April 26

I’ve Gotta Ride Like the Wind to be Free Again – At the Rock Bottom, Brennan Comes Home

Boys: {Loch, Tristan and Akhiro are already at the table with pitchers and glasses for everyone}
Girls: {Sangria walks in and drops into Loch’s lap} Hey baby. Miss me?
Boys: {Loch smiles, wraps his arms around her} Wanna go in the back and find out how much?
Boys: {Sangria smiles} After everyone gets here baby. Patience.
Girls: {Loch rolls his eyes} Fine.
Girls: {Akhiro smiles} Patience is a virtue and he has neither patience *nor* virtues.
Boys: {Sangria leans in and kisses him like no one’s watching}
Girls: {Loch kisses her back with equal enthusiasm}
Girls: {Tristan smiles at Akhiro} Well.. *they’re* done talking for the night.
Girls: {Akhiro smiles} No kidding.
Boys: {Taryn walks in and covers Tristan’s eyes, from behind}
Girls: {Tristan smiles, takes a hold of her hands, leans his head back and looks up at her} Hey.
Boys: {Taryn smiles and kisses him} Hey yourself.
Girls: {Tristan kisses her back, pulls her around to sit in his lap} We already ordered drinks.
Boys: {Taryn smiles} Cool. {gets comfortable in Tristan’s lap, looks at Akhiro} Hey.
Girls: {Akhiro smiles at Taryn} Hey.
Boys: {Taryn smiles playfully at Akhiro} How’s the hand?
Boys: {Renee walks in and smiles} His hand’s fine.. why are *you* asking about his hand. {grins}
Girls: {Akhiro laughs} It’s.. fine, actually. {looks at Renee, smiles} Just as I was about to go to the store and drag your ass out of that office.
Boys: {Renee shakes her head} I wasn’t in the office. I had to run to the bank.
Girls: {Akhiro nods} We already ordered drinks. We’re just waiting on the others.
Boys: {Renee smiles} Cool.. What’d you order?
Girls: {Akhiro smiles} We’re staring out with pitchers for now.
Girls: {Tristan looks at Ren, smiles} Yeah, Tony’s experimenting with beer floats tonight, though.

