April 26

Like an Angel Brought to Life – The Party

Boys: {Akhiro and Tristan head into the loft with Renée and Sangria, carrying the supplies to the kitchen area}
Boys: {the loft is a renovated warehouse with different areas sectioned off by arrangement of furniture and rugs, there’s a large empty area at the back where the band is set up to practice during the week, factory windows cover the entire wall space}
Boys: {the ceiling is adorned with exposed pipe work and ventilation, the furnishings look like they shop at Ikea, white, black and chrome with splashes of red}
Girls: {Renée goes to the stereo and puts on some tunes, while Sangria helps in the kitchen, Renée comes back over and helps as well, Sangria looks at Tristan} So.. I talked to Lochlan…
Boys: {the kitchen is in the center backed by an exterior wall, everything is ultra modern and minimalist}
Boys: {Tristan looks over at Sangria as he puts food out} Yeah? How bad was it?
Girls: {Sangria dumps dip into a bowl, shrugs} He walked out.
Boys: {Tristan shakes his head} Things get.. uncomfortable?
Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head, moving around the kitchen} The man has no idea how to deal with women.

Girls: {Sangria looks at Tristan as she licks dip off her finger} Sorta. He told me he wanted me back.. I told him I can’t unsee it. {looks at Akhiro} When I told him to make me forget and trust him again he said he had nothing and walked out.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Sangria, arches a brow, looks at Tristan, Tristan looks at Sangria} Well.. duh.
Girls: {Sangria shakes her head, snatching a piece of food off the plate} I don’t know.
Boys: {Tristan shakes his head} He’s a *man*, San. That means you have to give him specifics. Saying “make me forget and trust you again” isn’t specific enough.
Boys: {Akhiro smiles} I don’t know. If a girl said that to me, I’d probably fuck her senseless on the floor right there and then ask her what she remembered.
Boys: {Tristan looks at Akhiro, smiles, looks at Sangria} And *that’s* why you have to be specific.
Girls: {Renee looks at Akhiro and smiles}
Girls: {Sangria shakes her head} *I* don’t know what it’s going to take.
Boys: {Akhiro smiles at Renee, smacks her on the ass, smiles more broadly} What do *you* remember, baby?
Girls: {Renee smiles coquettishly} I remember enough to know I wouldn’t mind revisiting that night.
Boys: {Tristan nods} Which makes it totally unfair for you to think *he* can figure it out. You’re the more emotionally intelligent of the species. If *you* don’t know then you can’t tell *us* and that means *we’re* screwed.
Boys: {Akhiro arches a brow, still smiling} Careful.. you might start sounding like Saige.
Girls: {Renee shakes her head} Not even close the only one she’s ever revisited was Tristan.
Girls: {Sangria nods} I know. I know it’s unfair, but it’s unfair that I should have to do all the work too. *I’m* not the one that had my dick in someone else.
Girls: {Sangria shakes her head} Fuck.
Boys: {Tristan looks at Renee, smiles} I’m just that good. She won’t be revisiting me again, though. I told her I didn’t have time to fuck her anymore because I was too busy taking care of the sister she helped wreck. “Their relationship is not my responsibility” she said to me. Oh, and apparently I’m a double standard wielding asshole. {looks at Sangria} No one said do all the work. But you have to figure out what you need *him* to do. That’s *your* part of the work. Once you can tell him that, the rest is up to him.
Girls: {Sangria looks at Tristan} I don’t know that I need him to do anything. {shakes her head} You know I’ve never been prone to violence unless someone starts shit.. but I *really* want to bash her in the face.
Girls: {Renee looks at Sangria} So do it. {looks at Tristan} She said that? {Sangria shakes her head} Douche bag.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Sangria} *But*.. you also can’t punish him for putting his dick in anyone else *after* the fact. It’s unfair to expect him not to fuck around with anyone else now that you’re broken up, so if he does, you can’t go back at him with “you’re fucking so and so, you must not want me back that bad” or something like that.
Girls: {Sangria looks at him} I’ve *never* done that Akhiro. Though he does want to beat the shit outta you.
