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Like An Angel Brought to Life – Lunch in Solitude

Autumn in Solitude was cold and dreary.  The grey skies cried on the landscape below as the sun abandoned the people who made their way along Main Street.  Main Street ran North to South, beginning at one state road and merging into another at the other end.  Solitude was so small that it literally took ten minutes to drive from one end of the town to the other in rush hour.  They only had one cab company, Yellow Cab, and there were only four actual cabs.  Most of their clients were little old ladies who went to the same place, the pharmacy, at the same time every day.  Solitude did, however, have a bus line and a little North of Davis street, you could catch a subway into the city.


The North end of town was the poor end, where most of the members of local band Misanthropy made their homes.  D.C. was an hour and a half to the West, you got there by taking Main Street to where it ended at the North end and taking a right onto a state road then following that the rest of the way.  The land surrounding Solitude was horse territory; long winding roads that led into the hills and were blanketed with horse ranches and the occasional farm and general store.  Main Street diner was in the center where Main Street intersected with Davis Street.  Davis street was the second largest, second busiest road in town and ran East to West.  It was also where Main Street changed from North to South.  The diner sat on the corner next to a pharmacy and across from Splash Panic.


It was noontime in Solitude when Tristan and Akhiro arrived at the diner to find Lochlan and David already seated inside.  They usually ate lunch at the Rock Bottom, the dive bar where they played and above which Lochlan lived, but today Lochlan told them he wanted a change of scenery.  Tristan and Akhiro found them sitting at a table in the front by the window that faced Davis Street and the boutique.  They took their seats in the empty booth across from their other two band members and found themselves with their backs to the door.  The waitress was at the table almost immediately.  It was a small enough town that the lunch rush wasn’t really that much of a rush.  The boys ordered coffee and soup to ward off the chill along with a round of burgers and fries, then fell to talking when the waitress left.


Akhiro looked over at Lochlan as he relaxed back in the booth.  “Why aren’t we eating at the Rock Bottom?” he asked, smiling.  Lochlan shrugged.  “I wanted something different,” he said nonchalantly.  Akhiro looked out the window and across the street at the boutique.  “Different food or a different view?” he quipped.  Lochlan shook his head.  “Food,” he said sternly.  Akhiro smiled again.  “What’s wrong with the view?  You can see right inside the store from here,” he said.  David smiled and looked out the window.  He could see Renee moving around inside Splash Panic.  “Are you looking at the store or the tits?”  Akhiro smiled broadly and looked at David.  “There’s nothing wrong with *that* view, either.”  Tristan smiled and shook his head as Lochlan changed the subject.  “I’m working on a new song.  You guys wanna come by after work and check it out?”  Tristan looked up at the waitress when she put their coffee in front of them then looked at Lochlan.  “Akhiro’s throwing another party at the loft.  Bring it with you.”  Lochlan nodded as he stirred cream and sugar into his cup.


David watched Renee through the window, Sangria coming into view and then dipping out again behind a clothes rack.  “You guys remember that hot tub party Renee had?  The one where she got seriously fucked up and threw her bikini top in Akhiro’s face?” he asked.  Lochlan laughed and nodded.  “Yeah, and he all but dragged her inside the house.”  Akhrio smiled broadly.  “I smacked that ass hard and rode it harder.”  Tristan laughed, then grinned.  “Those really are some nice tits, aren’t they?”  David laughed and nodded because Tristan knew exactly where he’d been going with the story, then he looked back at Lochlan.  “So?  Which is it?  The view of the store or the view of the tits?”  Lochlan gave David the look he had that said he wasn’t in the mood to fuck around before nodding and conceding.  “Those really are some nice tits,” he said.


Taryn and Saige rode up on Saige’s bike.  Saige had dragged Taryn away from the horses for a trip to Splash Panic.  Taryn needed something decent to wear club hopping.  Taryn reluctantly agreed.  Saige climbed off her bike, pulled off her helmet and shook her impossibly long, red streaked black hair, which fell perfectly to her hips.  Black leather pants hugged her curves obscenely, and the black leather bustier were tight enough that Taryn was shocked her sister could breathe.  Heeled biker boots, black of course completed the look.  Taryn stood in awe of her sister as she often did, while she fumbled with the helmet.  Dressed in jeans a bandana halter and a wool lined leather bomber jacket, she felt completely ungraceful around Saige.  Taryn smiled at her sister.  “I don’t know how or why, but you always manage to make it look so easy.”  Sage laughed, “It *is* easy,”  she grinned, “or it would be if you didn’t have your hair in those cinnamon buns.”  Taryn shrugged and shook her head, “It’s easy and keeps my hair out of my way.”  Saige nodded, “I know.”  They headed into the shop talking animatedly.


Sangria heard the bike pull up and looked out the window.  She looked at Renee and shook her head, “Saige and Taryn.. so much for lunch.”  Renee laughed, “Oh come on San, You’ve been wanting to get Taryn into something less…country… for forever.”  Sangria nodded and hung up the new tutu that had come in, “Yeah, I really have.”  Renee watched Sangria as she looked out the window across the street and shook her head.  Renee was about to speak when Saige and Taryn came into the shop. The twins smiled at the other girls.  Saige looked at Renee and grinned, “Taryn needs a party dress.”  “Oh really?” Renee looked at Taryn who smiled and shook her head, “I don’t need one, she wants me to have clothes to go club hopping in.  Clothes I’ll never wear because the only place I go is the Rock Bottom on the nights the band plays.”  Sangria and Renee both looked at Taryn dumbfounded, while Saige moved into the shop to look around.  It was the most either girl had heard her speak in a long time.  Sangria smiled brightly at Taryn, “Trust me.”  She leaned in and whispered, “I’ll dress you so you’re comfortable.”  Taryn smiled gratefully at Sangria, “Thanks.”  Sangria led Taryn to a rack of clothes, while Renee went to help Saige.  Sangria chatted with Taryn, and found out some of the things she was comfortable in.  Sangria spoke as Taryn came out of the fitting room dressed in something a little less than what she normally wore, “Taryn, you look *great* in that.”  Taryn blushed and smiled, “Thanks.  I’ll take it.”  Sangria led her to the register where Renee was ringing up Saige.  Renee looked at the Twins, “Sangria and I were just about to go get some lunch you guys want to join us?”  Saige nodded as Taryn shook her head.  Saige shot Taryn a look and Taryn nodded, “Sure, why not?”  Sangria looked at Renee pointedly, “Because the band is over there.”  Renee grinned at Sangria, “So’s your brother.”  Sangria looked at Renee, “No.  I am *not* setting you up with him.  It would be too much like incest.”  Renee laughed and Saige gave her the credit card for everything.  Sangria saw the total and cringed inside.  Over a thousand dollars in one sitting and not even a blink.  Sangria didn’t know how Saige did it. Well she knew.. on her back.  Sangria walked to the back of the store for more bags and came back out smiling.


“Let’s go get food.  I’m starving and I know Renee is.”  Renee nodded, “I am.”  Taryn looked at the other three and nodded her messy ponytail buns bouncing.  “What can happen?”

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