April 27

In Between the Wrong and the Right – Samuel Has Company

The group staggered to the diner and spent the better part of what was left of the evening good naturedly harassing the server and each other before going their separate ways and taking cabs home just before dawn.  Another night spent without sleep.  This was quickly becoming a habit.

Tristan woke up the next morning in a strange place and panicked momentarily before the previous night’s events came rushing back to him.  With a devastating hangover, he slipped out of Nikki’s house while she slept and headed back to Ren’s where he grabbed his bike and headed home for a shower and a remedy before heading to work where Akhiro spent the day relentlessly fucking with him over his drunk dialing the night before.

Samuel left the ranch after helping David feed and water the horses, skipping out on breakfast and heading to town to find a cell phone store.  About halfway there, he pulled to the side of the road and destroyed his current cell phone which had been off since leaving Matoaka.  In town, he picked up a new one and sent a text to the only number he’d bothered keeping.  Three words; “Dead Man Walking”.  A few minutes later, his phone rang.  Samuel answered and the voice on the other end didn’t waste time with social niceties such as greetings.  “Where you at, man?”  Samuel sat on his bike and took a drag of his cigarette.  “About an hour and a half away from D.C.  Place called Solitude.”  He listened to the silence for a moment before the other party responded.  “Solitude, huh?  Sounds nice.  What’s there?”  Samuel looked down the road.  “Only one thing that matters.  Family.”  He knew the person on the other end was nodding even though he couldn’t see it.  “I’ll keep an ear out.”  Samuel smiled.  “You do that.  In the meantime… I’m gonna need you to hook me up again.”  He heard the smile coming through in the tone.  “You went through that whole bag already?  That’s a record.”  Samuel nodded.  “Party last night.  Or at least what passes for one around these parts.  Think you can meet me halfway?  I got eyes on me too often to be missin’ too long.”  A brief silence before the other party responded.  “What?  No house call?  You ashamed of me now or somethin’?”  Samuel smiled again and started to say something when a thought occurred to him.  “Actually.. maybe a house call might not be such a bad idea.”  He heard the smile in the tone again.  “Just give me a time and place and I’ll see what I can do.  By the way..  what’s the scenery like?”  Samuel shook his head.  “Sparse.  I’ll text you later and tell you what’s up.”   Samuel hung up the phone and put it away.  Then, after flicking his cigarette across the street, he headed back to the ranch.

Van sat at his desk, sipping a cup of coffee and looking through the window into the distance.  But he wasn’t thinking about the scenery.  He was thinking about what happened in Matoaka, but more than that, he was thinking about how what happened in Matoaka affected him and his friends in Solitude.  Loch had said that Taryn could feel the bad vibes rolling off Samuel and even though everything seemed relatively cool now, Van was pretty sure that those bad vibes were still there.  There was something about Samuel that bothered him, and he was pretty sure that something bad had everything to do with Saige.

Van’s thoughts turned to Saige and the night they’d spent in D.C.  He thought about the phone call that had turned into phone sex and the affect it had had on him.  He couldn’t believe the girl he’d fallen for in high school had become so… adventurous.  He couldn’t believe how the years, rather than dampening her affect on him, had just made it more potent.  He thought about Samuel again and how dangerous he sounded.  Bad things seemed to have a way of happening around him.  And with Saige’s recklessness, being in such close proximity to Samuel on a daily basis couldn’t lead to anything good.  Van shook his head and picked up his phone, deciding it was time to make the phone call he needed to make so that he and Saige could take their relationship to the next level.

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