Boys: {Renee laughs} Okay.. {takes the seat next to Akhiro’s pours herself a beer and looks over at Tristan} Really. That’s awesome.
Boys: {Taryn smiles listening}
Boys: {Sangria breaks the kiss} Beer Floats? Why don’t we have any?
Girls: {Tristan looks at Sang, smiles} We will. He’s going to test different flavors and beers and we get to be the guinea pigs.
Girls: {Ethan walks in and heads to the table with Siobhan and Brennan, smiles at everyone} Sorry we’re late. We had to make a sudden trip to the airport.
{Brennan smiles at Tristan} Sounds like we got here just in time.
Boys: {Sangria bounds out of Loch’s lap and into Brennan’s arms, hugs him tightly}
Girls: {Tristan blinks, laughs} Oh, my god! {looks at Ethan} Why didn’t you tell us?
Girls: {Brennan laughs, hugs Sang} This is the only good part about leaving.
Girls: {Ethan looks at Tristan, shrugs} *I* didn’t know until he called and said get your ass to the airport.
Boys: {Sangria laughs} Are you back back? or just visiting back?
Girls: {Brennan takes a seat, pulls Sang into his lap, wraps his arms around her} *That’s* still up for debate.
Girls: {Loch smiles, seeing Brennan} Nice to have you back, bro.
Girls: {Ethan takes a seat, leaving an empty seat between him and Brennan for Siobhan}
Boys: {Sangria laughs} Still up for debate *how*?
Girls: {Akhiro smiles} What brings you back?
Boys: {Siobhan sits down and pours three beers, gives the boys each one and keeps one for herself}
Boys: {Taryn smiles at Akhiro} Isn’t it obvious. He missed us.
Girls: {Brennan smiles at Akhiro} What doesn’t? Ethan was telling me about Van. And Saige. And Van and Saige. And David’s people coming up Friday night. And… {thinks}… oh, yeah.. Aubrey having amnesia. And I’m sitting there this morning listening to all the bullshit going on here, looking around the living room, thinking about how that fucking town is more boring than Solitude on a Monday night when I thought.. why the fuck am I still sitting *here*? {smiles at Taryn} And I missed you guys. And the hot women. {looks at Akhiro} There are some homely bitches down there.
Girls: {the boys laugh, Loch smiles. There’s some homely bitches up around here, too, you just have to know which rocks to avoid.
Girls: {Ethan smiles at Siobhan}
Girls: {Brennan nods to Loch} Oh.. and he was telling me about Siobhan coming back to and I figured, well, damn.. if *she* can come back.. why the hell not, right?
Boys: {Siobhan listens to Brennan and smiles when she looks over at Ethan}
Boys: {Siobhan smiles} I came back because I don’t agree with the sentiment, it’s better to burn out then fade away.
Girls: {Ethan smiles broadly} You know how pissed Van’s gonna be when he gets here and finds out he missed this?
Girls: {Brennan looks at Ethan} Oh, Van can get over it. Cuz I’m thinking what he failed to tell *me* is way more offensive.
Girls: {Ethan smiles} Depends on what side of the moral line you normally live on.
Girls: {Brennan smiles} Morals? We don’t need no steenkin’ morals. Which just makes me that much sadder.
Girls: {Loch looks at Brennan} What’d Van fail to tell you?
Girls: {Brennan looks at Loch, smiles} Family shit.
Girls: {Brennan looks at Siobhan} Yeah, see I’m more of a burning out kind of guy.
Girls: {Brennan looks around} Which reminds me.. where the fuck is David?
Boys: {Sangria leans against Brennan, smiles at Loch}
Girls: {Ethan laughs} We don’t know. {smiles} But I’ve got it covered til he shows.
Girls: {Brennan nods to Ethan} Good man.
Boys: {Sangria grins} Loch was just gonna call him and find out…right baby?
Girls: {Loch smiles at Sang} Yes. Yes, I was. {pulls out his phone and calls David}
Girls: {Brennan looks at Sang, smiles} And what’s this shit about you’re not single anymore?
Boys: {Siobhan smiles at Brennan} Babe I was on my way to Burnout.
Girls: {Loch gets up and walks away from the table}
Boys: {Sangria holds up her left hand with the wedding band on it}
Girls: {Brennan looks at Siobhan} Yeah, I heard. {smiles} You’re totally gonna tell me those stories too. {looks at Sang’s ring, arches a brow, looks at Sang} That’s serious shit.
Girls: {Brennan smiles} Badass.
Girls: {Loch walks back to the table, takes a seat, looks at Sang} He’s not answering. I think he turned his phone off.
Boys: {Sangria smiles at Brennan} Loch’s matches mine.
Boys: {Sangria looks at Loch} That’s not like him is it?
Girls: {Brennan smiles again} Very nice.
Girls: {Loch shrugs} Depends on what he’s doing. If he’s practicing he might not hear the phone.
Girls: {Brennan smiles} Getting David to answer his phone is a crap shoot half the time. If it’s not sleep, work or practice… it’s not normal.
Boys: {Sangria smiles} All right.
Boys: {Taryn smiles} Sang?
Girls: {Ethan looks at Loch} So.. try Aubrey.
Girls: {Ethan looks at Brennan} She’s sweatin’ David so hard it’s not even funny.
Boys: {Sangria looks over at Taryn} Yeah?
Girls: {Brennan smiles} Why does that not surprise me? She’s probably makin’ *him* sweat while she’s at it.
Boys: {Taryn smiles} You gonna hog him all night or can the rest of us hug him?
Girls: {Brennan looks at Taryn} Do you not see where her ass is firmly planted? Trust me.. she’s not getting up out of respect for the rest of you.
Girls: {the boys laugh}
Boys: {Sangria laughs} Oh.. now see I thought that was a Banana.
Girls: {Brennan smirks} More like a plantain.
Boys: {Sangria shakse her head} No way.. an English cucumber.
Girls: {Brennan smiles} What’s the difference between an English cucumber and an American one? And you better say the colossal size.

