Boys: {David shakes his head} Too much responsibility.
Girls: {Saige nods and smiles} I can see that.
Boys: {David looks at her} I like things simple.
Girls: {Saige gives him a long look} I can understand that too.
Boys: {David smiles} I kinda gathered that.
Girls: {Saige smiles again} Do you like what you do? The mechanic’s gig.
Boys: {David shakes his head} It’s all right. It pays the rent.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} Do you like it though?
Boys: {David looks at her} Not really.
Girls: {Saige nods} I didn’t think so.. If you could do anything what would it be?
Boys: {David smiles} I’m doin’ it. It just doesn’t pay for shit.
Girls: {Saige nods} Music. {smiles} How do you feel about horses?
Boys: {David laughs} Babe.. we live in horse country. I can’t go out an buy a pack of smokes without passin’ ten goddamn horse ranches I worked at when I was in high school. I’d miss ’em if they weren’t there suddenly, but I’m not goin’ out of my way to get up close and personal with them, either.
Girls: {Saige smiles} What if I could offer you a job that pays more than what you’re getting now?
Boys: {David arches a brow} Depends on the job.
Girls: {Saige smiles} Taryn does all the work on the farm. Alone. She needs someone to help but she’d never admit that. There are things she *can’t* do. She can’t fix the feed trucks or the tractors when they go down and I really hate it when she crawls on the roof to patch it… Stuff like that.
Boys: {David smiles} You might wanna ask her if *she* wants me around. I don’t think I’m on her list of favorite people. But yeah.. I’d do it.
Girls: {Saige smiles} I don’t have to ask her shit. I own half the place too.
Boys: {David nods} I have a theory about horses and motorcycles, actually.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} I’d like to hear it.
Boys: {David looks at her, starts to say something, stops, shakes his head} I’ve never actually said it out loud and I was high as fuck when I came up with it.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} I got my best theories when I was high. Come on…
Boys: {David smiles, shakes his head} All right. {looks at her} I think motorcycles are to men now what horses were to cowboys in the wild west. And I think people trust bikes more than horses cuz horses can think for themselves and people don’t like things that can think for themselves so much.
Boys: {David shrugs} I guess I see motorcycles as mechanical horses.
Girls: {Saige nods} I think you might be right.
Boys: {David shrugs} When you’re on the back of a bike, you feel like you own the road, right? But when you’re ridin’ a horse.. you feel like you own the *world*.
Girls: {Saige nods} Yes. I haven’t been on my horse in… god over a year.
Boys: {David smiles} Has Taryn been on your horse?
Girls: {Saige nods} Probably. She rides them all.
Boys: {David nods} You kinda have to.
Boys: {David smiles} Horses get used to bein’ able to run free and not let anyone on ’em and they start to think they never have to.
Girls: {Saige smiles} He probably doesn’t even really remember me. {looks at David} He was kind of nasty.
Boys: {David nods}
Girls: {Saige looks at him} So here’s the deal. I’ll pay you double what you’re making at the garage. If you want you can have room and board too.
Boys: {David looks at her} I don’t mind keepin’ the apartment.
Girls: {Saige nods and smiles} Okay. It’s on the table if something happens.
Boys: {David nods} I’ll keep it in mind.
Girls: {Saige nods} Cool. {grins}
Boys: {David smiles} Why you lookin’ at me like that?
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} Because.. I think I like you more than I did.
Boys: {David smiles again} Yeah? I can live with that.
Girls: {Saige laughs} Good. {smiles} Do you have to call them back and give them a report?
Boys: {David smiles} They think we’re fucking right now and I told ’em not to wait up.
Girls: {Saige smiles} I can’t believe you lied to them.
Boys: {David laughs} Babe.. it’s not the first time, it’s not gonna be the last.
Girls: {Saige laughs again} Yeah.. I do like you more.
Boys: {David nods} What’d you think about the new song?
Girls: {Saige smiles} I really liked it a lot.
Boys: {David nods} It wasn’t bad. That other song… Lochlan gave it to us a few days before him and Sang broke up. We were supposed to play it for her birthday.
Girls: {Saige blinks} Oh.. {closes her eyes} Shit.
Boys: {David shakes his head} I probably shouldn’t have told you that.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} No… it’s okay. Really.
Boys: {David nods} Anyway.. the night everything went to shit, he threw it out. That’s why we were so surprised when he started playin’ it tonight.
Girls: {Saige nods looks at him} Look.. what happened with him.. it was a one time deal, I don’t usually hit up guys with girlfriends. I was pretty well toasted.. which is no excuse I know.
Boys: {David looks at her} You don’t have to explain it to me. Wasn’t *my* girlfriend throwin’ a fit.
Girls: {Saige nods} I know.. Still.. I wanted you to know.
Boys: {David nods} All right.
Girls: {Saige shrugs}
Girls: {Saige looks at David} I know that what they say about me and I know it’s shitty {shrugs}
Boys: {David shakes his head} They talk a lot of shit in general. You know that. It’s just how they are. They don’t mean anything by it. {looks at her} Whatever they say, they’re still callin’ me cuz they’re worried about you.
Girls: {Saige nods} Yeah.. {looks at him} Why are they worried?
Boys: {David shrugs} You askin’ me what’s makin’ ’em worried or why they’re worried in general?
Girls: {Saige looks over at him} Both.
Boys: {David smiles} They’re worried because they give a shit about you and because you’re not actin’ right.
Boys: {David shakes his head} You’re not actin’ the way they’re *used to*.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} You mean because I didn’t just jump you right there in the living room?
Boys: {David looks at her} That and givin’ me the keys to your bike.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} I was feeling generous.
Boys: {David smiles} Then it’s a new kind of generous.
