April 26

I’ve Gotta Ride Like the Wind to be Free Again – Brennan Confronts Aubrey, Quarters!

Girls: {The girls go with the guys}
Boys: {the boys get in their respective rides with their girls and heads to David’s where David is acting like nothing unusual happened and he didn’t have whatever Loch was looking for}
Boys: {a few minutes later, they pull up outside David’s and park and head up to the apartment, Brennan throws the door open}
Boys: {Brennan steps inside so the others can get in and get a view, glares at Aubrey} I *fucking* knew you’d be with him! What the *fuck*, Aubrey?!
Girls: {the girls file in moving so the guys can get in}
Boys: {the boys go with the girls, moving away from the main area of focus so they can watch from the sidelines}
Boys: {David looks over when the door bursts open, looks over at Aubrey{ Huh.
Girls: {Aubrey jumps up from the couch, blinks, starts to say something} Brennan? {shakes her head} What are you talking about?
Boys: {Brennan arches a brow} What am I talking about? Oh.. you wanna play that game?
Boys: {David gets up and moves over to the wall separating the living room from the kitchen, leans back against it, crossing his arms over his chest, watches the scene unfold}
Girls: {Aubrey frowns} What game?
Girls: {Taryn looks over at David, watching his reactions}

Boys: {Brennan looks at her for a second} The one where you pretend you and I weren’t fucking. Yanno.. so you can keep playing the ex boyfriend.
Boys: {David half smiles} What’s he talkin’ about, baby? Cuz I *know* you weren’t fuckin’ around on *me*.
Girls: {Aubrey looks at Brennan, then over at David, and back to Brennan again, blinks and shakes her head, blinking again} Oh my god.
Boys: {David arches a brow} Why don’t you just tell him about how we’re startin’ over and you wanna move back in. Tell him how much you fuckin’ love me. And while you’re at it.. tell him how *I’m* the only one who makes your knees shake.
Boys: {Brennan looks at David, arches a brow, looks back at Aubrey} oh, is he now?
Girls: {Aubrey looks at Brennan} No..
Girls: {Aubrey shakes her head} No he isn’t.
Boys: {Brennan crosses his arms over his chest} I think you better come up with something better than one and two word answers. Like.. I don’t know.. maybe some fucking explanations.
Boys: {Brennan gives her a cool look} Oh.. how about this one.. just how wet *does* he make you?
Girls: {Aubrey shakes her head} You want an explanation.. ask them what Happened. They know. {her eyes go wide} You *knew* I was going to DC. Why didn’t you come find me?
Boys: {Brennan shakes his head} Find you? {looks at her} You were supposed to meet me at your place. I waited for you for three hours. Where the fuck was I supposed to look? And I’m thinking that’s not even the goddamn issue right now. I’m thinking a better question is.. why the fuck didn’t you tell anyone we were getting back together? Did it occur to you that *maybe* if you’d only had *one* boyfriend, they would’ve known *who* to fucking call?
Boys: {Brennan walks over to her} And I’m not asking *them* shit. I’m asking *you*.
Girls: {Aubrey looks at Brennan} *They* didn’t know who to call. *I* didn’t know who to call. I couldn’t even remember my name or what I looked like until they showed me my driver’s license.
Boys: {David, quietly as he watches} Your body remember him, too, baby?
Girls: {Aubrey watches him walk over to her, looks at David} You know what.. I don’t know.. you want me to finger myself and find out real quick for you?
Boys: {David arches a brow} You really wanna start shit with *me* right now?
Boys: {Brennan looks at Aubrey, yells} Hey! I’m talking to you!
Girls: {Aubrey looks at Brennan}
Boys: {Brennan lowers his voice again} Did you have to finger yourself to know your body remembered *him*?
Girls: {Aubrey shakes her head}
Boys: {Brennan smirks} Really? Now I just don’t know how the fuck I should take that, then.
Girls: {Aubrey closes her eyes} It remembers you. {opens her eyes} I remember you.
Boys: {Brennan looks at her} Then why don’t you tell us, right here and now, which one of us you’re working shit out with.
Girls: {Aubrey closes her eyes, opens them slowly, looks over at David} I’m sorry, David. {looks at Brennan} You.
Boys: {a look of relief flashes very quickly over David’s features before as he nods}
Boys: {Brennan nods} Good girl. Get your shit and get in the car.
Boys: {Ethan looks at Aubrey} My car.
Girls: {Aubrey nods} All right. {goes to gather her stuff}
Boys: {Brennan nods to Ethan, looks at Aubrey} And make it quick.
Girls: {Aubrey moves a little faster, and heads to the car}
Boys: {Brennan watches her go}
Boys: {Loch shakes his head} Wow.
Girls: {Aubrey stops on the stairs and puts her shoes on}
Boys: {David looks at Loch} Dodged that bullet.
Girls: {Taryn looks at David}
Boys: {Loch smiles at David} And that’s *not* a bullet I’d take for you.
Boys: {David and Loch start laughing, David partly because he’s high and everything’s way more amusing than it normally would be} I’d actually marry *Saige* before I let Aubrey live with me again.
Boys: {Brennan walks over to Ethan} I’m gonna walk her ass to the diner. Let he “explain” shit to me.
Girls: {Taryn blinks and lowers her eyes}
Boys: {Ethan nods} Want us to come by later?
Boys: {Brennan smiles} Actually, no. Instead I think we’ll go to her place and she can convince me *I* make her wet still.
Boys: {Ethan shakes his head} I am *so* tired of hearing that.
Girls: {Siobhan nods} Really. {Sangria nods} Makes me want to gag.
Boys: {Brennan laughs} I’ll call you later. {looks over at David} And I’ll call you later too and we can figure this shit out over a bowl.
Boys: {David nods to Brennan} Tomorrow. I’m fucked up enough tonight as it is.
Boys: {Brennan nods}All right. {heads out the door}

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