Boys: {Sangria laughs} English one’s are about twice as long and thick as American Cukes.
Girls: {Brennan smiles} Good girl. Nice lookin’ out, there.
Girls: {Ethan smiles at Sang} Why do you know this?
Boys: {Sangria looks at Ethan, smiles sweetly} I had to find *something* that compared while I wasn’t with Loch.
Girls: {Brennan looks back at Taryn} So, you see the problem, right? Not only would the women be terrified, but the guys would be psychologically scarred for life.
Boys: {Sangria shrugs} That was the closest I found.
Girls: {Loch smiles at Sang} Nice save. My ego thanks you.
Boys: {Sangria grins and shrugs} Total truth.
Girls: {Brennan nods toward Akhiro} Especially the Asian over there. I hear they’re only about {holds his fingers very close together}
Girls: {Akhiro bursts out laughing} Boy.. don’t make me take you in the bathroom and show you why stereotyping is a bad thing.
Girls: {Brennan smiles at Akhiro} I’m not sayin’ it’s true.
Boys: {Sangria looks at Brennan} I have it on good authority it’s not true.
Girls: {Brennan looks at Sang, smiles} We do not watch the same porn.
Boys: {Renee smiles} However, the one about stamina is totally true.
Boys: {Sangria smiles at Brennan} Wasn’t porn, babe.
Girls: {Akhiro smiles at Ren} What can I say? White girls motivate me.
Girls: {Brennan laughs} Damn. Cuz that’s the only point of reference *I* have for it.
Boys: {Sangria smiles} Get some new porn, Brennan.
Girls: {Brennan smiles broadly} Actually.. I was just recently turned on to BDSM porn and a website I should check out.
Girls: {Ethan bursts out laughing}
Boys: {Sangria looks at Brennan very seriously} Give.
Girls: {Brennan laughs} Um.. I would *love* to but.. it’s like a members only thing.
Boys: {taryn looks at Ethan} Wait.. would this be the same E-club that you have DVD’s for?
Girls: {Ethan looks at Taryn} Um.. what?
Girls: {Brennan looks at Ethan} Is it?
Girls: {Ethan looks at Siobhan} Is it?
Boys: {Siobhan shrugs} I don’t know. Possibly?
Girls: {Ethan looks at Taryn} Actually, we’re talking about *Van’s* collection.
Girls: {Brennan smiles again, looks at Taryn} Van’s been a bad, bad boy.
Boys: {Taryn nods} Yeah.
Girls: {Brennan smiles again} Yeah, you have no idea.
Girls: {Ethan smiles}

Boys: {Sangria smiles} So give us one?
Girls: {Brennan smiles at Sang} Got a napkin and a pen?
Boys: {Sangria looks at Loch for a pen and scoops a napkin off the table} Napkin.
Girls: {Loch flags the waitress and gets a pen from her, gives it to Sang}
Boys: {Sangria hands the pen to Brennan}
Girls: {Brennan smiles} My hands are kinda full. Write this down… {gives her the website address}
Girls: {Ethan arches a brow, bursts out laughing} Brennan, you can’t.
Girls: {Brennan looks at Ethan} All I’m doing is recommending a web site. What’s on it is not *my* responsibility.
Boys: {Sangria writes the site down}
Girls: {Brennan looks at Sang, smiles} View at your own risk.
Boys: {Sangria looks at Loch, smiles} *Now* we can go back stage.
Girls: {Loch smiles at Saige} Let’s go then.
Boys: {Sangria pushes off Brennan’s lip, kissing him soundly on the cheek} I’m glad you’re back Bren.
Girls: {Brennan smiles} Thanks. It’s good to be back.

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