April 27

I’ma Make it Rain on the Girl Who Serves Me – Stand by Your Man, Or Not

Siobhan and Seth got back into town in time for the show on Friday night.  They’d spent the week in DC.  He’d taken her around to the various clubs and introduced her around.  They’d been treated like VIP’s everywhere they’d gone.  She’d made friends with Amber and Simone and even done lunch with them once while Seth tied up some loose ends.  Siobhan had also met Natalie, Lia’s evil twin sister, and evil did not begin to cover it.  The woman was the polar opposite of Lia and even went so far as to flirt with Seth while Siobhan was standing there.  Siobhan dealt with it but not before Seth had something to say about it.


Seth had spoken to her about him and Lia on the way into DC.  He’d told her what they’d talked about.  Siobhan understood she half expected it at some point knowing how he felt about divorce and Lia. Siobhan wasn’t proud and wasn’t above pulling out all the stops to show him what she was about, that she could be what he needed.  They hadn’t really talked anymore about it after the initial chat they’d had.  She thought he’d called Lia at least once, but she could have been mistaken.  Lia, however had called Seth a couple of times, never keeping him on the phone to long and there was a reason each time.


Lia spent the week with Van, doing the things she’d been doing since she got there.  She spent days looking for a job.  She reapplied with the city, the library, at the school as well as several offices.  Lia worked and spent as much time with Van as she could.  She’d spoken with him about her talk with Seth and he’d been incredibly understanding.


Dee spent the week learning the routine of Bree and Samuel and those associated with them.  She hovered in the background where she wouldn’t be noticed; tried to only go out at night and even colored her hair a more…natural color, several shades darker than her usual platinum. She’d been wearing large glasses, baggy clothes, little make up, and sneakers in an attempt to blend in and appear plainer.  She barely recognized herself and seriously doubted anyone else would either.  She’d decided her best bet was to make a move on him while he was alone.  She knew she could take him, *if* she got the jump on him, and that’s exactly what she planned to do.  She’d discovered that Bree went to band practice along with David at the same time every day for several hours, leaving Taryn and Samuel alone on their various properties.  She also noticed that Taryn sometimes wandered over to hang out with Samuel, or Samuel would head over to Olympus.  Either way if she timed it right she could deal with both of them and have them out of the way before the others came home.  She’d located Samuel’s gun in the camper and she had her own. She’d checked out of the hotel she was at and moved to another in the adjoining town for a few days before coming back and checking in disguised with the name Kate Bell.   She was glad she’d gotten the fake ID.  The clerk had shown no recognition, but then he didn’t seem to pay much attention to the plain girl who checked in this time.  Armed with a plan and her gun she stretched out on her bed at the hotel and waited.

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