Girls: {Saige smiles} Tristan read me the riot act earlier today. It made me think. {shrugs} There’s a problem *now*. Christ. Damned if I do or if I don’t.
Boys: {David smiles again} But you don’t care what other people think, just what *you* know, remember?
Girls: {Saige nods} Yeah.. I remember and I don’t. {smiles}
Girls: {Saige looks at him, stands and walks to the window} None of them really know me David. Not really.
Boys: {David watches her} Do you?
Girls: {Saige looks at him} Do I know myself? Yes I do.
Boys: {David nods} They know what you show ’em, Saige.
Girls: {Saige nods and looks at him} I know… {shakes her head} I opened myself once.. {looks down} I won’t hurt like that again. I *can’t*.
Boys: {David nods, shakes his head}
Girls: {Saige looks at him} What?
Boys: {David stands, walks over to the door} I’m goin’ outside for a cigarette. I’ll be in in a couple of minutes. {goes outside and lights a cigarette, leans against one of the support columns, thumb of his free hand hooked through his belt loop, takes a deep breath, inhaling the scent of burning wood so common in the colder months, takes a drag off his cigarette while he processes everything}
Girls: {Saige walks over to the computer turns it on and waits for it to boot up, walks back to the window watches David through it}
Boys: {David flicks the cigarette into the darkness away from the bike when he’s done with it, stands there a few minutes longer, goes back inside}
Girls: {Saige watches him walk through the door}
Girls: {Saige walks back to the couch sits and props her feet on the table} You okay?
Boys: {David closes the door behind him, leans back against it, crosses his arms over his chest, looks at her} I’m fine. I’m just tryin’ to figure you out and so far, failing miserably.
Girls: {Saige smiles} What do you want to know?
Boys: {David smiles, shakes his head} Let’s start with the part where you took a look at all the people you knew and decided I was the one you wanted to share with.
Girls: {Saige laughs and shrugs} I thought you’d get it. That you’d understand better. You wouldn’t judge or ask the hard questions I wasn’t ready to answer.
Boys: {David looks at her, smiles again when she laughs} *That* I can understand. But, why talk to anyone about it at all? What’d Tristan say, specifically, that messed up your head?
Girls: {Saige looks at him} That I was gonna end up alone.
Boys: {David arches a brow} That’s harsh.
Girls: {Saige nods} Coming from him.. it was. But the thing is he was right.
Boys: {David shakes his head} I can’t imagine *you* ending up alone.
Girls: {Saige shrugs} If I keep on the path I’m on…I can. Alienating friends and pissing people off..
Boys: {David looks at her, smiles}There are plenty of men who’d take anything you dished out just to be able to say they were with you.
Girls: {Saige nods} I know.. {smiles} I also know you’re one of them.
Boys: {David laughs} Oh, am I? {smiles} What makes you think that?
Girls: {Saige smiles} You’re here aren’t you?
Boys: {David shakes his head} Yeah. {shrugs} But I’m not lookin’ to get with you tonight.
Girls: {Saige nods} I figured that too.
Boys: {David looks at her, smiles} You got me all figured out.
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} Not all. {smiles} Only part.
Boys: {David nods} So tell me what you think you know.
Girls: {Saige smiles} I know that you don’t open yourself to other people. {looks at him} That you don’t care what the others think, that you’re hot, I know that you care even though you like to play off that you don’t. {looks at him} If you weren’t looking to get with me.. why’d you come?
Boys: {David smiles} Curiosity. You didn’t give off that “let’s get out of here so I can do bad things to you” vibe.
Girls: {Saige looks at him, smiles} Yet you told them that’s what we were doing. {smiles brighter} So your rep’s important to you.
Boys: {David shakes his head} I could give a fuck, babe. You can tell ’em anything you want about what we do or don’t here tonight. I don’t give a shit. {looks at her} And I don’t think anyone’ll be all that surprised we didn’t hook up. I told them that’s what we were doing so they didn’t get all freaked out and drop everything to come chasin’ after you. I figure if you wanted that, we wouldn’t have come all the way out here in the first place.
Girls: {Saige smiles} Let em think it. They’ll freak out even more if we don’t.
Boys: {David smiles} They probably wouldn’t believe we had an actual conversation anyway.
Girls: {Saige laughs} True. {smiles and looks at him}
Boys: {David looks at her} What?
Girls: {Saige shrugs} I was just thinking…
Boys: {David smiles} Uh oh.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone in a while..not like I am with you.
Boys: {David smiles teasingly} Fuck my life.
Girls: {Saige laughs}
Boys: {David shakes his head, still smiling, walks over to the couch and sits down}
Girls: {Saige looks at him} What else do you want to know?
Boys: {David looks at her, smiles again} What’re you plannin’ on doing with that bottle of Jack?
Girls: {Saige smiles} I brought it out for us. {grabs it and opens it}
Boys: {David nods} Let’s get it on.
Girls: {Saige arches a brow, over the bottle as she takes a long drink, smiles} And here I thought you didn’t want to do that.
Boys: {David looks at her, smiles, takes the bottle away from her} I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to this. {holds up the bottle, takes a long drink}
Girls: {Saige smiles stands and goes to the fire place lights a fire} I’ll be right back, {goes to the screened off bedroom area and changes her leather for a set of flannels comes back and drops on the couch next to him, taking the bottle and a drink from it} I was engaged once.
Boys: {David lets her have the bottle, nods} You told me. And just so we’re clear.. I never said I didn’t *want* to get it on with you, just that I wasn’t lookin’ to. There’s a difference.
Girls: {Saige laughs and hands him back the bottle} I guess I did tell you.. I know there is. {leans against him and looks up at him}

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