April 27

Interlude – All the Boring Shit In Between

Loch didn’t go back to work until Monday.  He spent all his free time with Saige, either at his place or hers.  When he wasn’t with her, he was working or practicing with the band and writing as much as he could get it in.  At work, he sat at the bar writing unless Saige was there.  When she was, he focused on her, socializing very little with their friends.  He had Ethan and David practicing during the days while Akhiro and Tristan worked in addition to their usual sessions, after Saige’s sessions at the ball park and David was finished with his morning tasks around the ranch.  He had Bree creating a backdrop for the show Friday night; not a banner for the band, but an actual set piece that looked like the back wall of an apartment with a brick facing and windows facing out over a night time cityscape.  When Tony saw her talent, he contracted her to do murals around the rock bottom to make it look more like a trashy back alley.

Loch didn’t tell the band anymore than they needed to know about the upcoming show, but he showered them with a barrage of new material over the course of the week.  Ethan stayed in with Sang, Van and Lia while skipping out on the Rock Bottom to minimize the drama they had to deal with, figuring they’d make their return to the public eye Friday night.  As a result, the entire week was relatively low key.

Renee moved her stuff into storage and set up house in the crappy apartment she was now calling home.  Sang had helped her and commented on the place.  Renee smiled patiently and said, “It’s crap but for now it’s mine.”  Sangria just shook her head smiling knowing if Ren lasted two weeks here she’d be lucky.  Renee had given all her credit cards to Sang to hold, she also opened a bank account to have her new paycheck deposited into.  One thing Renee was sure of was that she *was* going to do this and failure was *not* an option.


Sangria spent most of the time she wasn’t working with Ethan when he wasn’t practicing.  Loch was in slave driver mode this week making all of them bust ass.  No one was complaining though.  She’d gotten all the gossip and dropped by the Dojo to fill in Tristan and get the word on his date with Nikki.  It had gone well and that was all he was really saying.


Taryn busied herself with her normal routine.  Horses, Dojo, and David.   They’d seen Samuel a lot but not too terribly much of Bree.  Samuel told her that Bree was working on something with the band and redoing the Rock.


Heather had gone home sometime during the week, saying good bye to Samuel and Bree, asking them to give the others her goodbyes.


Saige who’d been suffering writers had taken to toting around her laptop and writing whenever she had a moment.  Her reunion with Loch had made the walls tumble and her writing was better than ever and her deadline was fast approaching.


Siobhan and Seth had approached Van about using her video as a PSA.  Van, after watching only a few minutes of it agreed.  Siobhan spent the week setting up the warehouse, getting things in order and spending time with Seth.  She found they talked a lot about anything.  Even when working they found things to speak of.


Lia took Aubrey’s place at the Rock, Lia had gotten the signed papers, with a date for her to appear in court.

Aubrey started her job at the G-Spot, with the agreement that she have Friday’s off.


Bree had the Band the G-spot and her new gig at the Rock to keep her more than busy.   She’d done the back drop for the band, made a banner for the stage that read, “Cheater’s Ball”, painted the murals for the Rock and added her own touches here and there.  She’d done a graffitish portrait of the band and their logo on one wall of the bar, blending it with other graffiti from her murals.

The week crawled by for them with little happening.  It seemed all had heeded Akhiro’s warning.


She rolled into town on Thursday morning, found the hotel and booked a room.  She chatted up the guy at the front desk, who was a veritable font of information.  She found out that the place to be was the Rock on Friday night and everyone was there.  Business even closed for the event.  The local band played and since they added a hot little redhead, the place had been packed.  Women went to see the guys, men to see Red.


She knew exactly who Red was.  Heather had filled in the blanks before she’d gotten here.  Bree was staying in Solitude with Samuel and had gotten herself in with the local band.  She kept a low profile venturing out at night and only to skulk around in the shadows.  She’d found out about the Ranch and had driven by, once.  She saw the barn going up on the property next door and knew that was where he was living.   She wasn’t going to tip her hand and show herself before Friday night when she had something big in store for both of them.

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