Boys: {Tristan nods to Renee} And a couple of other choice things. {looks at Sangria} I told her if she keeps fucking around with other girls’ men, one of *them* is going to kick the shit out of her.
Boys: {Akhiro laughs} Me? Why?
Girls: {Sangria smiles} Well, I may have let it slip that I wanted to get with you. {Shrugs}
Boys: {Tristan looks at Akhiro} Oh, that’s all right. I’m a hypocrite for dragging *her* out into the street and blasting *her* but not *you*. {shakes his head} I don’t even know how you got dragged into it.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Sangria, smiles broadly} Well, *duh*. Look at me. Who *wouldn’t* want to get with this?
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Tristan} Damn. Grasping at straws much?
Boys: {Tristan nods} That’s what I figured.
Girls: {Renee looks at Sangria} If you don’t do what you need to do you’re going to end up exploding on her. {Renee and Sangria both look at Akhiro at the same time} Taryn. {both girls laugh}
Boys: {Akhiro looks at the girls, smiles} She goes without saying, but it’s all good. She’s not really my speed.
Girls: {Sangria smiles} Yeah.. she’s *too* nice.
Boys: {Tristan smiles and shakes his head} What are you guys drinking?
Boys: {Akhiro nods to Sangria} Exactly. And she’s got a beastiality thing going on that I don’t really see myself being down with.
Girls: {Sangria looks at Tristan smiles} Beer.
Boys: {Tristan laughs} She’s not into beastiality. If she were, she’d be all over you.
Girls: {Sangria looks back at Akhiro} Really.
Girls: {Renee shakes her head and looks at Tristan} Mudslide?
Girls: {Renee looks at Akhiro} I’m telling you.. you’ll scare her.
Boys: {Tristan nods to Sangria, heads to the fridge and pulls her out a beer, pops the top and carries it back over, hands it to her, nods to Renee, gets the stuff together to make the mudslide}
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Renée, smiles} Then Tristan could comfort her.
Girls: {Sangria takes the beer, smiles}Thanks. {takes a long drink}
Boys: {Tristan shakes his head} I don’t know. She could probably go into some competitions and kick ass.
Girls: {Renee laughs} I have a feeling he’s going to be doing that anyway.
Boys: {Akhiro nods, heads over and grabs a beer out of the fridge} You realize if they get together, instead of hearing about how hot she is and how bad he wants on her and wants to be with her, I’m going to have to suffer through… {thinks for a second, smiles} Pretty much all of the same minus the be with her part.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} What? I can’t help that she makes me sweat.
Girls: {Sangria smiles at Akhiro} You can come hang out at my place. {Grins}
Girls: {Renee laughs} Taryn?
Boys: {Akhiro smiles at Sangria} I’m there. {looks at Tristan} By the way.. *love* the big emo hair.
Boys: {Tristan nods to Renee} Totally. Akhiro has to teach her half the time because I get.. {grins}.. distracted. {nods to Akhiro} I dig it.
Girls: {Sangria nods} Yeah me too. It looks softer. {Renee smiles} It does.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at the girls} *He* looks softer, the emo prick.
Girls: {Renee looks at Akhiro} Yes he really does.
Girls: {Sangria looks at Tristan} What made you do it?
Boys: {Tristan smiles, shakes his head, hits the blend button on the blender to drown them out, looks at Sangria, over the noise} I don’t know. It was a spur of the moment thing. I figured it was time, yanno? I like it long but it was looking kind of ratty.
Girls: {Sangria nods} It really was. {smiles} I like this style better.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} Thanks.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Tristan, studying him} I don’t know. It makes him look softer but at the same time, he looks more Goth and less Emo, I think. Or something.
Girls: {Sangria finishes putting out the food, hops up on the counter near Akhiro} If he weren’t my brother I’d have a serious crush on him.
Boys: {Tristan finishes the mudslide, pours it into a glass and hands it to Renee, smiles at Sangria} No incest?
Girls: {Sangria looks at Tristan, grins, in her best sex voice} You couldn’t handle me, baby.
Boys: {Tristan sighs dramatically} I know. Thank god we’re related.
Girls: {Sangria laughs} Seriously.

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